The Commonwealth Star Guards

Planetary Militia of Dumassas


Commonwealth Star Guards – Planetary Defense Militia / Green / Questionable

The Commonwealth Star Guards are envisioned as the planetary militia of System – Dumassas, though only select nations of that world have agreed to its eventual formation. The only “global” political organization, The Commonwealth of Nations has begun promotion of this force as a means to ensure long-term peace between signatory nations of that treaty, and protect both from off-world attack by more mobile and dangerous forces of BattleMechs and combat armor.

Officers : The original military officers will largely be drawn from those officers chosen from each signatory nation, though troopers from * “The Iron Dingoes” will take important support and advisory roles in all branches of the force. Troops, including officers, are to be assigned to each battalion, regardless of their personal national identity, in the hopes to establish a truly international force.

Overall command of the force is intended to fall under the civilian over-sight of the Commonwealth Marshal-General, who answers to the Directorate Council of the Commonwealth government.

Tactics : While envisioned long-term as a truly combined-arms force, with BattleMechs, armor, artillery and all the other trappings of a proper modern military, the initial battalions are expected to be little more than heavy rifle infantry with heavy armor support. While they are seen as a garrison force, each occupying a landhold within each of the nations they protect, the units are expected to operate as a rapid response force, capable of responding anywhere within the system to gather in response to an off-world raid or invasion force.


Commonwealth Trooper

Support : Equipped with the traditional combat armor found in the Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023), and HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifles as small arms. Support weapons are, as yet, undetermined for this force.

At the battalion level, each unit has access to a lance of Merkava Mk. VIII Heavy Tanks, or other tanks to support their efforts. Future plans involve the inclusion of other forces, such as artillery, and even BattleMechs into the standard line force.

The units are painted in blue, white and gold colors; each trooper has their shoulders and upper helmets painted an azure blue, and bear the flag of the assigned nation-state of their battalion, painted either low on their shoulders, or along their tank turrets.

Commonwealth Star Guards – Planetary Defense Militia “The Star Guards”

1st Star Guards (Sangria) : Battalion Rifle (Heavy) Infantry
2nd Star Guards (San Isabel) : Battalion Rifle (Heavy) Infantry



Commonwealth Star Guards Logo


The Star Guards are a proposed defensive arm of The Commonwealth of Nations, originally proposed during the commonwealth talks of late-3025 – early-3026, with input by * “The Iron Dingoes” as to its final form and training.

In early-March, 3026, it was proposed to support The Overseas Territory of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha as the location for the headquarters of the international military organization, citing its relative isolation and dependent population would ensure security, as well as its access to its extensive communications facilities, and a relatively large military airfield on Ascension with plenty of room to expand. This topic is presently under negotiation by the local islander’s government, with representatives from San Isabel, Sangria and the Iron Dingoes all taking part.

The civilian branch of The Commonwealth of Nations, would be based elsewhere, in either San Isabel or Sangria.

The Commonwealth Star Guards

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