20th Engineering Battalion "The Hammers of War"

Logistical Support for the District of Garcia


20th Engineering Battalion “The Hammers of War”Engineering Battalion / Green / Questionable

Organized with a core of technical and engineering staff attached to the 8th Royal Infantry Battalion during their invasion of The District of Garcia in May of 3021, the unit has since been reconstituted as a formal unit designed to support future military efforts across the nation. Although it has picked-up some local recruits, the bulk of its trained personnel remains from the conflict.

Officers : The lead officer of the battalion is Colonel Luis Arturo Pérez, a psychologist by trade, but a driven athlete and a skilled career officer. Although not a combat soldier, he is smart enough to recognize the strengths of his non-commissioned officers, and lets the various parts of his command do their tasks with little direct over-sight. He spends most of his time ensuring the units have the supplies they need, and the tools and equipment the require to fulfill their assignments. He is very good at getting others to act their best, and is very well liked by his unit.

Tactics : The Engineering Battalion is trained in basic military defense, but is primarily an engineering and technical support group, equipped to assist the rest of the military. They should be considered one level higher with regards to their area of specialization in regard to technical matters.


Support : The 20th Engineering Battalion has been equipped with the traditional HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle and metal combat helmet supplied by the Sangrian Military, and each soldier is also equipped with a set of surplus Taurian Concordat uniform, boots, belt and canteen. In addition, all have acquired basic backpacks, and often sport various private small arms, knives and machetes. They traditionally only possess combat armor and other gear if it is privately acquired by their families, or if they take it off an opponent in combat.

Each member of the unit is also primarily an engineer or technician, and possesses the field tool kits appropriate to their personal specialty. As a result, they do not move quickly, and depend on remaining in their garrison depots, rarely taking to the field. The unit does, however, provide its own internal technical support, and is able to provide extra time to helping do repair and maintenance work for the rest of the military in their depot. Administrative needs are barely adequate, and remains a priority for future development.

The units have access to a large number of Light Utility Transports to keep them “mobile” or motorized, and to haul each unit’s heavy tools and spare parts when required. Most of these vehicles were also salvaged with the retreat of the 8th (Royal) Infantry Battalion from the district. The prize of the unit, however, are its pair of Combat Engineering Vehicles, and its half-dozen Pegasus Utility Helicopters, the former of which is kept constantly busy, while the latter transport supplies to troops in the field and shuttle small units on scouting missions along the borders.

The unit is based in a small cantonment at the rail-head next to Diego District Airport, just outside Ciudad Garcia. The facility provides a depot for technical support, including a motor pool and a small parts warehouse. An extensive armory below the main barracks houses a central reserve of ammunition, uniforms and military equipment for the military, though another small reserve is kept by the regular military units of the 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own” and 19th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Black Skulls”, based at the former Guardia Civilia at Sterling Field and the Presidio.

20th Engineering Battalion – Sangrian Armed Forces “Hammers of War”

Command Company
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
Four (4) Wheeled APCs
One (1) Rifle Infantry “Command” Squad (Reg)
Three (3) Rifle Administrative/Office Squads (Vet, Reg, Green)
One (1) Tech (Signals) Squad (Vet)

Support Medical Company
Four (4) Paramedic Squads (3 Reg, Green)

Ground Technical Company
Six (6) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Six (6) Light Utility Transports
One (1) “Longhaul” Heavy Tactical Utility Truck (Fuel Transport)
Two (2) Heavy Tactical Utility Trucks w/ two (2) Portable (Light Vehicle) Repair Gantries
Eleven (11) Technical Squads (Vet, 5 Reg, 5 Green)

Engineering Technical Company
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
Two (2) Combat Engineering Vehicles
Seven (7) Combat Engineering Squads (Vet, Reg, 5 Green)

Field Supply Technical Company
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
Two (2) Technical Squads (2 Reg)

Field Transport Company
Six (6) Pegasus Utility Helicopters (3 Reg, 3 Green)


Assigned as a support force during the coup of mid-3021, the unit deployed with the 8th (Royal) Infantry Battalion in support of the San Succi government. When the 8th was forced to surrender and gave up the majority of their heavy weapons and vehicles, the technicians were offered asylum and the promise of retrieving their families if they remained. Not wanting to be parted from their tools and livelihoods, most agreed to remain, and supported the new government by helping repair the damage done to the city’s Government House during the fighting.

While some technicians were assigned to directly support the two active military battalions in the district, most remained as a central logistical pool, and spent the next year recruiting from the various mercenaries attracted to good pay and relative safety for themselves and their families. The local government’s offers of free land to soldiers in the district also attracted many seeking new lives.

As of early 3023, the unit has built a small cantonment on the western end of the rail-head, next to Diego District Airport, where they operate a repair and supply depot for the local military. The techs reside off the base in new housing (mostly built by themselves) nearby with their families. The facility has not yet been officially named.


Stirling Field Military Camp

By late-3024, the unit had rebuilt portions of the central military base at Stirling Field into a command and control base for Sangrian Army Command, and along with the 4th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Garcia’s Own”, staffed it sufficiently to become an operational facility. They share a wing of the facilities with Sangrian Air Command, and combined, have built a start to rebuilding the national military.

The 20th has had some experience with its technical and construction groups, but remains woefully inexperienced in combat operations. They remain a support unit, not a combat troop.

20th Engineering Battalion "The Hammers of War"

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