Systems Constellation - "The Hyades March"

The Far Frontier


The Hyades March Constellation

The Hyades March is a section of space outside the direct influence of having been a former colony world of the Taurian Concordat. It is a stretch of stars with various settlements, including subsistence colonies and worlds settled by criminals, refugees, Penal convicts and religious cultists.

Located rimward and trailing of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, the Hyades March forms a crescent of diverse and mutually independent worlds that separate the more populated systems near the Taurian Concordat with a handful of small states scattered across the far reaches of the rim.

Excepting one or two high-tech worlds, no established HPG communication network exists within the Hyades March; communication is only possible via courier ship. While this is also true for the greater part of the near periphery, the distances involved mean that many Hyades March settlements are isolated from the rest of humanity, often for decades.

Most worlds in the region are independent, though small “system-states” have developed over time on the far edges. Chief among them are the “Bellguardian Sojourn”, “The Unity of Promise” and the “Carthaginian Chorus”. Although several important House corporations influence portions of mining and trade in the region, the mega-corporate entity known as Excalibur Corporation holds a distant, but noticeable authority. There is also some some influence from the Taurian Concordat and House Davion, though it is reduced. Bandits and worse are also known to dwell in the region, though most are active in the trade routes further spinward and coreward.


Originally settled before the Ramshackle Empire era, the distant portions of the sector were briefly dominated by the System – Drexillthar in the absence of Star League influences following the Great Exodus. The distant systems of the sector developed their own traditions, and certain noted powers gained position, forming small allied systems-states.

Largest of these “system states” is the System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, a lightly settled collection of systems bound by trade and mutual-defense treaties, and a modern, powerful fleet. The System-State – “The Carthaginian Assembly”, or “The Chorus”, is a smaller system-state that espouses a series of war-like traditions, but lacks a powerful enough fleet to enforce their philosophy on many others. Their ground forces, however, are quite modern and dangerous. The last system-state is the System-State – “The Bellguardian Sojourn”, an isolationist and ancient power who possess numerous archaic jump-vessels and tend towards xenophobia in most encounters. They prefer people to keep out of their affairs, and expect the same; their ships are generally feared.

At present, no single power controls the region, though several try to influence the resource-rich systems towards their own agenda. Excalibur Corp has recently increased its interests in the region, usually through resource exploitation, but the agents of the Inner Sphere powers are also starting to appear.

Known systems of the Hyades March include:

System – Daken
System – Drellesarr
System – Drenslaar
System – Dutrissal
System – Goria
System – Grendal
System – Ildrissar
System – Kaaniir
System – Kraan
System – Tharrill
System – Traneer
System – Vior
System – Yarhfahl

Systems Constellation - "The Hyades March"

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