The Commonwealth of Nations

United Planetary Government


The Commonwealth of Nations, also known as simply “The Commonwealth”, is a planned intergovernmental organisation of various member states from across System – Dumassas. The Commonwealth operates by intergovernmental consensus of the member states, organised through the Commonwealth Secretariat and non-governmental organisations.

Member states have no legal obligation to one another. Instead, they are united by language, history, culture and their shared values of democracy, free speech, human rights, and the rule of law. These values are to be enshrined in the Commonwealth Charter and promoted by constant meetings of its member-states. They are seen as being united in military defense and trade, and could develop into a true world government, should other nation-states see the wisdom in joining the organization. it should be noted, that both nations (and much of the world) view * “The Iron Dingoes” as something resembling the Commonwealth’s unofficial peace-keeping force.

At present, the Commonwealth has two signatory member nations (though no treaty is officially signed), and four nation-states are listed as “observer” nations, who are watching the talks and negotiations closely; the inclusion of Cortez in early-3028 as an observer nation came as a shock to most nations of the system, as the isolationist organization rarely concerns themselves with activities on Terramatrix (or “Groundies”, as they’re often referred to). However, the increasing industrialization of both signatory members has perked their interest for trade and defense.

Signatory Nations

The New Republic of Sangria
The Oriental Republic of San Isabel

Observer Nations

The Independent Territory of Borealis
The Republic of Buntar
The Republic of Carbina
The Trojan Dominion of Cortez
The Republic of Delancourt
The Free-City of Peregrine



Proposed Commonwealth Capital Buildings


The Commonwealth dates back before the Reunification Wars and the original colonization of the system by the Taurian Concordat. Although the various corporate entities that first settled the planet had diverse interests, they were united under the banner of the Concordat in military and economic matters and ties. The world became the administrative capital of the Dumassas Union, the furthest colonial region of the Concordat.

Following its conquest by the Star League in the Reunification Wars, the system remained an administrative capital to the constellation, but became more and more divided, until when the Star League collapsed, Dumassas was one of the first systems to simply disappear off the maps of most merchants and eventually became a fractious world of small nation-states striving to take control of everything. Eventually, on July 18th, 2830, Selich the Third crowned himself the Emperor of Dumassas, having profited from the colonial efforts of his father and grandfather, to the point that he was in control of every nation-state on the planet, either by virtue of his military or their desire to trade. The empire lasted a short thirty years, until bandits in BattleMechs raided and sacked his capital at Petrópolis, in 2860.

Since that time, the nation-states of Terramatrix have risen and fallen in response to their successes and failures, and most recently, through off-world investments by rival Inner Sphere powers. As the nations have slowly developed, most have become republics, and their leanings towards democracy have led to an empowerment of the middle class, and a push away from imperialism and a desire for elitist rulership.

The civil disorder of 3021 in The Republic of Sangria caused by the assassination of the nation’s corrupt president, sparked a series of world-wide events that embroiled the world in war, disease and general collapse of most of its governments. During the conflicts, Sangria reorganized itself into The New Republic of Sangria, and found itself working closely with The Oriental Republic of San Isabel in mutual defense during the 3024 Small War, against the martial League of Free Nations, and emerged stronger and willing to work together in the future.

In 3025, while the world was embroiled in the chaotic end to the Small War, the infamous 3025 Outworld Flu struck most nations across the planet, and once more the two nations were working together and sharing resources and knowledge. Eventually both recognized that they needed a format for future work together against common foes, whether they be mortal or disease or interstellar marauder. And so, the idea for The Commonwealth of Nations was officially born.

In recent years, as the two nations have begun trade and military unity, they have been joined by observers from other relatively neutral nations in an effort to bring peace back to their world. While these nations are not directly involved in these talks, their presence is seen as a glimmer of hope for a united world peace.

In early-3026, spurred on by * “The Iron Dingoes”, discussions regarding establishment of a Commonwealth Security Force was tabled.It was proposed that each nation-state of the Commonwealth was required to provide soldiers (roughly a battalion of infantry) and supplies towards the mutual protection of member nations, but was otherwise allowed to maintain their own standing armies, and even conduct their own small-scale wars. The placement of cantonments (landholds) for the support of each nation’s donation was also tabled. Though not completely stable, this proposal was proposed to provide, under Iron Dingoes training and leadership, a state of relative peace, prosperity, and advanced technology development, unheard of in Dumassas history. This force is to be known as The Commonwealth Star Guards.

Throughout 3026 to late-3027, negotiations continued apace, with the finalization of the details for the Commonwealth Guards coming on-line in early-3028. Trade negotiations have also begun to be finalized, and has attracted the interest of even The Trojan Dominion of Cortez, who have proposed offering their cheap heavy metals in contracts to the increasingly industrialized nations of the Commonwealth. Their inclusion as an observer nation was accepted in early-3028.

By mid-3028, discussions regarding the formal organization of the Commonwealth concluded its trade and commerce negotiations, which included accepting the C-Bill as the Commonwealth trade standard. Almost immediately following this conclusion, The Republic of Carbina petitioned and was accepted by the Commonwealth as an observer nation, followed within a few weeks by The Independent Territory of Borealis, which was also accepted.

In July of 3028, Petrópolis declared itself the “Free-State”, and also petitioned for inclusion, but was summarily rejected after closed deliberations, using its past wanton use of tactical nuclear weapons and “rampant militarism” as an excuse. The following day, Buntar formally declared war on the nascent nation-state, and began moving to seize out-lying settlements and territories, while it moved even more of its armed forces into the region. By the end of the year, a blitzkrieg series of actions conquered the the nation-state, adding it as a jewel in the Buntar crown, though its hold is difficult, with sporadic riots and protests by the occupied peoples of Petrópolis.

The rise of the “Marcosan Mandate” with the start of 3029 became noteworthy, as the formerly squabbling survivor warlords of San Marcos joined together to form a new nation-state. Immediately upon unity, they called upon their satellite states, most occupied by its neighbors, to join with them and sought entry into the Commonwealth. While it is believed the negotiations may prove difficult, many see the creation of a neutral nation-state in opposition to the growing power of both Buntar and Tragnar in the region, to be a good thing, and seem to support it. The deliberations are likely to last months.

The formal revelation of the Commonwealth Charter was on February 1st, 3029, and called for many of the proposals tabled in the initial conference in 3026; creation of a self-policing state with a unified military supported by each signatory nation. Both initial signatory states agreed, and the Charter was ratified later that day, under great pomp and pageantry.

The Commonwealth of Nations

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