System - San Carlos

Corporate Mining Colony


San Carlos – Corporate Mining Colony

San Carlos is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, located trailing and rimward of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, and deep within the sector’s core. The world is a small mining colony under Excalibur Corporation rule.

The system consists of eleven major planetary bodies, including five jovian worlds, and the single corrosive mining world. Its sun, a main sequence yellow-white star is typical of local systems, with a local year of 4.39 standard years, and a short 15.52 hour local day.

The mining complex on San Carlos maintains a very poor-quality D-Class starport, providing unrefined fuels and no technical services of any other kind. The orbital facility is similar in providing only basic services.

Political Ruler : Impersonal Bureaucracy.
Star Type : Binary – F8V (Yellow-White Main Sequence) – (179 Hours)
Position in System : 5
Time to Jump Point : 12.01 days
Number of Satellites : 3
Surface Gravity : 1.3 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Corrosive. (12,354 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : -6.0C (Cold)
Surface Water : Liquid water mixed with hydrochloric and sulphuric acids, 68%
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : 05%, Reptile.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial.

Population : (3025) 1000.

Shrouded in an eerie yellow-green haze, San Carlos is an environment extremely hostile to humanity. Unprotected humans would die quickly in a corrosive chlorine atmosphere which makes up the primary active ingredient in its air. The world is, however, still home to a complete diverse ecology which flourishes in the strange atmosphere; based on a completely different body chemistry, life on San Carlos takes on unreal nightmarish forms difficult for humans to understand.

The world supports a strange species of tripedal life forms which are not readily describable to humans. This is particularly true because conditions on the planet make for confusing images; the atmosphere distorts, conceals, and partially obscures visual senses not adapted to the murky half-light found on the surface. The local wildlife is an active, vigorous collection of creatures, perfectly adapted to their environment, both clever and seemingly quite intelligent.

All local tech is imported, and though it exports radioactives and heavy metals, it imports very little that is not sanctioned or supplied by its corporate masters. The local miners have little knowledge of the tools they use, so they employ fairly crude methods, and depend heavily upon their corporate overseers for daily survival.


San Carlos would not normally have attracted the attention of anyone except for a science team from the Hegemony. The initial mining and colonial efforts were quickly abandoned by the Taurian Concordat, soon after the Reunification Wars. However, about thirty years ago, a ship from Excalibur Corporation, followed-up a rumor of there being corporate scouting effort along the nearby forests and plains.

The Excalibur Corporation investigated rumors of a DropShip still intact on the planet’s surface. Recent minerals surveys have marked the existence of rich deposits of rare metals and radioactives. Conventional mining techniques have proven virtually worthless because of the intensely exotic conditions, and Excalibur Minerals officials quickly realized that the cost of working any mines would be prohibitively expensive.

Excalibur’s tactics were typical, they “recruited” miners and established a virtual slave labour frce to visit the planet in DropShuttles, mining the ore in underground mines sealed from the planet’s atmosphere. The locals are kept without any means of fighting, and are dependent upon Excalibur for supplies, air and technical support to survive, so they and their families continue to work, despite unusually high quotas. Locals are fairly unresponsive to efforts to rise against their oppressors, however, for Excalibur represents a very real and immediate threat, and offworlders are generally distrusted when they speak of friendship and trust.

The underground community on San Carlos is located along the equator, and built under the original survival dome used by the initial survey group, though it has been burrowed into a cliff wall behind the original site to take advantage of the superior structure and the insulating characteristics of the planet’s crust. The facility houses around 675 people on a fairly permanent basis. The cliff wall is part of a dormant volcano, known locally as “The Devil’s Eye”, and the complex is known by the same name.

It has grown slowly, and also includes around 100 employees (some on temporary contract) of Excalibur Corp. There are four levels used for non-industrial purposes, catering less to the locals than its corporate employees. Deep within the crust, lies a long tunnel connecting the handful of automated industrial sites, where ore is processed, known as “The Deceitful Road”, which feeds back on itself in a long loop.

Level One : An above-ground hangar dome built into the cliffside, resembling a large, arched warehouse with a few air-tight offices. The facility is used as an airlock to store and service a handful of air-tight ATVs, fuel and spare parts. The top of the shaft leading to the lower elvels of the complex is found near the back, extending into the cliff. The exterior landing pad is small and can only hold a single DropShuttle or other small craft. Level Two : A small, spartan series of concentric circles connected with straight spokes to the central shaft, it remains very functional. One-half houses offices for Excalibur Corp’s mining and manufacturing efforts, as well as the facility control office, while the other half provides housing for corporate staff. Independent contractors are also housed and employ offices here. Level Three : The primary residential level, it provides housing for the rest of the mining staff, with most everyone living in cramped staterooms. Level Four : Devoted to Life Support facilities, it includes a 5MW fusion reactor, a water recycling plant, and an air-scrubber plant. Access to the mining tunnels is from this level.

A small orbital corporate facility (a traditional “iron wheel”) possessing few amenities, is maintained in orbit around the world by Excalibur Corp. It includes a handful of AeroFighters, two missile-armed DropShuttles, a platoon of marines well-trained in exotic atmosphere combat, and a staff of technicians and supervisors. Excalibur Corp freighters call regularly to make ore pickups, but otherwise contact with the world is minimal.

System - San Carlos

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