15th (Jump) Infantry Company - "Death From Above"

Fast-Response Infantry Company


15th (Jump) Infantry Company – Green/Questionable “Death From Above”

The 15th (Jump) Infantry Company was organized from a number of mercenary squads recruited from the Filtvelt system’s military college, the Filtvelt Military Academy. Largely considered second-rate among the Great Houses as a training institution, the academy nonetheless produces capable officers for all branches of service. The bulk of the initial soldiers were failed officer candidates, who grasped at the chance to leave the back-water system, and serve in a full, though minor, House militia.

The unit traveled to System – Dumassas and by mid-3030, began training immediately with their newly issued Jump Packs and Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023)s. As of the end of 3030, the unit is considered vetted and ready for action.

Officers : The unit is largely independent in its nature, and is loosely attached to * “The Cerberus Command”. Its senior officers are generally young Shadow Recruits who have undergone training through * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, and the other educational institutions of the Iron Dingoes, making them unquestionably loyal to the unit. Though inexperienced, they are capable and understand many of the key activities regarding combined arms and anti-Mech strikes,

The lead officer, is the young Captain Daniel Giménez Cacho, who served as a replacement trooper and junior officer in the 4th (Jump) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “Yarará” for several years, before being granted a full captain’s commission and command of this unit. He is still working-out the use of their new technology, and is learning as much as the troops under him, but seems very loyal to the vision of the unit.

Tactics : The unit’s deployment as “Jump Troopers”, implies an advanced form of paratrooper activity, and is usually associated with VTOL operations, or other fast-response force. They are largely without transports at this time, however, and so deploy as normal infantry, dependent on the Light Utility Transports they have been issued to get them close to a battlefield, where they can deploy as jump troops.

Very young, with a need for more practical training, the unit has the potential to be one of the most elite forces among the various planetary militia forces.

The 15th (Jump) Infantry Company provides direct security for the central command fort of the entire Iron Dingoes command structure, which is considered a critical link in the unit’s organization.


Support : The 15th (Jump) Infantry Company has been equipped with standard combat armor, helmet, and pulse laser rifle of the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023). As heavy weapons support, the unit doesn’t deploy with any other heavy weapons, rather depending on Milkor MGLs rather than the usual Iron Dingoes M56A2 “Smartgun”. Each trooper also has access to a full set of Jump Packs.

As a whole, the unit is dependent on local depots for parts, and has very few technical support personnel to assist in the maintenance of their rather technical equipment.

15th (Jump) Infantry Company “Death From Above”

150th (Command) (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
Two Light Utility Transports
4 (Jump) Infantry Squads (Reg, 3 Green)

151st (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
Two Light Utility Transports
4 (Jump) Infantry Squads (Reg, 3 Green)

152nd (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
Two Light Utility Transports
4 (Jump) Infantry Squads (Reg, 3 Green)

153rd (Jump) Infantry Platoon XXX
Two Light Utility Transports
4 (Jump) Infantry Squads (Reg, 3 Green)



Typical Jump Pack Equipment

The 15th (Jump) Infantry Company, was formed in mid-3030 from a number of failed officer recruits from the Filtvelt Military Academy, recruited in the previous year. Their officers, mostly young Shadow Recruits from the Iron Dingoes own landholds, are inexperienced, but very loyal, making the entire unit something of a large question mark in future operations.

In mid-3030, the unit was folded under the larger command structure of the 1st Special Forces Group – “Red Shields”, as a special operations group of capable armor, scout recon and jump infantry, making them a rapid response force for the Iron Dingoes own landholds. The unit is presently engaged in training operations against * Dangerous Operations Group (DOG).

15th (Jump) Infantry Company - "Death From Above"

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