System - Valhalla


Valhalla – Minor Colony World

Valhalla is a minor system in System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, located trailing and spinward of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, on the leading edge of Systems Constellation – “The Orion Rift”, and bordering Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”. The planet, an independent colony world for centuries, has joined with efforts to improve trade and local defense, and is culturally dominated by local worship and traditions of a Nordic nature.

Located on the outer edge of the system’s life zone, the local colony is a terrestrial moon, tidally-locked to an ice giant, Tyrfing. This world is effectively a water world, has a local year of 652.41 standard days, and a pseudo-day of 29.65 hours that is dominated by its orbit around its parent. A couple dwarf terrestrials are found in the inner orbitals, while an ice ball and several standard gas giants are located in the outer orbits.

The starport of Valhalla is a frontier-quality installation (Class-E), with few amenities and there are few restrictions on weaponry deployed by its citizens. The local government is controlled by a system corporation, Aesir Tech, who almost exclusively maintain all trade, agricultural and other industrial efforts in the system. They remain fairly independent, however, and trade is almost exclusively for advanced munitions and vehicles, trading their local surpluses when they are able. Its troopers are a common export as well, since hand-to-hand combat is almost a unique art form among local citizens.

Political Ruler : Impersonal Bureaucracy.
Star Type : Primary – M0V (Red Main Sequence) -(201 Hours)
Position in System : 4
Time to Jump Point : 3.14 days
Number of Satellites : None
Surface Gravity : 0.77 Gs
Atmo Pressure : Thin. (Oxygen-Nitrogen).
Avr Mean Temp : None
Surface Water : 98%. Water-Ice. Water-World.
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : Amphibians (60%).
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial.

Population : (3025) 770,000.

The world of Valhalla maintains a small industrial output, but is primarily an agricultural world. Tidally-locked to its parent ice giant, its “hot side” perpetually bakes facing the sun, while its cold side barely avoids freezing. In the band between the two sides, is a reasonably comfortable temperate band that exists getting a parody of night and day from its wavering orbit around its distant star. Current circulation in the planet’s vast oceans keeps the cold side from freezing completely over and its thin atmosphere whistles along at gale force levels between hot and cold sides. At ground level, the chilly winds blow constantly in fro the dark side of the planet, but its thin atmosphere keeps hydrostatic shock from occuring in the twilight band.

The locals are predominantly a rural people. Apart from the small starport at Brakigastad, the only community over 2000 is the capital at Munarvag. Despite the thin atmosphere, most locals live on greenhouse-esque farms; domed over agricultural complexes that survive in continual daylight on the edge of the world’s light bands, in the shallow seas.

Extremely conservative, locals practice a celtic-style of religion, concentrating on Freya as the god of fertility and crops. Each individual is responsible for their own religious duties, and follow “The Old Ways”. Well-educated on religion, many are zealous believers and tend to be less trusting and hospitable than others to off-worlders. Many tend to view personal combat as a means of expressing emotion, and take duels as an almost religious observance.

Hereditary nobility, known as Jarls, rule the world as government representatives to the planetary corporation. There are only around 150 of them, but they collectively run the planet’s “corporation on bealf of their Carls, who have no voting rights.The present leader of the planet’s corporation, Jarl Aki IV Skirrsson, is the owner of the land on which the starport is built, and is easily the richest man on the planet. Many call him _”King"_, though it is not an official title by any means.


Vahalla is a forgettable world, chosen by its early settlers for its very nature. Seeking political and religious freedom, they have slowly developed the world wiht little contact outside their own atmosphere, and even pirates avoid the world, because of its citizens personal fierceness and implaccable nature to outside authority. The aquatic nature of the world often means pirates cannot easily take its resources.

Very independent in nature and purpose, the citizens of Valhalla are concentrated high in the northern seas, on the only large island-continent of _*Dagmark_*. Constructed in a round, circular styling, each of the world’s cities are designed for a singular purpose; Munarvag is a aligned for politics, while Brakigastad is a starport to its core. Both cities are heavily populated by Aesirists, meaning that lush natural vegetation and other “wild” elements are commonplace amongst the longhouse apartments and other modern structures found in its cities.

Aesir Tech is a conglomerate of all 150 of the planet’s nobles. Each noble controls some aspect of the planet’s development; agriculture, industry, and population. Together they are able to collectively progress towards developing their economy and pooling existing resources to their own mutual benefit. As a result, the corporation can support its citizenry, but is very cash-poor, making off-world trade difficult. Technology remains an important key to development of its potential, but the Aesirianim rampant in its citizenry also makes ecological exploitation an important factor in politics. While the nobles run things, they live at the behest of their citizen-soldiers.

Perhaps most noteworthy, is the existence of several fusion power plants on the world. They were an early colonial project, but have been maintained to provide the colony with ample electricity for its limited industry, but has also allowed the aquatic habitats to be maintained for centuries. Rumors have always spread that there was a Star League research facility in some corner of the planet, that was exploring the relatively uncharted depths on the southern pole. Explorers often travel there to find such a cache, but none have ever succeeded, though rumors of “sea monsters” in the area persist and keep most at bay. Aesir Tech has never officially mounted an expedition to find this facility, and denies its existence.

Military Forces : The nation’s wet navy is its most important branch of service, with two active (Regular) and three reserve Marine Infantry Battalions (Green). They maintain about a dozen major sea vessels, two of which are small fighter-carriers, and several dozen smaller vessels. Recently, they have imported a pair of advanced submarines produced in System – Grendal, which co-ordinate all communications in the world’s navy.

Its Air Force is impressive, with 252 aircraft in 21 squadrons of twelve aircraft each. One is an imported squadron of light AeroSpace Fighters acquired from unknown off-world sources. The remainder are locally hand-produced missile-armed VTOLs. There are also twenty-two (22) Air Defense Units, each with four batteries of light guns, supported by imported advanced communications and tracking equipment, also from System – Grendal.

The traditional ground forces of the world are its citizen-soldiers (or a militia), consisting of a single Jump Laser Infantry Battalion (Veteran, high-tech equipment), an Air-Mobile Rifle Infantry Marine Battalion (Regular) equipped with Karnov UR Transports, two Mechanized Rifle Infantry Battalions (Regular) equipped with Hover APCs, and a final collection of seven (7) Reserve Rifle Infantry Battalions (Green).

The one noteworthy aspect of Valhalla’s armed forces, is all are very capable hand-to-hand experts, and take a personal interest in dueling and employing swords, daggers and combat knives. Going one-on-one with a member of their military, is a dangerous thing, even though they are a reservist (consider all troops in personal combat to be one rank higher).

System - Valhalla

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