* "The Iron Dingoes"

"Maybe the Dingoes ate your BattleMech?"


“Then there’s the Dingoes. They’re our protectors, our soldiers, our police. I always thought they were amazing. Brave, fearless, and free. Some people think the Dingoes are crazy, which they kind of are.”


The Iron Dingoes : Combined-Arms Battalion / Regular / Reliable

The Iron Dingoes were primarily built from common models of BattleMechs found in the Marik periphery during the late 3rd Succession War, though a few models of heavier Star League era Mechs have appeared among them. Presently the unit is made-up of heavy- and assault-rated Mecha, often cobbled together from salvage, and often sport modifications to make them less reliant on ammunition supplies, with improved land speed, armor loads and jump jets. Recent battle experience has made some of the unit respectable pilots.

The unit also has broken several of its commands into separate components, * “The Cerberus Command” for base and asset security, and * “The Dead Man’s Hand” and * “The Fold Fiends” as its reserve strike forces for operations requiring more than their standard line Mechs and Recon force. Numerous independent infantry battalions and other military formations also fill a variety of garrison assignments. Traditionally, the two supporting mixed-arms commands alternate to deploy as either landhold security at * Landhold : Garrison, or deploy somewhere for a year or more under mercenary contractors doing garrison, cadre or similar work. Dingoes battalions traditionally work for the various Peripery powers, the Taurian Concordat, or House Davion. * “The Dingo Pack” consists of the Dingoes’ logistics and support personnel, and also provides a home for most of its AsTechs and Dependents.

The snarling profile of an iron-colored dingo, baring its razor-sharp teeth has become common as the unit logo. The hackles on its neck are flared, and it appears ready for a fight. Its tongue is sharp and whipping from its mouth; you can almost feel its breath on your skin.

A traditional olive-drab Star League paint scheme with little ornamentation, is the standard color for its Mechs and vehicles. Gold highlights often mark “original” founding members of the unit, or their designated “heirs”, and such pilots also have a much freer hand at painting their Mechs with distinguishing features. Silver highlights mark experienced “veteran” pilots. Black is the color used to highlight Cerberus Command units, such as the MPs and its defensive infantry and armor. Red is used to identify “combat” members of the Dead Man’s Hand, and Fold Fiends groups, as well as the numerous independent infantry battalions and associated formations. Blue is reserved for the support and technical crews of the Dingo Pack and other associated units, such as its medical and intelligence branches. It has been suggested Green or Orange be the highlight color to identify trainee and recruit members of the line units, in addition to its “militia” forces, but this has never been applied.


Star League Formal Uniform; Note the Iron Dingoes “panting dog” Sigil

Officers : Promoted to command of the entire unit in mid-3023, Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Duke of Tharn has assumed the rank of full Colonel with the retirement of Lord (Major) Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” following his marriage. “Pitbull” is also the unit’s best pilot, and is known to take direct command of the unit and order individuals to fill positions and mark targets regardless of whom they normally answer to. He works hard to deploy all the assets of the unit whenever possible, but has a tendency to change units and pilots around on a whim, when he perceives a better means of deploying them.

Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” had taken a back-seat to regular command for many years, serving in her position as the unit’s S-2 (Intel and AeroSpace) Officer, until the unit shuffled its command structure with Paladin’s retirement. “Glamour” pilots her long-term dream Mech, a PHX-HK2 Phoenix Hawk LAM, and acts as a roving agent in battles to provide support where she can. She is unable to concentrate on her position as the unit’s S-2 lately, and has discussed retiring to better fulfill that role in the unit’s organization. Obsessed with beauty rags and the driving force behind acquiring a full-time beautician in the unit, “Glamour” has proven a capable MechWarrior, though her style is hard on Mechs and she has a reputation for keeping things “hot in the cockpit”. Rumors have it, she originally gained her position from being hot in Paladin’s cockpit, too.

Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik “Dragonfly”, holds a unique position in the unit. As a former Staff officer with the 3rd Marik Militia, her loyalty to “The Cause” was undisputed, though exactly how she wound-up alive in prison with the 13th Provisional Company staff is unknown. She acts as the Colonel’s “sounding board” for ideas and strategy, taking care of administrative matters for the unit and being the first person prospective employers meet to discuss terms, before being handed over to the appropriate personnel for contract negotiation or other unit matters. Her year in prison on System – Pilpala has dampened her personality, and she is known to suffer intense nightmares on some nights. She directly commands * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, as well as its “Battlefield Intelligence” division.

Captain Fionna Lord “Angel Frost” is the lead officer of the infantry and armor Force Recon assets of the Iron Dingoes primary combat line, and she is highly respected by her troops. Formerly known as “The Snow Dusters”, she agreed to fold her unit of rebels into the Iron Dingoes, cutting logistics and tossing her peoples’ fates into Dingoes hands. She tries to use her forces as scouts and an occasional force recon, something they have proven to do well at, and minimizes casualties to the best of her ability.

A third platoon of auxiliary infantry mercenaries were hired to increase the strength of this unit to a full company. Employing MT-500 “Mountain” Military Motorcycles, this platoon remains motorized like its fellows, but they are a traditionally trained and equipped infantry force, better at garrison work and convoy duty, than the sharp raiding and boarding operations typical of the Iron Dingoes Line Infantry. They were commanded by Major Richard Moore until his promotion to major, and now a pair of his dedicated junior officers lead the unit under Captain Lord’s direction.

Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo” leads a number of techs and troopers who maintain the unit’s Mobile HQ, a Daimyo HQ 67-K. She is known to be very demanding of her crew, but performs her tasks without flaw. In addition, she is responsible for * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” intelligence and analysis division, directly answering to Glamour.

Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman” is a skilled and veteran pilot who has earned his position through hard work and effort. Leading a lance of AeroFighters assigned to the recon unit, he has quickly gained the trust of the unit’s leadership, and works well with them in fulfilling his assigned tasks, which typically involve his flying on recon missions with his relatively young wingman, Lt JG Trixie Charmosa “Pixie”. He is the unit’s best Aero pilot, despite personal tragedy, and is among many unit pilots their ideal of an AeroWarrior. He is also the unit’s lead officer in regards to AeroSpace operations out of the “Revolver”.

Lieutenant JG Zebediah “Zeddy” MacIntyre, a former Marik Militia artillery officer who “retired” as a bandit, is a grizzled veteran of many skills, and leads the unit’s Line Artillery Group.


Line MechWarrior Field Kit

Tactics : The Dingoes employ highly unusual tactics, a remnant of their chaotic origins from disparate commands.

“Pack Mates” : Iron Dingoes Mechs are traditionally associated as pairs, though increasingly larger operations have required them to add reserve pilots to bolster their strength and form into more formal lances during large-scale operations. Though they still tend to fight as pairs, the use of a formal lance structure has strengthened their tactics in allowing greater role-specific tasking of targets, based on movement speed and jump capability, along with weapons-ranges.

“Opportunity Knocks” : While they might gang up to take down more powerful opponents, they quickly switch to another target as opportunity allows. Although veterans of BattleMech warfare might claim the tactic is inefficient, it has yet to fail in practice. The unit seems loyal to each other, a bond forged early in their bid for common survival.

“Tooth & Claw” : The unit has developed their individual melee combat tactics, often employing hand-to-hand brawling techniques, colloquially called “Mech-Fu”. This style has led to the refinement of the tactic, known as “Chewing the Bone”.

“Chewing the Bone” : The term “Chewing the Bone” is a reference to anyone employing a nearby tree or a Mech’s limb (colloquially known as a “Bone” ) to attack an opponent. Trooper (Retired) Dominic Haugustus “Pockets” is best known for beginning this tactic early in their history, and continues to carry a Kintaro’s arm (now much welded and reinforced) as a melee weapon, to this day. Dingoes techs have since manufactured heavy clubs, intended to be wielded with two hands, from scrap armor and simple internal structure, which are often employed exclusively by veteran Dingoes pilots. Rumor has techs are experimenting on smaller, single-handed versions.

“Dingo Pack Tactics” : The Dingoes are known to engage isolated members of units they encounter as a single group, often tearing them apart with vicious melee attacks and “overkill” weapons assaults at point-blank range. This term is a popular command given in almost every encounter, and among unit communication channels signifies a call to get the salvage crews ready.

The C&C Group of the Iron Dingoes has granted it numerous tactical abilities. Advanced communications through its stealth satellites, Scout Cars, and Mobile HQ have granted constant understanding of the combat battlefield, and assists the unit in ensuring it can react quickly to changing conditions on the battlefield.

In addition to these assets, the Iron Dingoes have acquired some hover attack armor and a handful of motorized hover infantry platoons. These units are presently used in select missions to provide a tactical edge, but usually remain outside the combat field as a tactical reserve. These units uses rugged militarized hovercycles, in addition to a handful of their beloved Type-74 hover transports, and Karnov VTOLs, capable of deploying the squads in need as Force Recon with or without their vehicles.

Support : The unit presently has good support, though its pilots perform some of their own maintenance. The complete unit has about 85% technical coverage for their assets at this time, mostly due to recent mercenary and dependent technicians acquired from numerous sources, as well as a nice selection of tools and other parts scavenged from the battlefield. That the unit’s growing number of techs are able to keep the unit in parts and supplies, remains a testament to their skills, dedication and avaricious attitude to battlefield salvage. Their rapacious actions after combat is complete, is what has earned the unit the motto “Maybe the Dingoes ate your BattleMech?”, as they often strip everything they can for salvage, weapons and ammo. Following a successful fight they are truly like a pack of hungry dingoes.

The addition of the extensive medical facilities on-board “The Factory” and the unit’s * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps have ensured the unit core is very well-covered in medical activities, especially while in System – Dumassas. They depend heavily on the assistance of their paramedics from the medical corps when off-world, and discussions about establishing a “hospital ship” has become a popular topic among the technicians of that sub-unit.

If the unit has a failing, it is in administrative support. Although capable of covering around 50% of its requirements, which overcomes the minimal needs of a mercenary unit (50%), this shortfall can wear on unit command, logistics, transport and personnel needs, particularly if in the field for extended periods of time. The fact that the unit has no provision for any overhead expenses is a portion of this failure.


Line “Dire Dingoes” Unit Combat Patch

Unit Description

The Iron Dingoes have deployed “The Storis” as their primary interstellar JumpShip, releasing both “The Iron Vagabond” and “The Den Mother” to other duties. The crew of the vessel is largely that which once managed the Den Mother, but in a few years, this crew is likely to step aside for a younger, fresher crew of Shadow Recruits.

The Iron Dingoes employ a heavily modified Dictator-Class (Command) DropShip “Relentless” as their primary Mech transport. Equipped to haul twelve (12) Mechs in its primary bay, with space in its second bay for eighteen (18) heavy vehicles and the unit’s Line technical support personnel in * “The Dingo Pack”. Cargo space remains at a premium, but its third bay still contains four (4) spaces that retain their original Mech repair bays, as well as its valuable “Grey Iron Processing Facility”, which doubles as a mobile manufacturing tool & die facility, giving the unit techs the ability to rebuild some components for its military units, such as replacement Mech limbs, as far as access to unit spare parts and components will allow.

The Iron Dingoes employ a couple of other DropShip assets, including; an Intruder-Class DropShip the “Pandora’s Box”, owned by Captain Lord which houses the Line Armor and Infantry Combat units; and a CV-Leopard-Class the “Revolver” carries the unit’s Line AeroFighter assets. The Union-Class DropShip “Brush Wolf” was once the unit’s primary Mech transport, and it presently deploys as a supporting attack ship in the unit’s growing interdiction fleet in _System – Dumassas.

The unit also has “Betty” and its crew as auxiliaries to haul extra troops, vehicles, cargo and occasionally act as couriers for supplies and other strategic needs. These “former” smugglers/civilian contractors, are highly capable weapons traders, who see the potential offered by the Iron Dingoes steady paycheck and supply source, and willingly serve in hopes it might lead to something more, or at least on the side. They have gotten along well with the unit, and continue to serve, having been given a great deal of latitude in their service contracts.

The Iron Dingoes fly a large number of salvaged AeroFighters. Several are kept in the Line Forces, while others are kept as point-defense and scouts for their landholds, such as “The Factory”. In their Line Forces, they maintain an EGL-R6 Eagle, a pair of Corsairs, a pair of GTHA-500 Gothas, and a TRB-D36 Thunderbird. They also keep a pair of STG-A1 Stinger LAMs as Rapid-Response Interceptors and flanking forces during Mech assaults. The unit tries to cycle all its Aero forces through the Line unit as a means of acquiring battle experience and seasoning their pilots, and as a result tend to have less combat experience than expected. About half are former civilian shuttle pilots promoted to the position.

Additionally, the Dingoes have a K-1 DropShuttle the “Crimson Sands”, which gives them some ability to deploy and retrieve cargo or troops straight from the battlefield, or wherever it needs to be during a mission. Primarily, the DropShuttle has been adapted as a means of deploying its Force Recon troops and techs to battle sites for in-field security and salvage operations. Also, a pair of Orkan-Class Space Planes are kept to allow orbital assaults and boarding activities for its Force Recon and Starguards.

The Line BattleMech Units are designed to minimize ballistics and missiles in favor of lasers and other energy weapons. It includes an increasing number of slower machines, and the unit has stopped deploying mobile mediums as their primary force, preferring to concentrate on the raw mobile firepower of heavy and assault Mechs. these forces also contain a handful of Star League era tech and machines. While there are constant review meetings of combat protocols and force status, the command staff have largely abandoned the “raider company” concept popular during their early years.

The Line C&C Units , or “The Howlers”, are a mix of various vehicles and personnel, but long term plans have turned it into a core of skilled intelligence operatives that can assist in controlling Iron Dingoes “BattleSpace”. The Operational Command and Communications (C&C) Group, possesses a powerful Daimyo HQ 67-K, which has resulted in a strong addition to the strategic capabilities of the unit, as well as giving it a boost in its Mercenary Rating. In addition, the Intelsat “Predator’s Eye” scavenged from operations on System – Claybrooke has given it an edge rarely seen among a mercenary force.

The unit’s Daimyo Mobile Headquarters is a newly manufactured model, and possesses a complete complement of communications equipment, while its passenger space is occupied by its technical personnel during transport. The unit is typically driven by Tech Harvey Garvin “Tallahasse” with a couple mechanics along as crew to provide back-up maintenance while in the field. The C&C also deploys a Swift Wind Scout Car, that is assigned to its units on a case-by-case basis. Traditionally, it accompanies the artillery units during field operations, but it is still considered a C&C unit. It is assigned a veteran scout as personnel.


Line Infantry Field Kit

The Line Infantry (Force Recon) Units are infamous for hit-and-run tactics, especially during the high-snow season of a planet’s winter months. Additionally, they have some experience in “Badlands” survival, and are capable in desert and arctic environments. The majority employ Jackrabbit Hover Cycles, while the Gamma (Force Recon) Platoon is equipped with MT-500 “Mountain” Military Motorcycles. While they also have acquired various hover APCs and hover trucks, they do not have plans to achieve fully mechanized status.When deployed, these “scouts” break into their component squads to scatter across their targeted region, gathering intelligence and making contact with potential allied forces. During attacks, the units prefer to target supply convoys and support vehicles.

Due to the sheer variety of missions the Force Recon deploy under, they have also been equipped with EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class”s, Jump Packs and Chill Cans to engage in an ever-increasing number of environments. At present, the units are concentrating their efforts on advanced training for micro-gravity ops. Furthermore, they have at their disposal a pair of Orkan-Class Space Planes for use in orbital drops or other maneuvers, such as boarding actions of enemy space-borne targets, though this is rare (and has historically been quite costly).

Line Force Recon infantry squads have replaced their B-SRML “Butterfly” SRM Launchers with M56A2 “Smartgun”s as support weapons, and combined with the LMGs of their Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Trucks, they have become formidable against small infantry formations. They retain the SRM launchers in reserve for when they deploy in defensive formations. The Force Recon’s Karnov UR Transports have had a pair of Deadwood Special “Metal Storm” Light Support Machine Guns mounted in their door ramps, and are equipped with removable tip-up seats and tie-down rings and straps to facilitate the air deployment of an entire Force Recon Group.

The Line Combat Armor Units are speedy hovercraft capable of flank attacks and rapid raids. Each “troop” contains a Pegasus Scout Hover Tank with its advanced sensors, as a command vehicle, and usually a Condor Heavy Hover Tank, or similar vehicle as an escort. All unit Condors have been upgraded to employ high-tech AC Ultra/5s salvaged from the battlefield. All elements of the group include Zephyr Hover Tanks, while the lead troop has a pair of Maxim Hover Transports, that provide support for the other armor units, and double as a supply carrier and potential infantry hauler during extended maneuvers.

Although its crews were originally never formally trained in tank operations, their years as hover scouts gave them a solid grasp of the tactics needed in their operations. Each troop typically deploy as short-lances of two tanks, allowing them to better support themselves and the infantry Force Recon. Captain Lord’s entire unit of infantry and armor deploys aboard “Pandora’s Box” for combat missions, along with some dependents and their assigned personal techs.

The Line Artillery Group, “The Old Boys” consists of a pair of mint Long Tom 3s, Kate/Leopold Support Vehicle mounted on recovered Pike Support Vehicle hulls, making them a powerful and fairly mobile unit. The information to make its specialized ammo for the Long Toms is in unit possession, and might be built under limited, controlled environments by the technical teams. A Packrat LRPV has been placed as the unit’s fire control, and a pair of UL-S13 Armored Recovery Vehicles are equipped with a loading hoist, creating exceptional cargo and reload vehicles. This unit is led by Lieutenant JG Zebediah “Zeddy” MacIntyre, who also leads the Artillery Group as a whole. They also deploy aboard the “Pandora’s Box”.

Also attached to this unit as an independent scout force, is a Condor Heavy Hover Tank, modified to employ LRMs at the expense of its GM WhirlWind autocannon. The vehicle is operated as both a roving support element and a forward observation vehicle for the artillery force, when deployed in the field.


- Line JumpShip Units -

Star Lord-Class JumpShip “The Storis”Space Master Yvette Deladrier (Reg)

- Line AeroSpace Units -

K-1 Class DropShuttle “Crimson Sands”Lieutenant JG Dara Gideon “Flash” (Vet)
Intruder-Class DropShip “Pandora’s Box”Commander Rebecca “Beka” Ryder (Vet)
DroST IIA-Class Light Bulk DropShip (Auxiliary) “Betty”Captain Frank Elgyn (Vet)
Dictator-Class DropShip “Relentless”Commander Kristina Schmidt (Reg)

- Line Combat AeroSpace Unit -

CV-Leopard-Class DropShip “Revolver”Commander Lee Nystrom (Vet)

- Line Command Lance - “Star Screamers”
EGL-R6 Eagle “Tin Soldier”Captain Eric Balmer “Tinman” (Elite)
GTHA-500 Gotha “Pirate Hunter”Lt JG Trixie Charmosa “Pixie” (Vet)

- 1st Line Interceptor Lance - “Star Blades”
STG-A1 Stinger LAM XXXMechwarrior Adam Bernhardt (Vet)
STG-A1 Stinger LAM XXX – Unassigned (Green)

- 1st Line Combat Lance - “Star Hunters”
Corsair XXXSenior Trooper Farno Capiros (Vet)
Corsair XXXTrooper Francis Millen (Reg)

- 2nd Line Combat Lance - “Star Raptors”
TRB-D36 ThunderbirdXXXSenior Trooper Sandra Horning (Vet)
CorsairXXXTrooper Kurtis Ghorman (Reg)

- Line AeroAssault Lance - “Star Raiders”
Orkan-Class Space Plane“Falling Star”Senior Trooper Thomas Saide (Vet)
Orkan-Class Space Plane“Lock & Load”Trooper Johnathon Seminole (Reg)

- Line BattleMech Units - “The Dire Dingoes”

Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Truck “The Football”
Hover Limo “Elite” “Lusty Salvage”
Ferret Light Scout VTOL “Dominique”

Command Lance “Pitbull’s Pariahs”

HGN-732 Highlander XXXColonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Duke of Tharn (Elite)
CRK 5003-1 Crockett XXXCaptain Pol Baca “Templar” (Reg)

AS7-D AtlasMajor Erika Hartmann “Glamour” (Elite)
AS7-D AtlasUnassigned

Assault Lance “Blind Justice”

FLS-8K Flashman XXXCaptain Massimo De Luca “Advocate” (Vet)
VTR-9B Victor XXXRecruit Christina Constantine (Green)

THG-10E Thug XXXCaptain Michael Anderson “Fixer” (Reg)
GHR-5H Grasshopper XXXRecruit Alrik Frisk Jr (Reg)

Fire Support Lance “Hell’s 1st Light”

BL6-KNT Black Knight “Dark Horse”LtJG Jessica Burlingame “Slayer” (Vet)
BLR-1G Battlemaster (“Blazer” Variant) XXXMechWarrior Eric Lars “Caboose” (Reg)

WHM-6R Warhammer “Master”Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster” (Reg)
AWS-8Q Awesome “xxx”Trooper Marcus “Backdraft” Matsumoto (Reg)

- Line Command & Control Units - “The Dingoes Fangs”

Operational Command and Communications (C&C) Group “The Howlers”
Daimyo HQ 67-K “Howler Prime”
Intelsat “Predator’s Eye”
HPG Coms Satellite “Lost Echo”
2 Technical (Communication) Squads (2 Vet)
2 Scout Squads w/ Swift Wind Scout Cars (2 Green)

- Line Infantry (Force Recon) Units - “The Snow Dusters”

Alpha (Force Recon) Group “Ice Wraiths”
Karnov UR Transport “Pegasus” (Reg)
Two (2) Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Trucks
Two (2) Hover APCs (Vet, Reg)
4 Squads Motorized Scout Infantry (Elite, 3 Vet)

Beta (Force Recon) Group “Gray Ghosts”
Karnov UR Transport “Griffin” (Elite)
Two (2) Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Trucks
Two (2) Hover APCs (Vet, Reg)
4 Squads Motorized Scout Infantry (2 Vet, 2 Reg)

Gamma (Force Recon) Group “Snow Demons”
Karnov UR Transport “Hippogriff” (Vet)
One (1) Hover APC (Vet)
4 Squads Motorized Scout Infantry (2 Elite, Vet, Reg)

- Line Combat Armor Units - “The Frost Angels”

Omega (Cavalry) Command Group “Angel Prime”
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank “Lily” (Vet)
Zephyr Hover Tank “Epsilon” (Vet)
Maxim Hover Transport “Raven” (Vet)
Maxim Hover Transport “Crow” (Vet)

Kappa (Cavalry) Group “Typhoon Lance”
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank “Hunter” (Elite)
Condor Heavy Hover Tank “Riposte” (Vet)
Zephyr Hover Tank “Gamma” (Reg)
Zephyr Hover Tank “Delta” (Vet)

Rho (Cavalry) Group “Hurricane Lance”
Pegasus Scout Hover Tank “Blood Hawk” (Vet)
Condor Heavy Hover Tank “Guard” (Reg)
Zephyr Hover Tank “Alpha” (Reg)
Zephyr Hover Tank “Beta” (Vet)

- Line Artillery Group - “The Old Boys”

Forward Observation Group
Condor Heavy Hover Tank ( LRM-modified ) – (Reg)

1st Artillery Lance “Deadwood Thumpers”
Packrat LRPV
2 UL-S13 Armored Recovery Vehicles
Long Tom 3 (Tracked – Pike Support) “Kate” (Vet)
Long Tom 3 (Tracked – Pike Support) “Leopold” (Vet)


The Iron Dingoes origins date to the formation of the 13th Provisional Company, of the 3rd Marik Militia. Over the years, it has formed into a talented collection of troopers, Mechwarriors and tankers, that will do almost anything to survive and prosper.

Presently the lead unit of the combined arms Regiment identified under * The Iron Dingoes (TO&E), the Iron Dingoes are a combined-arms regiment that tends to focus on raids, invasions and direct assaults. It has not proven very good at static defensive maneuvers.

In the late-3010s, the company engaged in numerous contracts and private salvage expeditions along the border regions of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, it had settled in System – Dumassas as its primary resource and “home” base around 3018. Over the next few years, it worked extensively with their employers, helping rebuild The New Republic of Sangria, and establishing numerous landholds in that nation through strike missions against their national enemies.

The Small War of 3024-5 occupied much of their attentions, but enriched the mercenaries from salvaging numerous other mercenary companies hired into the conflict. 3026-7 occupied the unit in completing an expedition to take over the * Duchy of Tharn, adding its resources and population to its own landholds.

In 3028 the unit sought a couple of good-paying contracts, but was caught up in the opening salvos of the 4th Succession War, with a full baptism into the fires of an Inner Sphere House war once more. Nearly plowed under in the border conflict between House Kurita and House Davion on System – Northwind, the unit began to think about their future operations a little closer to home, despite the potential for reputation, salvage and hard cash. In particular, they began examining another expansion into System – Pa’an, taking over one or more of the weaker regions to increase their off-world holdings.

* "The Iron Dingoes"

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