"Pandora's Box"

Fionna's Private Haven


“Pandora’s Box” : Intruder-Class Dropship

Type : Military Spheroid
Use : Assault Ship
Tech : Inner Sphere
Introduced : 2655
Mass : 3000 tons

Length : 69.0 m
Width : 69.0 m
Height : 61.5 m

Drive System : Movem-XL Drive (Fusion)
Fuel : 300 tons
Tons/Burn-Day : 1.84
Safe Thrust : 4
Maximum Thrust : 6
Heat Sinks : 113
Structural Integrity : 10

Armor : Inner Sphere Standard (36.0 tons)
Fore : 170
Wings : 153
Aft : 140

Cargo :
Bay 1 : Cargo (725 tons) : 2 Doors
Bay 2 : BattleMechs (2) – 2 Doors
Bay 3 : Infantry (4 Foot Platoons) – 1 Door
Bay 4 : Small Craft (2) – 2 Doors

Crew : 30 : 5 Officers, 18 Enlisted, 7 Gunners. 116 Bay Personnel.
Base Crew : Bridge 1p+1se; Engine 1e
Escape Pods : 6
Life Boats : -

Ammunition : 60 Rounds AC/5 Ammo (3 tons), 40 Rounds AC/10 Ammo (4 tons), 66 Rounds LRM-20 Ammo (11 tons), 90 Rounds SRM-6 Ammo (6 tons).

Nose (23 Heat)
1 PPC : 1(10)-1(10)-0-0 : PPC
1 AC/5 (20 Rounds) : 1(5)-1(5)-0-0 : Autocannon
1 LRM-20 (18 Rounds) : 1(12)-1(12)-1(12)-0 : LRM
2 Medium Lasers : 1(10)-0-0-0 : Laser
FR/FL (30 Heat)
1 PPC : 1(10)-1(10)-0-0 : PPC
1 LRM-20 (18 Rounds) : 1(12)-1(12)-1(12)-0 : LRM
1 Large Laser : 2(18)-1(8)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -
AL/AR (44 Heat)
2 PPCs : 2(20)-2(20)-0-0 : PPC
1 AC/10 (20 Rounds) : 2(15)-2(15)-0-0 : Autocannon
1 AC/5 (20 Rounds) : -
2 SRM-6s (45 Rounds) : 2(16)-0-0-0 : SRM
4 Medium Lasers : 2(20)-0-0-0 : Laser
Aft (28 Heat)
1 LRM-20 (18 Rounds) : 1(12)-1(12)-1(12)-0 : LRM
2 Large Lasers : 3(26)-2(16)-0-0 : Laser
2 Medium Lasers : -

Notes : 254.65 Million Cs.


The Intruder-Class Dropship is a combat assault ship designed to support raiding operations or to attack heavily defended ground targets. The ship often takes the place of lighter-armed and -armored Union-Class Dropships, especially when no direct BattleMech support is required.

The Intruder’s well-armored hull contains a large assortment of weaponry, though this variant has had its autocannons stripped, providing extra storage for missile ammunition and improved armor on its nose. Its 725-ton cargo bay has the capacity to haul a company of heavy vehicles in need, but no provision exists for them to be stored as “active”, requiring them to be crammed together and tied in place, and thus making their deployment much longer than on a traditional armor transport, such as a Gazelle or a Triumph.

To provide Aerospace support, there are fighter bays on opposite sides of the hull, each equipped with servicing support equipment and a single small craft cubicle. Intruders once often carried a pair of LAMs to provide a light Mech force, granting them greater flexibility in their operations, though now only House Kurita is able to produce new LAMs to support these deployments. [[:In addition, Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” has positioned herself aboard this vessel, taking one of the AeroSpace for her STG-A1 Stinger LAM. The remaining AeroSpace slot is reserved for a single EGL-R6 Eagle, that is flown by Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman”, the best AeroSpacce pilot in the unit.

The ship traditionally carries an infantry support company for ground combat, boarding operations, and scouting purposes. This unit normally consists of three infantry platoons, though special circumstances often require the deployment of an additional armor unit, recon forces or conventional VTOLs. Quarters are thus provided to increase the total troops to four infantry platoons. On the “Pandora’s Box”, the Iron Dingoes Line C&C Units, Line Combat Units and Line Scout Units are based here. In addition, several complete technical crews, Techs and their squads of AsTechs, operate from this ship.

The ship is equipped with three large bays that the infantry/marines often use for training purposes. These bays contain target simulators, visual training facilities, and plenty of floor space for physical training regimes. The bays also serve as recreation facilities when not in use. At present, one of the three is packed with small arms, military uniforms and various other equipment useful to their purposes, and another has been taken over to serve the technicians in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” for storage of restricted LosTech and other valuable information and equipment that has fallen under Dingoes control. The remaining training bay sees almost constant use among the three platoons of Force Recon Infantry and the squad of Starguards assigned to this vessel.

The Intruder’s well-stocked medical facility can handle most emergency cases that occur in combat. It consists of an emergency treatment room, which can handle two cases simultaneously, an intensive care ward with room for up to six patients, and a tiny dispensary for treating minor injuries and illnesses. The ship is well-stocked with medical supplies, and has recently gained a few new medics hired during their stay on Heroditus. The Dingoes “Second Med Squad”, under Doctor Sid Sutherland are assigned to work from this bay, and they tend to use it for research when time and space allows.

To support the infantry unit in ground operations, there is also a well-equipped command center. From this room, deep within the walls of the Dropship, the unit commander (Captain Fionna) can control all of its scouting operations and combat units under its aegis. The center has extensive communications gear, combat computers and holo-map tanks, and tactical intelligence displays. This facility has been largely taken over by * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, who use its communications gear and vehicles to extend operations by all Dingoes personnel.

One of the Intruder’s interesting features is the design of its thick, sturdy landing gear that extends like pistons from the underside of the hull. These legs are locked into the “down” position as the ship approaches the ground. Once the ship has touched down, the shock of the landing is absorbed, and the landing gear once more retracts again. This procedure protects the ship’s relative weakness of its underside by preventing vehicles and personnel from slipping underneath the ship. Prior to lift-off, the legs are extended once more, raising its 3000-ton bulk off the ground. The legs lock into place, allowing the super-heated plasma to vent away from the skin of the ship. The time required for extending the legs is about 30 seconds.

The Intruder-Class DropShip is most often used in raids and intelligence gathering missions to worlds known to be occupied by hostile forces. The ship has proven ideal for this, since it can fight through any light blockade in space and support itself while on the ground. Once landed, it begins reconnaissance or raiding tasks, which can be coordinated from its central command center. Its heavy armaments keeps the DropShip well-protected from casual Aerospace attacks and ground forces alike.

Pandora’s Box (formerly Andurien Shadow) has a hull of paint-stripped, scorched and rusted armor alloy, hinting at years of neglect and being in one position in some forgotten portion of the planet Claybrooke’s swamps. The DropShip, despite its appearances, is in fine working order, having received a quick overhaul on Heroditus, and adding a number of new command crew and engineers to its roster.

Other than being given a new name, the Pandora’s Box has undergone several other changes since its takeover by the Commander Fionna. Initially it was fitted as a hidden base for resistance operations used by Andurien forces on Claybrooke. Its auto-cannons were stripped due to a lack of ammunition, and armor welded in place over the weapon’s bays and along the nose of the craft. All of its remaining weapons systems are, however, fully operational.

The ship is not operating at full crew levels, though it has mostly filled its roster with hired crew on Heroditus and Dunkelheim. At present, it consists of the lead pilot Commander Rebecca “Beka” Ryder and a handful of pilots, engineers and navigators, making advanced combat operations possible. Some of the dependents of the assigned forces serve as AsTechs, ship’s gunners and maintenance crew, though most serve aboard the “Blood Rock” in various positions in its Ground Technical Group.

The vessel has been assigned the unit’s pair of Orkan-Class Space Planes, ostensibly for the use of the unit’s Force Recon to deploy directly from orbit or against enemy vessel’s and other space-borne targets. The ship’s have available a pair of portable fuel bladders that will fill their cargo bays, but increase their range for trips farther afield.

"Pandora's Box"

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