System - Taurus

Capital of the Taurian Concordat


World Name : Taurus

The original site of the Calderon settlement of the 24th century, Taurus is the capital of the Taurian Concordat. Surrounding it is a thick, natural barrier of asteroids, which is host to elements of the Taurian Guard, the elite battalion of the Taurian Defense Force. Taurus is also home to a variety of industries, many of which produce BattleMech designs of traditional origins along with spare parts. As the nexus of the Concordat social system, Taurus is one of the few cultural centers in the Periphery and presently supports a population in excess of two billion inhabitants.

Star Type : G3V
Position in System : 4
Time to Jump Point : 8.52 days
Recharging Station : Zenith

Number of Satellites : 0
Surface Gravity : 0.96
Atmo Pressure : Standard (Breathable)
Avr Mean Temp : +32 (Cold-Temperate)
Surface Water : 70%

Political Ruler :
ComStar Facility Class : B
ComStar Representative : Precentor Barbara Kooper

Population : 2,169,000,000 (3019)
Percentage and Level of Native Life : 45%, Mammal



The planet is named for the second husband of Samantha Calderon, Victor Taurens, who died while attempting to navigate the system’s asteroid field. Taurus is also one of the industrial centers of the Concord; thus, units stationed on Taurus tend to be elite and well-equipped. Taurus is also home to one of the largest periphery populations, estimated at greater than two billion inhabitants as of the early 31st century.

The first colony on Taurus was established on the 23rd of January 2253 by an expedition of colonists led by Samantha Calderon. A native of the world of Aix-la-Chapelle, Samantha had lost a husband and two daughters in the Outer Reaches Rebellion; this left her initially with access to considerable wealth from her husband’s business ventures, only to then see half that wealth drained away in the aftermath of the Rebellion or at the hands of privateers from the Republic of Marik.8 Believing that a radical solution was needed, Samantha converted her wealth into ships and supplies and lead an expedition of more than 2,300 people aboard 25 FTL capable ships to find a new, safe home. It took the expedition 22 months to travel from Aix-la-Chapelle to the unexplored Hyades Cluster; despite losing two Aquilla-class transports in the attempt, the expedition became the first explorers to successfully navigate through the dust, gas and asteroid fields that surrounded the cluster to discover the eight linked star systems within the cluster and the 37 assorted planetary bodies orbiting or being pulled between the various stars.

Samantha named the first world settled Taurus in memory of her second husband, Victor Taurens, who had died during the attempts to penetrate the Hyades asteroid field. Taurus proved to be a world rich in resources, and for the next 15 years the colony grew inside the safety and obscurity offered by the cluster, until the death of Samantha in a freak accident on the 14th of March 2268.2 Samantha’s son Timothy was selected as Samantha’s successor and Protector of the Taurian Homeworlds. Avoiding the democratic processes that were the signature of the despised Terran Alliance responsible for the colonists leaving the Inner Sphere, Timothy established a hereditary form of leadership on Taurus and armed with the sweeping powers granted to him proceeded to establish an orderly culture based on the simple and egalitarian principle that those who didn’t contribute to the general welfare would in turn be denied access to that general welfare. Summed up as “no work, no food”, this simple but effective system gave the Taurians the impetus needed to survive and prosper, with groups of geologists, scientists and settlers from Taurus colonizing five additional worlds within the Hyades Cluster between 2310 and 2320.

The nation born on Taurus was known variously as the Taurian Homeworlds and the Calderon Protectorate.


Taurian economic doctrine is typically very laissez-faire in its approach. Though the Bank of Taurus, the Concordat Mint, and the Taurian Treasury Reserve exist on-planet, they only serve to maintain stability of the Taurian monetary system and its “Bull” (1 Bull = 0.12 C-Bills).

Much of the Taurian private sector operates on the profit motive, but with curious limitations. Though trade is encouraged with its neighbors, the Taurians drastically reduce their trade with the Successor States, viewing it as politically undesirable. They reserve their trade interests with the somewhat distant Magistracy of Canopus, the Outworld’s Alliance and various independent worlds and minor states in Anterior Space. The nation continually suffers from a lack of investor capital in its industries, but despite this, has recently concentrated on renewed colonization along the edge of the Periphery, hoping that new raw materials and industrial revitalization might stimulate the economy.


A handful of small industrial concerns operate on Taurus, but the largest, by far, is Taurian Territorial Industries. The largest weapons producer in the Concordat, TTI is a government-subsidized manufacturer created in the late 2700s. It is geared towards both offensive and defensive weapons production. Its products are diverse, and include the following vehicles : Mechs – TDR-5S Thunderbolt, WHM-6R Warhammer, MAD-3R Marauder, LCT-1V Locust_, WSP-1A Wasp; Aeros – LTN-615 Lightning, TRB-D36 Thunderbird; Leopard-Class DropShip; Various personal weapons and small arms ammunition.


The Taurian Defense Force deploys numerous valuable Mech units on Taurus, and numerous others remain in garrison in other systems within Flannegan’s Nebulae, within a single jump of the capital. In addition, the remainder of those regiments listed below (amounting to five battalions of Mechs), not stationed on-planet, are located in hidden and fortified positions within the Hyades Cluster’s asteroid fields.

The Taurian Guard : 1st Battalion (Elite/Fanatical)
The Taurian Velites : 1st Battalion (Elite/Fanatical)
The Taurian Commandos : 1st Battalion (Veteran/Fanatical)
The Taurian Commandos : 2nd Battalion (Veteran/Reliable)

The Taurus Concordat Constabulary : Consisting of six (6) battalions of heavy infantry (total 3600 troops), these soldiers act as internal security for the planet, over and above any militia forces. They also maintain a battalion of armor in garrison of the capital Samantha. An additional battalion of engineers (375 men) is stationed in the capital.

The Taurian Special Asteroid Support Force (Taurian SASF) An elite body of five thousand soldiers and naval personneltrained to operate numerous zero-G defense platforms throughout the Hyades Cluster asteroid belts. A volunteer force of suicide troops, this unit is capable of surprising acts of heroism and destruction, and know their areas intuitively. In addition to marine boarding troops, numerous small craft (notably the Concordat’s TIG-15 “Tigress” Close Patrol Craft (Gunship)s), and hardened weapons emplacements, these soldiers knowledge of the belts around them, have made assaulting such positions murderously expensive.

The premier military training academy, the Taurian Ecole Militaire, is located outside Samantha. This facility has a long tradition of producing top-notch officers, serving in Mech, armor and infantry regiments. The lack of skilled Aero pilots has recently led to the use of Outworld’s Allaince instructors, though this has yet to result in a change in skills.

System - Taurus

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