System - Outpost

Davion Outpost in the Periphery


Outpost – Davion Periphery Military Base

Outpost is often listed on ancient star charts as Baltar, and was formerly a “Trailing” colony world of the Taurian Concordat.

Though it lies three jumps from Davion space in the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, Outpost was a military base for the AFFS Navy. The naval base known as Outpost is located on the third satellite of the system’s innermost jovian planet. Aside from naval personnel, a small population of civilians, (most of them not Davion citizens) had established themselves on the world as support for the military population. Outpost boasts a fairly substantial starport, making the system an important crossroads of trade in this sector. The facilities on this isolated world are now under the control of Excalibur Corporation.

Political Ruler : Excalibur Corporation (Corporate Oligarchy)
Star Type : Binary : Major – Dareenal (K7V); Companion – Keneer (M5V) – (160 Hours)
Position in System : 1
Time to Jump Point : 5.12 days
Number of Satellites : None
Surface Gravity : 0.13
Atmo Pressure : None (None)
Avr Mean Temp : – (Vacuum)
Surface Water : Frozen Water-Ice.
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : N/A
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial.

Though the world has little to offer a casual visitor, it is considered a major stopping-point along the Reaver’s Rift Trade Route, and popular as a stop for commercial vessels. Outpost has excellent port facilities (for a Periphery world), few restrictions on trade or conduct, and is considered an important crossroads where information, goods, and equipment of all kinds are available. Its proximity to important Rift worlds such as System – Cassandra and System – Tarsus only reinforces this fact.

Outpost is a typical binary system, and its companion star holds tight to the innermost orbital path. There are three jovian planets, one planetoid belt, and numerous small moons and wildly erratic planetoids scattered throughout the system. The system’s sole inhabited body, is the third moon of “Uthgard”, the innermost jovian planet, known as “Outpost”.

Tidally locked to its parent Uthgard, Outpost is a tiny 1995 km-wide rockball with a high density of waste rock, and mining is not a local concern. Mean surface gravity is a bare 0.13 Gs, and the scant atmosphere is a chlorine-flourine mixture, that requires both pressure and oxygen gear. What little water there is remains trapped in frozen water-ice crystals around the poles, and barely registers in the atmosphere. Local temperature extremes vary with the position of the companion star, ranging from -180.7C to -80.7Cs, on a cycle that is 99 days apart.

The sole “satellite” of Outpost, is “Carpathia”, a 7000-ton rocky asteroid once used by House Davion as a system monitor during the Reunification War, but was razed by the Taurian fleet. Its life support systems remain trashed, meaning its atmosphere is deadly, and the place reeks of death to this day. Rumors persist, however, of munitions buried deep in vaults near the core of the facility, and its value is in question.

Outpost – Binary : Major – Dareenal (K7V), Mass : 0.538 Sol, Luminosity : 0.064 Sol, Radius : 0.559 Sol. Companion – Keneer (M5V), Mass : 0.331 Sol, Luminosity : 0.007 Sol, Radius : 0.358 Sol.
I – Uthgard – Orbital Radius : 0.1 AU, Orbital Period : 0.39 years, Mass : 119.3 (106,000 kms), Gravity : 0.66 Gs. Nine Satellites. One inhabited (Outpost 1c). Jovian.
Ic – Outpost – Orbital Radius : 1.06 Million kms, Orbital Period : 11.06 days, Mass : 0.0019 (1995 kms), Gravity : 0.13 Gs. Rockball.

Population : (3025) 12,000


Outpost was established for a variety of reasons. First, it gives a certain degree of security and protection to Davion trade ships in the region, consistently menaced by piracy and strife. In the second place, it maintains communications between Davion trade interests in the region, the various independent worlds, and the nascent star nations of The Principality of Carthage, the Belgardian Sojourn and the Rimward States. These factions represent an important political interest in the Hyades Rim, that certain Davion interests still seek to maintain.

Dating to the Reunification War, the base and planet were settled to provide naval support for the growing conflict. When the war wound-down, the base remained important to Davion interests, supporting their acquisition of several worlds in the Hyades Rim, and trade efforts to acquire new resources, and assist in rebuilding from the war.

Controversy surrounded the naval base on Outpost, however, as the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void” is not claimed by Davion officially, and remained neutral in political channels. Its position had allowed the Davion government to declare the site a “colony”, by settling retired naval personnel to the system, usually within a year of their retirement. The world government has an official treaty with House Davion, listing it as a “client state”, and despite certain protests by peace-lovers in certain influential worlds in their home state, no action has ever been officially taken. Nonetheless, there is some degree of pressure to shut the base down, mostly from within the core worlds near New Syrtis, who constantly petitioned for funds and troops to be directed to its borders, and not beyond them.

In 3021, the entire facility was sold-off to Excalibur Corporation, and the entire fleet, and many of their dependents, left the Periphery for postings in the Inner Sphere. The facility, a capable repair and munitions depot for DropShips and JumpShips was largely stripped, but sufficiently rebuilt through the corporation’s investments to bring it back into limited operations as a supply depot. Today, the facility is largely abandoned, though still hosting a small civilian population, and group of techs and trade officers from Excalibur. It provides services to all who can pay, but is mostly used by Excalibur Trading to upkeep its large fleet of DropShips and JumpShips. The system is considered key to operation of the “Candle Trade Route”, stretching from the rim of the Outrim Void through System – Tarsus and Outpost, to eventually reach the Davion Outback world of System – Armington. This trade route is vital to the economic well-being o all the worlds along its route.

System - Outpost

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