* "The Dingoes Muster"

District Guard of House "Iron Dingo"


The Dingoes Muster, or usually just The Muster, is the collected “retirement” assets of the Iron Dingoes. Consisting primarily of a handful of light BattleMechs personally owned by various members of the various independent units of * The Iron Dingoes (TO&E), and several squads of veteran retired infantry, its primary purpose is to provide a defensive force for the unit’s landholds.

In truth, the unit actually serves as a means to keep these former mercenaries using their career skills and staying close to lives that once meant a great deal to them. Collectively, they possess a great deal of experience, skill and knowledge that any military force would be foolish to abandon. Most act part-time teaching their skills in * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, or assisting in * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” programs in the local community.

Its official TO&E is undergoing organization at this time.


Organized in late-3023, soon after taking control of the local landholds on Terramatirx in System – Dumassas, The Muster is the loosely collected force of retired troops and Mech pilots taking residence in the Iron Dingoes landholds.

* "The Dingoes Muster"

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