System - Gollere

Forgotten Periphery Colony


Gollere – Forgotten Periphery Colony

Gollere is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, located somewhat trailing of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, and just outside the traditional border of the Federated Suns. The system is noteworthy for a progressive citizenry, who are developing their cultural and industrial might to become a noted power in the sector.

The system is mostly empty, due to the gravitic forces of its binary Red suns, with the larger main sequence star slowly drawing in its smaller red sibling trapped in a degenerate orbit. There is only a single gas giant in far orbit of these stars, and no planetary belt, though small clusters of rocky and icy materiel can be found in loose degenerate orbits in the outer system orbits. Due to the local tech level of the planet, these few resources in the outer system are not exploited, and their contents remain virtually unknown.

The system has a Class C starport in its capital city, Tharn. The starport processes small quantities of fuel, though local tech levels leave this fuel mostly unrefined. Recent technical training from off-world sources have developed the locals into efficient techs, though they have little experience with DropShips and none with JumpShips. They are, however, experimenting with the development of orbital spaceplanes, and in time might develop a capable locally produced shuttlecraft.

Political Ruler : “The Mangai”. A united formation of various craft guilds.
Star Type : Binary – M0V (M2VI Sub-Dwarf degenerate) – (206 Hours)
Position in System : 3
Time to Jump Point : 3.18 days
Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 1.2 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Standard, Tainted (5000 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : +21.2C (Warm, Temperate)
Surface Water : Oceans, 40%
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : 60%, Reptile.
Socio-Industrial Level : Agricultural.

Population : (3025) 21,000,000.


Flag of Gollere

To first-time visitors, the world is most noteworthy for its “Steampunk” appearance. Its military remains in possession of artifact military hardware acquired through trade or careful maintenance, but little remains of heavy weapons or vehicles, with the rest being mostly medical or communications-based technologies. The monorail that once linked the North and South Seas through the desert ceased operations years ago, however a large and impressive series of railroads connect the southern finger of the Middle Sea with the South Sea. The rails continue to be important to trade and communication across the planet, though some televised broadcasts remain popular, and form to unite the planet more each year.


The Capital City of Tharn

The government of the planet is now a Feudal Technocracy. Relationships between all the provinces of the planet are based on the technical activities of everyone, which remain mutually beneficial. “The Mangai”, is the joint association of all Gollere’s Guilds. Its primary function is to regulate planetary guilds, settle disputes between them, and make suggestions to guild government regarding rights and privileges of its members. A crucial function of The Mangai, is to regulate all off-world trade, and when contacted by stellar trade ships, it is the members of The Mangai who determine trade prices with off-world traders. The Mangai holds triennial conventions, attended by the Synics or guild masters of each of the guilds of Gollere. To conduct its business, it functions democratically. The convention moves around the planet from one town to another, allowing no favoritism, though it is headquartered from the “capital” city of Tharn.

Central to the planet’s government, is the “Charter of the Mangai”. This document delineates the rights and privileges of The Mangai, and is modelled on many of the laws of trade seen in the Terran Hegemony during post-Reunification Wars period. Every province of the planet has accepted the Charter as central to its laws, and often “Guild Law” is seen as final and absolute, despite provincial nobles who might like more control. In practice, the nobility owns the lands and their resources, but The Mangai controls the means of production and the markets by which things are sold. This way of life has united the planet and for more than a century, has seen peace and prosperity, allowing it to more than double its population since its isolation.

The Central Tharn Authority, is the region under the direct control of the Mangai, and constitutes the bulk of the planet’s industrial efforts, with all the other nation-states of Gollere generally serving as resource colonies for the CTA. It is highly urbanized in the region directly around the capital of Tharn, but is otherwise very agricultural in nature, with the bulk of the population involved in farming and to support the capital region around the starport.

The other nation-states of the planet are small, agricultural outposts that specialize in resource-gathering of whatever local resources are available. Each is protected by a single light infantry battalion, usually raised from the local region, though many also have militias of citizen-soldiers to defend smaller communities and the individual capitals. These smaller states are known as “Baronies”, while the larger, more established are known as “Duchies”, and represent older colonies that have developed their own industrial factories, and can generally afford a larger and better equipped military.

Duchy of Lovelace, Royal Manor

The two duchies, the Duchy of Lovelace, and the Duchy of Windward, each support a pair of motorized infantry battalions and one battalion of air-mobile infantry, typically equipped with ST-8M Samsons, a hand-made, locally developed helicopter, though Wind Dirigibles are also quite common. Duchies usually also have large militias and some sort of armor or other defensive force for deployment to their own capitals. In addition, each is directly responsible for one or more baronies that they have colonized themselves, or have taken control over for economic or political reasons.

The Barony of Arcolan – (Fishing and Timber)
The Barony of Auverne – (Agriculture and Cattle)
The Barony of Crescent – (Agriculture)
The Barony of Horn – (Light Industry, Agriculture, Fishing, Masonry and Timber)
The Barony of Kosk – (Fishing and Agriculture)
The Barony of Lackmahnia – (Chemicals and Salt)
The Barony of Midshield – (Coal and Mining)
The Barony of Ostland – (Mining and Salt)
The Barony of Rivero – (Gemstones and Mining)
The Barony of Slavia – (Fishing and Agriculture)

The Duchy of Lovelace (Also controls the Barony of Ostland) – (Light Industry, Agriculture, Fishing, Mining and Timber)
The Duchy of Windward (Also controls the Barony of Arcolan) – (Light Industry, Agriculture, Fishing, Mining and Timber)



Barony of Lackmahnia

A regressed colony world which has overcome cultural difficulties and has produced a vigorous, enquiring society based on the division of labor between specialized clans. Gollere is now in the process of taking its first exploratory steps on the road back to space travel. Some contact is maintained on an intermittent basis only when traveling merchants choose to trade with the planet, trading machinery and technical processes for agricultural produce. The Gollere leap at any outside source of trade, though they have little beyond organics to barter. Local production of simple, though artistic and ingenious designs of low-tech weapons and machinery (ATVs, hunting and combat rifles, aircraft, and basic computers) which might find a ready market in the Periphery and Davion Outback. Horses, imported by the initial colonists, have taken well to the planet, and are a popular animal for work and play among its citizens.


Despite its relative isolation, and general drop in technological capability, the government “Mangai” system has managed to produce a centralized economy, with each of the member “Guilds” providing an important role in the economy of the planet, and controlling a virtual monopoly in its personal interests. While private companies are exist and often cover consumer goods overlooked by the Mangai, they tend to be highly specialized and often quite small, for local market consumption alone.


Central Bank of Gollere (Finance – Banking) : Essentially a separate guild within the Mangai, the CBG is, however, utterly the Mangai’s animal. Established in 2954 with the merger of both the Farmer’s Bank and the Foreign Trade Bank. The planet uses the Gold Bit as the basis of its economy, which is always backed by a noble’s resources and hard currency, often in the form of gold. While the C-Bill has increasingly been widely accepted, as has the Davion Pound, most planetary exchanges must use trade certificates rated in Gold Bits. The bank provides loans and often deals with off-world trade matters for other guilds.


Elemental Thrust (Heavy Industry – VTOL and Conventional Aircraft) : Elemental Thrust is a private corporation (run by the noble family, the Hawkings ) who produce the planet’s signature Elemental Cargo Airships, and the commonly encountered Wind Dirigible, which fits into many civilian and military niches across the planet.

The company also produces heavy lift fixed-wing aircraft; the TS-67 Bacchus, an air/ground attack, fighter-bomber, known as the RL-5A Quetzal, and a transport helicopter, known as the ST-8M Samson. Most notably, its Titan Combat Helicopter is a popular attack helicopter, often seen in conventional planetary air-attack wings, and is still deployed despite its centuries of constant production.

All aircraft are produced by hand, and represent many months of work to construct. The result is often quite beautiful, but the company does not match what most inner sphere worlds consider “factory production”, increasing the costs appropriately. Most employ Davion-imported engines and control systems.

Gollere Computer and Electronics Company (Technology – IT Networks) : This company is involved in software, bioinformatics, multimedia and recognition systems, importing software, hardware, network equipment and other electronics into Gollere.

Gollere Ferrous Metals Export & Import Company (Basic Materials – Steel, Mining) : A steel production company based in Tharn, the company imports coal, fuel and some components as raw materials. It produces steel plates, hot-rolled steel sheets, pig iron, square steel, round steel, seamless steel pipes, wire and cable for export and domestic use.

Gollere General Chemicals Trading (Basic Materials – Chemicals, Plastics) : A conglomerate with its headquarters in Tharn, and including plastic, produces a wide variety of chemicals for domestic commercial and industrial use. The company produces liquified gas, urea fertilizer, ammonium nitrate fertilizer, explosives, blasting fuses, percussion caps, potassium nitrate, sodium nitrate, rubber, rubber asbestos packing materials, aluminum silicon, plastics, alcohols, vinyls, inks, carbides, dyes, chrome yellow, potassium alum and aluminium hydroxide. It imports industrial chemical stock including caustic soda, potassium carbonate, normal hexane, chromic anhydride, zinc dusting powder, titanium white, other pigments, glycerine, seamless steel pipes, high alumina cement, nickel, silver, and various ingredients for the production of plastic.

Gollere General Corporation (Consumer Goods – Textiles) : An industrial group with seven separate factory complexes. The company produces clothing, rucksacks and bags. The company is also involved in a lucrative eelskin garment and accessory industry, and also produces embroidery. It produces much of its own packaging material at a polystyrene plastics facility. The company owns various non-ferrous metals processing facilities, fisheries, and produces mushrooms and numerous varieties of vegetables. The company imports bulk fishing equipment, packing materials and high-pressure polyethylene. It owns various restaurants and shops.

Gollere General Machinery Trading Corporation (Heavy Industry – Machine Tools, Hydroelectrics) : A large Gollere machinery company located near the capital of Tharn, the company imports steel, chemical raw stock, and machine tools, while it produces machine tools, metal parts, gears, electric motors, generators, hydroelectric generators, pumps, valves, mining equipment, rolling stock and other machinery.

It has two factory complexes, the Heavy Machine Complex, where its hydroelectric generators and other thermal power generating equipment is manufactured, including turbines, motors, and transformers in a variety of classes. It is almost state-of-the-art in its computerization capabilities. The Machine Tool Complex produces heavy-duty tools for domestic use and export. The ancient factory production processes including steel-making, casting, processing, assembly, painting and packing. Product is produced on serial basis and small lot basis. Its output of precision machine tools includes an assortment of spline-grinding machines and industrial lathes.

Gollere General Magnesia Clinker Industry Group (Basic Materials – Non-Ferrous Metals, Mining) : A mining and heavy industrial corporate group headquartered in Tharn, the company produces magnesia clinker, slightly burnt magnesia, chlorite, firebricks and fireproofing materials. The group imports some raw materials and is involved in some mining and industrial accessories.

Gollere General Trading (Consumer Goods – Textiles, Import/Export Trade) : Headquartered in Tharn, this company exports clothing and spring water, and imports textile and shoe industry raw materials, grain, gasoline and diesel oil.

Gollere Mining and Development Trading Corporation (Light Industry – Munitions) : Gollere‚Äôs primary arms dealer and main exporter of goods and equipment related to ballistic missiles and conventional weapons under the “Komodo” brand. The company has begun establishing offices in many nearby worlds, as its arms production has begun to develop.

Gollere General Zinc Industry Group (Basic Materials – Non-Ferrous Metals, Mining) : A Gollere mining and industrial group headquartered in Tharn, the group produces zinc, lead, base bullion, lead concentrates, zinc concentrates, cadmium, arsenic, zinc residues and copper concentrate for export and domestic use. The group imports some industrial and mining accessories, including industrial chemical reagents and animal feed.

Gollere Seashine Trading Corporation (Logistics – Shipping, Transport) : A trading company in Tharn, it is involved in seafood export and is also involved in the import of household appliances and furniture.

Gollere Star Shipping Agency (Logistics – Shipping, Transport) : A Mangai-owned Gollerean shipping agency founded in 2964, it handles all business relating to incoming out-system DropShips and shuttles, such as pilotage, logistics and food/water supply. It holds a long-term contract with Rim AeroSpace to supply its patrons.

Gollere Weaver Trading Corporation (Consumer Goods – Textiles, Trade) : A Gollere trading company that exports carpets and manufactures tobacco products.


Kore Electric Locomotive Works (Heavy Industry – Engines, Railways) : Established in 2953 as a repair facility for existing rolling stock, the company has since expanded to produce and overhaul electric and diesel locomotives and passenger cars and cargo rolling stock. It also produces subway systems and other rail vehicles. It has proven increasingly important for the local economy and as the rail network expands, is seen by some as the single uniting factor in the planet’s future.


Peace Motors Corporation (Trade – Automobiles) : Founded in 3007, the Peace Motor Corporation (PMC) has the exclusive right to import and distribute motor vehicles across Gollere. In addition, it imports many foreign small cars and light utility vehicles on demand. While it has the potential for greater production, it does not have a great off-world demand for its goods.


SunNet (Technology – Telecommunications) : Established in 3010, this new company is an off-world investment that has quickly connected the planet with a wireless satellite service that provides for at least 800,000 customers across the planet. Little is known about its origins, but the company’s radio-links and modern communications network is sweeping the planet. It holds the exclusive Guild rights to wireless communications links and their supporting hardware.


Sunshine Motors (Heavy Industry – Automobiles) : Formerly known as O’Niel Motors, this factory complex produces urban and off-road passenger cars, light cargo, as well as, haulage construction and off-road trucks and buses. All models are unlicensed derivations of foreign cars. Vehicles are generally for civilian and commercial use, as senior Mangai officials who favour foreign imports and the armed forces have their own facilities.

It produces an ATV known as “Springers”, a light 5-ton cargo jeep employed by civilian and military alike, as well as the “Jackrabbit”, a popular military-capable motorcycle. Its cargo vehicles are fairly straight-forward Light Utility Transport models, with all other production matching Davion production models.

Tharn Chewing Gum Corporation (Consumer Goods – Food and Beverage) : Established in 3015, with the construction of a new factory complex in Tharn, the TCG Corporation is owned by the Mangai and all its profits support their organization. It sells its confection in small flat squares in popular flavours, and is increasingly popular as an export.


Trowbridge Brewing Company (Consumer Goods – Food and Beverage) : Established in 3008 by the Mangai, the company is a beer production company that brews its signature Trowbridge Beer, as well as a brand of draught, a brand of black beer and a brand of rice beer. Built from a salvaged brewery formerly located in Davion space, it took two years to bring into production, but has proven very popular.



Perhaps most of all, however, is the local Wind Dirigible. Extremely popular, many civilians, corporations and guilds employ the little vessels widely. Used across the planet, most are produced in small workshops, and they often become the focus of the popular nomadic lifestyle many private citizens live. These vessels are used as homes and workshops by an increasing number of citizens, drifting where they may, and often raising their families aboard the vessels. They have become one of the most popular icons of the nation-planet, and about five years ago became the national symbol and center of its new-found flag. With no central production, the vessels range in size and shape, but most are the traditional dirigible presented above.


Recently, The Mangai has been funding the creation of two major railroads linking the North Sea and South Sea with the Middle Sea. An important trade route, it will stretch more than 1500 kms on the northern line, and half that with the southern line. Following recent fault lines discovered across the deserts, the northern line is progressing well, though troubles with the renegade nomads of the central desert have made its time table come into question. At times the line is forced to shut-down production, and military forces from off-world have been contacted to ensure the line construction continues without further interruptions.

Military Forces


Typical Gollere Trooper

Armed Forces : The planet has more than 50,000 troops controlled by various nobles and city guard units across the planet, in addition to several capable wet-navy missile cruisers in its oceans, and more than fifty (50) combat aircraft in four independent air squadrons. In addition, a pair of operational Heavy AeroFighters or Gunboats are rumored to be held by the Duke of Lovelace, perhaps the most powerful noble on the planet.

It’s planetary ground forces consist of more than nineteen maneuver battalions, including eleven (11) territorial light infantry battalions held by various nobles on the planet. A handful of the more powerful nobles possess motorized and air-mobile infantry battalions, but these only number about four (4) and two (2) respectively. There are no tank or Mech formations anywhere on the planet, nor are these vehicles very popular beyond a technical interest some might have, since “war-machines” are rather looked down upon. Cavalry remains king, and are a popular sight to visiting tourists.


Tharn Republican Guard

Tharn Republican Guard : In recent years, the Mangai has begun to assemble a private army, known as the Tharn Republican Guard. Recruited primarily from the local police force of the capital city Tharn, these troops are primarily to hold the capital city and its numerous important Mangai industries, from outside interference and piracy. Presently amounting to some three battalions of light infantry, they are being equipped with local small arms, but also imported Wheeled APC – “Amalek”-Classs, and are known to deploy tanks from an unknown source. They also have a growing fleet of RL-5A Quetzal and Titan Combat Helicopter aircraft in their arsenal. This large military force has attracted a lot of attention, but is well-funded and deploys on patrols and in garrisons near important industrial areas on the outskirts of Tharn. They also attend to the defense of the Mangai when they are in session. They are still, however, recruiting, and continue to build themselves into a strong military force. This force differs greatly from the “provincial” noble battalions, through an increasing use of automatic weapons and heavy armor, something the nobles and “rural folk” are increasingly looking down upon as the growing “townie” militarism.

System - Gollere

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