"The Iron Vagabond"

Jericho's Legacy


The “Iron Vagabond” – Tramp-Class Jumpship

Mass : 274,000 tons
Length : 640 m
Sail Diameter : 1160 m

Crew : 33 : 4 Officers, 15 Enlisted, 4 Gunners, 4 Small Craft Pilots, 6 Bay Personnel. 30 Marines.
Base Crew : 11 – 2p, 2e, 7se (Bridge – 1p,1se : Engine – 1e,1se)

Dropship Capacity : 4
Small Craft Complement : 4
Drive System : SelaSys KF Mark VIII a-1
Introduced : 2754
Hull Laid Down : December 6, 2806

Structural Integrity : 1
KF Drive Integrity : 5 : 250,000 tons
Energy Collector Sail Integrity : 4 : 65 tons
Station-Keeping Thrust : 0.1 Gs : 3300 tons
Fuel : Tons/Burn-Day : 39.52 : 500 tons
Docking Hard Points : 4
Small Craft Cubicles : 4
Small Craft Bay Doors : 2
Grav Decks : 1 (140m Diameter) : 100 tons
Bridge : 383 tons
Heat Sinks : 130 + 22

Escape Pods : 5
Life Boats : 2

Cargo :
Bay 1 : 2 Small Craft (1 Door) : 300 tons
Bay 2 : 2 Small Craft (1 Door) : 300 tons
Bay 3 : Cargo (1 Door) : 7250 tons
Bay 4 : Cargo (1 Door) : 7250 tons

Weapons Factor (8xLL) : 40 tons
Armor Factor (4 points per ton) : 300 : 75 tons
Command Section :
Nose : 40 : 2x LL
Right Side : 40 : LL
Left Side : 40 : LL
Cargo Section :
Right Side : 50 : LL
Left Side : 50 : LL
Engine Section :
Right Side : 30 : LL
Left Side : 30 : LL
Station-Keeping Drive : 20 : None



The “Iron Vagabond” is a modified Tramp-Class Periphery trader, built in 2806 at the SelaSys Inc. yards in Marik space. Intended to be popular among Periphery traders, it has seen wide-spread use in that role, and it has passed through numerous owners, generally working the Outback regions of Marik, Liao and Davion Space for the last century. It came into the possession of * Jericorp Trading* fifteen years ago.

Originally bearing a typical SelaSys KF Jumpdrive, the engine suffered problems with its drive coils during testing, and a replacement was procured from an ancient Starlord-Class destined for the scrapyard. These robust drive coils prompted numerous alterations to the Jumpship, as various owners took advantage of the extra jump-mass to make a few changes to its cargo and interior space over the years. The AMS – Anti-Missile Systems were further scrapped as ammunition became scarce, and armor added to cover the resulting new cargo space. Presently, the ship has a worn appearance, with an oddly-shaped central “hump” that acts as the expanded cargo section. The Dropship mounts are located on either side of this “hump”.

The Vaga follows the classical long, narrow appearance of most Jumpships, but has a rough, patchy covering of replacement armor and hull, which combined with its Starlord Drive, has made for a unique meld between the two ship types. Mounted onto the vessel’s cargo section, are two large cargo bays, each capable of holding 7000 tons of goods, and accessible by a single large bay door. Between both cargo bays, on the “up” and “down” sides of the ship, are the twinned docking hard points for Dropship attachment.

The standard hard points of the Dropships are flanked by small control booths meant to operate the docking equipment, and supervise any cargo transfers. Between each booth is a large cargo airlock, granting access to the ship’s cargo bays, through an airlock chamber capable of holding 250 tons of cargo at a time. This allows the cargo bays to remain under pressure, and alternately distribute cargo where needed during unloading operations. Each airlock also serves as storage for remote cargo loaders, providing a repair bay for four (4) CargoDevil Freight Handlers available for off-loading and docking operations.

To aid in transfer of cargo and personnel to and from nearby vessels, the ship can carry four small craft in its launch and recovery bays, located on either side of the command section. Each bay is equipped with a complete set of small craft repair equipment, allowing repair of up to two such ships within a pressurized, zero-G environment. Neither set has been equipped with Aerospace Fighters, though unlike most Tramps, someone has modified the bays to carry such in need. Each bay only has a single KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttle present. They are unimaginatively named “IV-One” and “IV-Two”.

The Iron Vagabond’s command section can accommodate up to 30 crew members in single-occupancy rooms, which are simply palatial by most standards. Each is furnished with a bed, closet, desk and chair, a lounge chair, and a small automated food-processing system, as well as a private washroom. Due to the restricted crew numbers of the Vaga, the place has a haunted, almost abandoned feel to its echoing corridors.

In addition to these standard crew accommodations, the Vaga has thirty (30) double-occupancy staterooms available. Each is a smaller version of the crew rooms, but intended to provide passenger space to travellers or individuals seeking extra lodging from attached Dropships. These allow some degree of privacy, though they share the primary grav deck with the crew for lounge space.

A module has been attached to one end of the interior command section, intruding into one of the cargo bays, which provides Jericorp with its private offices. A standard combination module massing 100 tons, it includes an office space, rec facilities, a large stateroom, independent life-support and power-supply, and an airlock accessing its cargo bay. This is the private domain of Arlana and her efforts to run her father’s corporation. Another module is also located nearby, allowing the JumpShip to field an entire platoon of star marines. Although only a handful are presently available, the ship is constantly hiring and working to enlarge the force.

The ship is also unusual in that it is armed with a collection of large lasers. Dropships docked to the Vaga can supplement this, obviously, but it was intended to act as a deterrent to small boarding actions. The former sites of the AMSs have been patched-over with armor plating, and a few heat sinks installed to improve heat distribution for the laser turrets.

The last unique thing about the Vaga, is its communications system. A large coms dish is placed directly on the nose of the ship, flanked by numerous liquid hydrogen tanks. This massive dish allows communications to reach those planets with even strong stellar activity. Using both radio waves and micro-wave tight-band comms, contact with even the most troublesome planetary arrays are assured.

In late-3023, JeriCorp acquired a Danais-Class DropShip named “Elektra” in a lend-lease agreement with their sometime employers, * “The Iron Dingoes”. This vessel has a permanent position assigned aboard the Vaga during all her travels.

"The Iron Vagabond"

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