The Black Star

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing


The “Black Star” – Tracker-Class (Surveillance) Warship

Mass : 120,000 tons
Length : 318 m
Sail Diameter : 1150 m

Crew : 155 : 15 Officers, 60 Enlisted, 4 Gunners, 4 Small Craft Pilots, 16 Bay Personnel, 56 Marines
Base Crew : 11 – 2p, 2e, 7se (Bridge – 1p,1se : Engine – 1e,1se)

Dropship Capacity : 2
Small Craft Complement : 4
Drive System : xxx
Introduced : 2407
Hull Laid Down : May 12th, 2502

Structural Integrity : 36
KF Drive Integrity : 4 : 250,000 tons
Energy Collector Sail Integrity : 3 : – tons
Station-Keeping Thrust : 0.1 Gs : 3300 tons
Fuel : Tons/Burn-Day : 19.78 : 28,000 tons
Safe Thrust : 4
Maximum Thrust : 6
Docking Hard Points : 2
Small Craft Cubicles : 4
Small Craft Bay Doors : 1
Grav Decks : 1 (75m Diameter) : 100 tons
Bridge : – tons
Heat Sinks : 285 + 0

Escape Pods : 15
Life Boats : 10

Cargo :
Bay 1 : 4 Small Craft (1 Door) : 600 tons
Bay 3 : Cargo (1 Door) : 23,810 tons

Weapons Factor (2xPPC, 1xNLC-45, 2 Barracuda, 24 Missiles) : tons
Armor Factor (8 points per ton) : 300 : 86 tons
Command Section :
Nose : 40 : 1x NLC-45
Right Side : 40 : PPC
Left Side : 40 : PPC
Cargo Section :
Right Side : 50 : -
Left Side : 50 : -
Engine Section :
Right Side : 30 : -
Left Side : 30 : -
Station-Keeping Drive : 20 : 2 Barracuda (24 Missiles)


The belligerence of the Terran Hegemony’s neighbors greatly worried Director-General Judith Cameron. Fearing (correctly) that the conflicts between the other States would spill over the border, she directed Hegemony Intelligence to increase their covert monitoring operations. The Tracker surveillance vessel was developed to keep a close eye on the Hegemony’s neighbors.

The Tracker was designed to give sensor readings like a commercial JumpShip. Additionally attaching special (blow-away) panels to hard points on the hull altered the ship’s silhouette quickly; it was this success that led to the creation of the successful Nightwing vessel. The ship’s transponder was also altered with ease, and it was standard operational procedure to have a number of “aliases” under which a Tracker could ply the space lanes without arousing suspicion. A ship would normally jump into a system, gather signals intelligence and monitor fleet movements, then continue on to the next system on its itinerary. As part of their cover, these spy ships often transported innocent DropShips on their docking collars, often with the crews of these ships unaware of their real carrier’s purpose. Speed and firepower capable of dealing with anything short of a true WarShip or a combat DropShip, allowed Trackers to extricate themselves should their covers be blown.

Following the capture of Terra Firma by the Cappellan Confederation in 2409, it was data gathered by the THS Marlow that paved the way for a Hegemony fleet to liberate the planet later that year. The Marlow spent weeks snooping on Capellan troop movements in the system, allowing the HAF to jump in just after House Liao rotated a green garrison force to the system. With no time to familiarize themselves with their new posting, the Capellan troops had no chance against the vengeful Hegemony liberators.

Despite consistent refits, the Tracker was deemed obsolete by the beginning of the twenty-sixth century. Several remained in service until the end of the Reunification Wars, acting as Q-Ships against pirates and Taurian Concordat raiders.

The “Black Star” is one of two noted Tracker-Class WarShip’s in the possession of Colonel “White Death”, though where he acquired the vessel’s remains unknown at this time. It is assumed, he gained them in the same place he acquired his large stock of WarShip-grade torpedoe launchers and stock of naval missiles… The most important facts about the Sable Countess, is it has been modified to include space for integral Mech bays, improved marine infantry barracks and more dedicated space for ammunition. Exact details are not known.

It should be noted, as well, that crew requirements for this vessel are large. Requiring almost ten times the usual crew for a Tracker-Class over a standard JumpShip. Technical demands and spare parts required for this vessel are also rather specialized.

The Black Star

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