System - Sligo

Outland Colony World


Sligo – Outland Colony World

Sligo is located beyond System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, technically one of the first world’s in Systems Constellation – “The Orion Rift”. It is considered a part of the Deep Periphery.

The inner system has its main terrestrial world located in the outermost orbit, and three massive rockballs located in the others. The outer system has several large ice ball jovians, but no belt is present. Its sun, a dull orange main sequence star, has a local year of 1.32 standard years, and a fairly standard 23.52 hour local day.

The world has a standard oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, but is bitterly cold and suffers from rich oxygenation of the atmosphere, making it highly tainted, and requiring oxygen compressors to breath properly. Much of its surface are covered by frozen wasteland oceans, miles thick in some cases, and there is no real open water on the surface.

The world maintains no real starport, having an X-Class installation, providing little more than scorched bedrock and once had a landing beacon with surface weather reports, though even this has been destroyed.

Political Ruler : Impersonal Bureacracy.
Star Type : Binary – K7V (Orange Main Sequence) – (198 Hours)
Position in System : 4
Time to Jump Point : 3.70 days
Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 0.92 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Thin, Tainted. (12,950 kms)
Avr Mean Temp : -22.3C (Cold)
Surface Water : Liquid Water and Ice Crystals, 80%
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : 40%, Insect.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial.

Population : (3025) 9000.

The world of Sligo is not officially a part of any organization, and remains an independent colony world, though many of its citizens were once from System – Promise. Although there are no formal merchant or corporate ties, the citizens welcome off-world trade by independents.

The remaining citizens are actually quite savvy merchants, and have considerable remains of a Star League nature (Tech Level 10), and are capable technicians and engineers. Fusion power, Light SMGs & Autorifles, Ballistic Cloth and simple Computers can be made locally, though they lack many resources to do more than hand-make them in a cottage industry setting, for personal use. Exports include liquid water and animal proteins from the indigenous insect population of Ice Spiders, a large predator that is rather tasty as a fried snack (Sold as Spider Bites! ). They import anything else.

Survivors of the massacre and nuclear attacks in the colony remain savvy merchants, with a handful (about a thousand) working the ruins of the capital and selling technoloical salvage to farmers in exchange for the food they need to survive. The farmers are quite self-sufficient in almost everything else. There is no off-world trade at this time.


Originally numbering around ten times the present population, the system of Sligo has evolved, with many colonists moving back to their homes in System-State – “The Unity of Promise”. The world is a minor colony, that preaches religious tolerance, and has survived for centuries as a result, with few wars or conflict between its scattered settlements.

The planet system was once ruled by Urishgam III, son of the military leader and whose force of will has united the scattered citizens of the world under his banner. He was rumored to have a boundless ambition, and if given enough resources, might one day have expanded outside Sligo.

The arrival of “The Bloody Corsairs” ended the colony as a viable entity. In late 3019, the pirates landed with a Fortress-Class DropShip and a modified Mule-Class DropShip that doubled as an escort AeroFighter carrier and cargo hauler. The forces of the pirates landed in the middle of the capital, using tactical nuclear shells in their Long Tom III cannon, and destroyed both the industrial sector and the barracks of the local militia, before fanning their forces out across the capital. After a month of general looting, the Mule departed, and the remaining troops began an intense search of the capital, looking for something called “Reset”.

These bandits were eradicated by the Iron Dingoes, save a small portion, who are keeping a low profile wandering where they will, taking what they need and, at some point, will likely get passage off-world and let the remainder of the world rot.


Military Forces : The military forces of Sligo are inconsequential.

Though once counting a mixed garrison of about a Battalion of Rifle Infantry Militia, the military forces of Sligo were eradicated during the pirate assault on the colony. Small bands of marauders can be found, and the salvage camps number small units of squad-level infantry, used to police their markets from petty theft, but no other large forces can be found.

The colonial DropShuttles are now rusting hollow hulls on the edge of the starport landing field, and the Starliner (an ancient JumpShip which has only cargo and passenger space, using shuttles and no docking collars) was cut to pieces and its remains are in orbit over the planet’s southern pole.

Today, small bands of marauders wander through the ruins, taking what they can, but generally avoiding the larger communities who have the guns to end their raids. Most citizens of the world are very trigger-happy, and do not trust anyone they don’t know.

System - Sligo

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