TCV-8 "Predator" Ballistic Mesh Tabard

Basic Technician's Body Armor


Standard fare among planetary security forces, this body armor is relatively cheap to produce and acquire in most systems. Its style is supportive of allowing freedom of movement, while still providing some protection to its wearer; the aspect favored by its usual users.

The ballistic mesh of the garment is made of nylon fibers, being both durable and easy to maintain.

Equipment Rating : C-A-B
BAR : 1/5/1/3
Cost/Patch : 100/10
AFF : -
Mass : 2.5 kg
Coverage : Torso

Notes : -


Simple to use and cheap, the TCV-8 is produced by a minor armaments facility on Heroditus, “Predator Armory” which supplies the local non-planetary security forces with its products. While better protection is available, the issue is irrelevant since its customers are looking for cheap and simple to maintain.

In addition to a series of heavier mesh inserts, and replacement patches, the company also produces the popular F29 Tactical Security Helmet.

TCV-8 "Predator" Ballistic Mesh Tabard

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