* "The Dingoes Muster"

District Guard of House "Iron Dingo"


The Dingoes Muster, or usually just The Muster, is the collected “retirement” assets of the Iron Dingoes. It is lead by Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”.

Consisting primarily of a handful of older BattleMechs personally owned by various members of the units of * The Iron Dingoes (TO&E), and numerous squads of retired infantry, its primary purpose is to provide a defensive force for the unit’s landholds, though the force is clustered largely in Garrison itself. Its technical members also represent a large potential for any military actions that require the defense of the local territories.

In truth, the unit actually serves as a means to keep these former mercenaries using their career skills and staying close to lives that once meant a great deal to them. Collectively, they possess a great deal of experience, skill and knowledge that any military force would be foolish to abandon. Most act part-time teaching their skills in * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, or assisting in * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” programs in the local community.


Muster Command Group
SDR-5V Spider “Hopper”Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” (Regular)
COM-2D Commando “Hank”Master Trooper (Retired) Dale Taylor “Solitaire” (Regular)
OTT-7J Ostscout “Kintaro Eater”Trooper (Retired) Dominic Haugustus “Pockets” (Regular)
WHM-6R Warhammer“Chill”Trooper (Retired) Mycroft “Oddball” Holmes (Regular)

Muster Technical Group
One (1) “Black Dog” Jeep
Seven (7) Technical (General) Squads (Reg, 6 Green)

Muster 666th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Company
One (1) “Black Dog” Jeep
Six (6) Light Utility Transports w/ three (3) MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns (Vet, 2 Reg)
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (3 Vet, 9 Reg)


Organized in late-3023, soon after taking control of the local landholds on Terramatirx in System – Dumassas, The Muster is the loosely united force of retired troops, technicians, and Mech pilots taking residence in the Iron Dingoes landholds.

The unit was formally accepted as a part of the Iron Dingoes auxiliary forces in early-3026, with regular meetings among its small officer’s corps (at the “Colonel’s” own home).

With the establishment of * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences in 3027 established many of the members of this organization as teachers and assistants at the school, many full-time. While it also helps maintain their personal skills and pass them down to a new generation, it has ensured that the unit’s legacy is impressed upon military officers from across both Sangrian and San Isabellan armed forces.

* "The Dingoes Muster"

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