Swift Wind Scout Car

Recon Support Car


“Swift Wind” Scout Car (8 tons)

Power Plant : GM 60 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 108.2 kph (10)
Flank Speed : 162.6 kph (15)

Armor : Star Slab/1 (Armor Factor 24) : 1.5 tons
Front – 6
Right Side – 6
Left Side – 6
Rear – 6
Turret – N/A

Armament :
Communications Equipment – 2 tons (Body)
Cargo – 0.5 tons (Body)

Communications System : CeresCom Recon Model 12k
Targeting and Tracking System : N/A
Manufacturer : Ceres Metals, Indicass

Notes : Communications equipment allows unit to contact (or be in contact with) orbital satellites or other orbital units, including DropShips and JumpShips. It has an effective range of 1000km to contact allied ground units. Its advanced communications equipment can even break into enemy command channels under the right circumstances.

This scout car can enter rough and rubble hexes at one-quarter speed.


Overview : Since the automobile replaced the horse as the primary means of personal transportation, the scout car has been serving militaries everywhere. The Swift Wind is another iteration in this long line of vehicles. Ceres Metals’ proposed scout car blew away the competing bids for a recon vehicle to serve the Capellan Military. Where other manufacturers submitted designs that were inexpensive, Ceres went for state-of-the-art technology. As the components of the Swift Wind have advanced, Ceres has kept pace, but the overall design has changed little.

Capabilities : Six Tablar-lined radial tires provide durable locomotion over a variety of terrains, from rough to smooth roads. As long as the tires remain operational, the Swift Wind is capable of living up to its name and maintain a top speed of over 160 kph. This velocity can quickly tax the most experienced drivers, so Swift Winds are equipped with a scaled-down neurohelmet, allowing minor changes based on the pilot’s sense of balance. With such speeds, the Swift Wind can quickly escape most land-bound opponents. A ton-and-a-half of StaSlab/1 armor allows it to shrug off moderate firepower while fleeing to friendlier areas.

While lacking a traditional weapon, commanders often find that the two tons of advanced communications equipment is more powerful than even a Buster AC/20. Enemy units caught in an artillery barrage called in from a Swift Wind can testify to the scout car’s capabilities. Powerful enough to transmit coherent beams of data and message packets as far out as a JumpShip’s standard jump-points, the Swift Wind is able to connect a unit’s many scattered forces, even if deep in enemy territory. On planet’s with a functional satellite system, the Swift Wind can connect with units across the planet.

Deployment : Only a handful of Swift Wind’s can be found outside the Capellan Confederation, with most of those “foreign” Swift Winds operated by mercenary units that once served House Liao loyally. Swift Winds tend to be used in a cat-and-mouse series of hide and seek, with them calling on combat units while eluding enemy forces.

Variants : The Swift Wind is a modern scout vehicle with a modern price tag. For customers on a tighter budget, Ceres produces a robust model using a Confederation Motors 60 Ethanol/Flex ICE. A very robust power plant, it reduces internal cargo storage to almost nothing, and some older models employ lighter ICE engines to improve internal cargo storage and fuel demands.

Swift Wind Scout Car

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