"The Angel of Death"

Wagon Wheel-Class (Frigate) WarShip


Wagon Wheel-Class Warship (Frigate)

Tech : Star League
Introduced : 2570
Mass : 650,000 tons
Length : 700 m
Sail Diameter : 1003 m
Fuel : 8000 tons
Tons/Burn-Day : 39.52
Safe Thrust : 4
Maximum Thrust : 6
Sail Integrity : 4
K-F Drive Integrity : 14
Heat Sinks : 2000
Structural Integrity : 47

Armor : Standard Inner Sphere (609 tons)
Fore : 46
Front-Sides : 47
Aft-Sides : 47
Aft : 40

Bay 1 : AeroFighters (12) : 4 Doors
Bay 2 : Small Craft (4) : 2 Doors
Bay 2 : Cargo (93,790 Tons) : 2 Doors

DropShip Capacity : 2
Grav Decks : 3 (2 300-m Diameter, 1 200-m Diameter)

Crew : 40 Officers, 150 Crew, 45 Gunners, 44 Bay Personnel, 50 Marines.
Base Crew : 40 – 10p, 10e, 20se (Bridge – 10p/10se : Engine – 10e/10se)
Escape Pods : 24
Life Boats : 35

240 White Shark Missiles (9600 tons), 80 Rounds NAC/35 Ammunition (80 tons), 40 Rounds NAC/10 Ammunition (8 tons), 120 Rounds LRM-15 Ammunition (15 tons), 600 Rounds SRM-6 Ammunition (40 tons), 400 Rounds AC/5 Ammunition (20 tons), 120 Rounds AC/10 Ammunition (12 tons).

Nose (495 Heat)
3 NL-45 : 14-14-14-14 : Capital Laser
2 Medium NPPC : 18-18-18-18 : Capital PPC
3 LRM-15 (120 Rounds) : 3(27)-3(27)-3(27)-0 : LRM
FL/FR (109 Heat)
3 White Sharks (60 Missiles) : 9-9-9-9 : Capital Missile
1 NL 35 : 4-4-4-0 : Capital Laser
3 SRM-6 (300 Rounds) : 2(24)-0-0-0 : SRM
LBS/RBS (495 Heat)
2 NAC/35 (20 Rounds) : 70-70-0-0 : Capital AC
2 NAC/35 (20 Rounds) : 70-70-0-0 : Capital AC
6 AC/5s (400 Rounds) : 6(60)-6(60)-0-0 : Autocannon
3 AC/10 (120 Rounds) : -
AL/AR (45 Heat)
3 White Sharks (60 Missiles) : 9-9-9-9 : Capital Missile
Aft (164 Heat)
2 NL 35 : 7-7-7-0 : Capital Laser
2 NAC/10 (40 Rounds) : 20-20-20-0 : Capital AC

Notes : Equipped with 10 First-Class and 30 Second-Class passenger accommodations.

Manufacturer : -



Overview : The Wagon Wheel-Class frigate was an amazing achievement for its time, not simply for its combat capabilities, but because its represented a sign of Periphery solidarity in the face of a resurgent Inner SPhere. Intended both as a new breed of WarShip to complement the Taurian Concordat’s aging space fleet, as well as a possible export sale to other Periphery realms – such as the Outworld’s Alliance – this new vessel barely entered service before the formation of the Star League gave all Periphery realms a sense of alarm.

Initially planned as a heavy troop transport an carrier with a very long operating range, the Wagon Wheel was planned to feature three large grav decks for the benefit of crew and transporting troops alike over a dozen docking collars for DropShips. Political wrangling, financial miscalculations and technical issues, however, forced engineers to change their plans and eliminate all but to docking collars. Increasing the engine thrust to 3.0 Gs maximum and upgrading its firepower, they transformed the ship into a fast attack ship rather than a heavy transport. Legal obligations between various subcontractors involved in its construction forced the designers to retain the over-sized grav decks, though. These giant metal rings, riding on pylons like the spokes of an old Terran wagon wheel, gave the WarShip its dubious class name, but also limited its maneuverability, as the grav decks and pylons suffered damage from the inertia of sudden, high-stress accelerations and other evasive activity.

The Taurian Concordat only produced a handful of Wagon Wheels before the Reunification War forced re-prioritization of military spending. Ironically, the capture of two Wagon Wheels in 2573 by a Davions war fleet at the infamous Malagrotta Affair led to teh Reunification War, cementing the historical enmity between the Concordat and the Federated Suns that continues to this day.


The TCS Cyrton was a Wagon Wheel-Class WarShip within the Taurian Concordat WarShip flotilla that jumped into the System – Malagrotta in 2573, prompting an incident that became known as the “Malagrotta Affair”. The TCS Cyrton and the other vessels had arrived in the system unexpectedly and with navigational problems, and proceeded towards the mining moon of Fortuna to attempt to conduct repairs.

A Federated Suns naval squadron arrived in the Malagrotta system via a LaGrange jump point two days after the Taurian flotilla arrived, responding to distress calls from the Federated Suns mining contingent on Fortuna; the Federated Suns squadron engaged the Taurian flotilla and destroyed or captured all but one of the Taurian vessels. The Cyrton was one of the vessels captured during the three-hour battle. The only loss taken by the Federated Suns squadron was a single Leopard CV-Class DropShip.

The Angel of Death was first noticed by * “The Iron Dingoes” in the hands of The Starlords – “The Brotherhood”, and quite possibly under the command of Lord-Marshal “White Death”, in mid-3025. The vessel represents a huge out-lay of talented and skilled personnel to operate, not to mention a substantial infrastructure and supply base to maintain. It is quite possibly the only one of its kind still in existence…

"The Angel of Death"

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