The Factory - Staterooms

Station housing


Located in rings around The Factory – The Zócalo, consisting of the bulk of Blue Sector, the station’s housing primarily consists of separate, self-contained, en-suite staterooms. These rooms are extremely functional and compact, measuring 3m x 4m x 2m in height.

Common to every stateroom, is a bed with a corner desk, while the bottom of the bed acts as a fold-down storage for small personal effects. There is usually a chair (or two), an open media access terminal, voice and video communications equipment, video wall screen and a number of small storage lockers on the remaining walls. The room’s polymer panels can be replaced to change a room’s colors and textures.

Larger rooms are possible by altering the internal walls, though this tends to be expensive. Common facilities for showers and toilets, as well as small gathering areas for meetings are shared among local housing elements.


The grav-decks on the station were activated as of May 10th, 3020, allowing repairs and clean-up to proceed. Complete restoration of plumbing, as well as replacement furnishings and other important fixtures were completed on August 11th, 3020.

The Factory - Staterooms

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