* "The Dingoes' Fangs"

Military Intelligence Branch (MIB)


Undergoing constant review, this small force of technicians and operatives is hoped to improve intelligence and counter-intelligence operations, as well as control of “BattleSpace” in any given mission.

Organization : The primary task of the Dingoes Fangs is to act as a counter-intelligence service. The unit is divided into four distinct branches; one devoted to battlefield intelligence, another tasked with field surveillance, and the other to intelligence gathering and analysis on an interstellar level. The fourth branch is their unit known as * “The Werewolves”, a special ops unit that is activated when needed, but otherwise does not formally exist.

Battlefield Intelligence : Tasked with gathering as much information as possible about enemy units that the Dingoes might encounter on the battlefield. They interrogate prisoners, work to intercept and decode enemy transmissions, and work with scouting and recon forces to determine the disposition of enemy forces. Members of this division brief troopers before any mission, and often take to the field to gather intelligence first-hand. This portion of the unit is overseen by Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik “Dragonfly” herself, from the “Pandora’s Box”.

Field Operations : This newest portion of the Dingoes Fangs has responsibility for gathering intelligence on local government sources, and significant entities in the local field of operations. They attempt to infiltrate other agencies and local governments, often recruiting informants to obtain needed information on troop movements, supply chains and personnel deployment. Primarily information gatherers, the members of this unit are typically civilian dependents of the Iron Dingoes, and are not usually combat operatives, though they tend to be specialized in hand-to-hand combat and small arms for defensive purposes. Their primary mandate is to acquire information, not interfere in local government operations in any way. This branch is overseen directly by Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour”, but is assisted in maintaining agents through the networks of her lead agents; Senior Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero, Senior Tech Catherine “Piper” Walker, and Lieutenant JG Isabella Farron “Swan”.

Intelligence & Analysis : This division takes all information that falls into its possession, and analyzes it to determine its value to the Dingoes. Personnel from this division work closely with field agents to provide battlefield commanders the analysis they need to ensure successful operations. This division’s personnel work out of the unit’s Daimyo HQ 67-K during combat, and are based aboard the “Pandora’s Box”, sifting through the mountains of information that comes in daily. Presently, Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo” controls this portion of the unit.

* “The Werewolves” : Probably the best known division in the Dingoes’ Fangs, even though its existence is not formally acknowledged. Werewolf operatives were once publicly assigned to other active units in the Dingoes, but as a whole entity, the entire unit and its full complement still remains a secret. Publicly, no one knows who the Werewolves operatives are, as they guard their identities well. The Werewolves operate as special forces and combat operations troops, assigned to carry-out high-risk operations that simply cannot be accomplished by any other unit. Dame Modesty Scrope “Viper” is responsible for leading this important division.


The “Dingoes Fangs” were created in response to a need for greater control over strategic, tactical and general information flows. Originally established during the waning months of operations on Dunkelheim and the Dingoes’ Contract – Operation : “Overlord”, it gained prominence as such a unit is almost unheard of as existing among a mercenary force of this size.

The unit is under constant review and organization, but is not expected to include a large number of personnel. It presently numbers around a dozen operatives and technicians (excluding the Werewolves), and is formally stationed aboard “Pandora’s Box”, taking advantage of the large communications and command center aboard that vessel. The vessel’s extensive communications array, and the need for increased security prompted this move, but it seems to have worked well. Possession of its own DropShip would be ideal, but the existing system works well enough.

The Dingoes Fangs have begun to accumulate contacts across the Hyades Rim on each world they come into contact with for a long enough period of time. At present, these contacts include:

System – Dumassas : T├ęcnico Primero (Tech 1st Class) Jordan Bellinger
System – Dumassas : Surfar, Leader of the Highwaymen
System – Promise : Senior Executive Liberte Asante
System – Gollere : Baron Jemmas of Horn
System – Tharrill : Doctor Elsa Kast

* "The Dingoes' Fangs"

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