System - Serenity

Unofficial Capital of the Taurian Outback


Serenity – Former Taurian Sector Capital

Serneity is considered a part of the Systems Constellation – “The Taurian Outback”, located trailing and spinward of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, and in the trailing portion of the former Taurian colonial region known as the Dumassas Union. The world is a small (though locally important) industrial colony, that has maintained its importance and hold on technology sufficient to remain an important aspect of the regional economy and politics.

The system consists of four major planetary bodies (and two empty orbits in zones 1 and 2), including two gas giants (in the outer system), a planetary belt, and the terrestrial colony world itself. Its sun, a main sequence yellow-white star is typical of local systems, with a local year of 1.93 standard years, and a fairly standard 25.25 hour local day.

Political Ruler : Balkanized.
Star Type : Binary – K2V (Yellow-White Main Sequence) – (193 Hours)
Position in System : 3
Time to Jump Point : 4.85 days
Number of Satellites : 1
Surface Gravity : 1.2 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Dense. (12,800 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : +28.0C (Temperate)
Surface Water : Liquid water, 50%
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : 10%, Reptile.
Socio-Industrial Level : Rich.

Population : (3025) 400,000,000.

Considered a modest stop along an Inner Sphere trade route, Serenity is practically a palace compared to most worlds in the region. It dominates the Candle Trade Route, and has an important hovercraft manufacturing industry, popular among people of the constellation and its neighboring Taurian Concordat. The world has a high degree of axial tilt, resulting in extremes of climate and seasonal changes; the frigid winters last nearly five standard months in all but the equatorial regions, while the sweltering summers last as long and are just as unpleasant.

The major population centers are in the northern continental mountain chains, centered around the local mining complexes and hovercraft manufacturing plants. A dozen factories exist, all owned by the local Harding Automotive, which produces a popular brand of hover-trucks and other simple transports that are popular across the constellation. At least one of these factories has recently undergone a retrofit to produce a new hover APC, introduced by Baron Sarne, for sale to his own infantry forces. Two smaller companies, Serenity Motors and Sheba Transport produce a simple hover-car and hover-truck (respectively), but primarily provide parts for Harding Automotive’s own plants.

The equatorial regions are sparsely populated, with agricultural complexes dominating the lowlands and plains. The numerous mountain chains remain virtually untouched. A prime industry is the ranching of “Chollas”, whose meat and hides fetch good sums in the industrial urban centers, as well as on several local urbanized worlds in the sector. Vegetable and fruit complexes sprawl across the wetlands.

Outside the cities, the northern continents remain wild. Dangerous predators are known to prowl the mountain passes, preying on local fauna as well as the unwary human traveller, sometimes venturing into the outskirts when hungry enough.

Baron Kenton Sarne has established the world as his primary headquarters in the constellation, primarily since the value of the hover-craft plants makes them a useful resource to his army. The change of some of Harding Automotive’s lines to produce combat hovercraft, is known to have caused some unrest among the populace, but the capital city Domaz remains firmly under his control, especially since it acts as home garrison to Sarne’s veteran 1st Taurian Rangers.

The world imports advanced technology (BattleMechs, AeroFighters and DropShips and spare parts), mining processing equipment, computers and medicines. Serenity exports civilian hover-craft, Cholla meat & hides.


Originally settled over 600 years ago, Serenity was a Taurian colony world, that received ample Star League investment following the Reunification Wars, and developed a surprisingly stable and independent economy. With the Exodus and the eventual break-down of its tempermental HPG network, the region drifted into obscurity, abandoned by its host nation, the Taurian Concordat, and left to its own devices.

Due to the world’s economic importance to the region, it quickly developed into an unofficial center of trade and power. This, perhaps, was what attracted Baron Kenton Sarne to take over the local council and establish a peaceful rule that extends to several other worlds in the region. Taurian interests take precedence, and large numbers of Hover APCs are shipped off-world to the armies of the Concordat. The world remains very tightly controlled by its civilian government, though trade is relatively unrestricted, and personal freedoms are ensured, it falls neatly into the military camp of its new charismatic leader, Baron Sarne.

System - Serenity

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