Contract - Operation : "Tent City"


MRB Mercenary Contract – Operation : "Tent City”

This agreement, executed between the Aurigan Restoration (hereafter designated “Employer”) and the Iron Dingoes (hereafter designated “Unit”), provides employment for the Unit and military and support forces in the service of the Employer. This employment is subject to the terms and conditions outlines below.

I. Mission : The Unit is hired for the performance of a mission planned and assigned by the Employer, defined as an Covert Operation (Guerrilla Warfare) mission under the conventions and usages of contemporary military terminology. Said Unit will perform all operations that fall within the framework of this mission, as well as serving the general interests and needs of the Employer. If the Unit has been hired on retainer, the following types of missions are specifically excluded during the length of service : None.

II. Forces : The Unit agrees to provide combat and support forces, estimated at 24 squads of mixed combat and/or combat support troops, as of the date this contract goes into effect. The Employer reserves the right to terminate the agreement if actual forces mustered at the time this contract goes into effect are 75% or less of the originally contracted forces, or if they exceed the agreed-upon strength by more than 10%, unless excess troops serve for no more remuneration than as originally designated in this agreement.

III. Length of Service : This contract will remain in effect for twelve (12) months, commencing on the 1st of March, 3031 and concluding on the 28th of February, 3032. On the commencement date, the Unit agrees to be located in the system of Coromodir; if the unit fails to appear by the said date, Unit shall relinquish 5% of its fee. Upon termination of this agreement, the Unit will be discharged from all duties and responsibilities to the employer, unless discharge is superseded by a fresh agreement.

IV. Remuneration : The Employer agrees to pay 21,000 C-Bill-equivalents per squad per month to the Unit, amounting to an estimated 6,048,000 C-Bill-equivalents. This money is to be paid out through representatives of ComStar, and will be paid to the Unit upon completion of the mission. Up to 25% may be advanced, though such demands attachment of a ComStar representative to the Unit HQ as a surety of bond.

V. Command Rights : The Unit is under Liaison command being semi-independent, but attached to higher command through an employer-appointed liaison officer.

VI. Transport : The Employer agrees to provide for the interstellar and/or interplanetary transport of the Unit. 0% of the Unit accepts Employer interstellar transport, and 0% of the Unit accepts Employer interplanetary transport. The Employer shall pay the Unit 875,000 C-Bills to reimburse the Unit for providing transport to the Unit and any auxiliary portion thereof.

VII. Supply : The Employer agrees to provide the amount of 144,000 C-Bills of consumables for the logistical support of the Unit. Resupply of munitions and other specific battlefield materiel after each major battle or campaign shall consist of 12,000 C-Bills worth of consumables over and above said supply requirements.

VII. Salvage Rights : All equipment, vehicles, and other war materiel recovered by the Unit from enemy forces, depots, garrisons, industrial or civil centers, prisoners, and other sources shall be subject to the following claims and terms of division to be “Merc Claims”, meaning all material taken by the Unit belongs to the unit, in addition to normal income.

IX. Other Terms : Other terms of this contract, agreed to by both parties, shall be negotiated on a case by case basis and attached, individually signed and witnessed, as riders to this document.

Signed at Ciudad Garcia, the District of Garcia, Sangria, Terramatrix on this 15th day of December in the year 3030 AD.

Major “Jolly” Roger Galligan
Commanding the * “The Fold Fiends”, of * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Signed at Ciudad Garcia, the District of Garcia, Sangria, Terramatrix on this 15th day of December in the year 3030 AD.

Captain Menéndez Tolosa
As representative of the LCAF, in the Lyran Commonwealth.

Witnessed by : Demi-Precentor Jemma Starling of ComStar


The Fold Fiends accompanied their allied unit, * “The Dead Man’s Hand” on a fast-travel across the Taurian Concordat, reaching the Coromodir system in mid-February, 3031.

The contract proved difficult, as forces rallied on both sides for the first few months, until a major campaign erupted six (6) months in, and resulted in an effective stalemate, after which the local forces in support of the Santiago family surrendered.

While the unit lost its Enforcer (though the pilot survived) in the brawls with two light and heavy armor companies, and the local planetary militia, the Fold Fiends sacked the planet’s main support base, and captured two Ontos Heavy Tank to replace their own lost Demolishers. They also captured a large force of local technicians. In addition, the unit replaced many of its armor losses with captured materiel, making their armor far more of a flanking and supporting force than before. Infantry losses were light, but the 15th Platoon lost half its personnel, and much of the units other salvage went towards repairing its mechanized APCs to keep the unit mobile. The unit also lost both its Command Van and Ferret Light Scout VTOL in a terrorist attack; neither crew survived.

Contract - Operation : "Tent City"

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