"The New Karachi"


Pinto-Class Warship (Corvette)

Mass : 160,000 tons
Length : 298 m
Sail Diameter : 505 m

Crew : 25 Officers, 68 Enlisted/Non-Rated, 38 Gunners, 34 Bay Personnel, 28 Marines.
Base Crew : 40 – 10p, 10e, 20se (Bridge – 10p/10se : Engine – 10e/10se)

DropShip Capacity : 1
Small Craft Complement : 12/2
Drive System :
Introduced : 2502
Hull Laid Down :

Structural Integrity : 29
KF Drive Integrity : 5
Energy Collector Sail Integrity : 3
Station-Keeping Thrust : 0.2 G2 / 3.0 Gs (Safe Thrust 5/ Max 8)
Fuel : 39.52 Tons/Burn-Day : 25,000 Points : (5000 tons)
Docking Hard Points : 1
Small Craft Cubicles : 12/2
Small Craft Bay Doors : 3
Grav Decks : 1 (45m Diameter)
Bridge : -
Heat Sinks : 800

Escape Pods : 10
Life Boats : 10

Cargo :
Bay 1 : AeroFighters (12) : 2 Doors
Bay 2 : Small Craft (2) : 1 Door
Bay 2 : Cargo (10,942 Tons) : 1 Door

Weapons Factor
Ammunition : 120 Barracuda missiles (3600 tons); 120 Rounds NAC/10 Ammunition (24 tons); 800 Rounds AC/5 Ammunition (40 tons); 200 Rounds AC/20 Ammunition (40 tons); 7200 Rounds MG Ammunition (36 tons).

Armor Factor (8 points per ton) : 93 tons
Fore : – : 2xLtNPPCs; 5xLLS, 10xMLs.
Fore-Right : – : 1xNL35; 12xSLs, 20xMGs (1800 Rnds).
Fore-Left : – : 1xNL35; 12xSLs, 20xMGs (1800 Rnds).
Right BroadSide : – : 1xNAC/10 (60 Rnds); 5xAC/5s (400 Rnds), 2xAC/20s (100 Rnds).
Left BroadSide : – : 1xNAC/10 (60 Rnds); 5xAC/5s (400 Rnds), 2xAC/20s (100 Rnds).
Aft-Right : – : 2xBarracudas (60 Missiles); 12xSLs, 20 MGs (1800 Rnds).
Aft-Left : – : 2xBarracudas (60 Missiles); 12xSLs, 20 MGs (1800 Rnds).
Aft : – : 1xNL35.

Manufacturer : Roe Weapons Systems, Finmark (Rim World’s Republic – Destroyed 2792 ); United Outworlder’s Corporation, Alpheratz (Outworld’s Alliance); Diamond Garter Fleet Yards, Canopus IV (Magistracy of Canopus).

Note : Equipped with 93 tons of standard armor.



A product of Periphery Independence, the Pinto-Class Corvette emerged from the shipyards of the Rim Worlds Republic ostensibly as a defensive “picket” ship. Many were sold to the other Periphery realms, but this practice was discontinued when the Reunification War became unavoidable, for the Amaris family wished to maintain the facade of loyalty to the Star League.

Tedeo Amaris would restart the construction of the Pinto in 2650 as part of a massive, private military build-up. Though pressure from the Star League braought Tadeo’s plans to an abrupt halt, no demands for a reduction of the RWR naval fleet were made, an oversight the Terran Hegemony would one day regret. By the time of the Amaris Crisis, the Rim Worlds’ fleet still possessed a substantial number of Pintos, all poised to strike down the defenders of the League when its military back was turned.

Built for light duty but fast enough to engage most DropShips and WarShip escorts, the Pinto was actually superior to the Hegemony’s Vincent-Class in many ways, from its heavier armor – particularly in front, to its powerful arsenal of capital-class and conventional weaponry. Combined with its DropShip transport capability, and backed by two AeroFighter squadrons, this WarShip, alongside conventional JumpShips and transports, could easily support a small raid as it could hold a defensive line – a fact that would be proven all too well when Stephan Amaris, the Usurper, launched his coup.

The Pinto-Class did not survive Kerensky’s return to oust the Republican forces when heavier SLDF WarShips entered the fray. Between the campaigns in the Periphery and the liberation itself, the Pinto was apparently destroyed along with the WarShip’s two shipyards in the shattered Rim World’s Republic. However, there are rumors that a few of these vessels, crippled and presumed destroyed during the fighting, may actually have withdrawn to uncharted worlds of the Deep Periphery, where they remain as derelicts to this day.


The “TCS New Karachi” was a Pinto-Class WarShip within the Taurian Concordat WarShip flotilla that jumped into the System – Malagrotta in 2573, prompting an incident that became known as the “Malagrotta Affair”. The TCS New Karachi and the other vessels had arrived in the system unexpectedly and with navigational problems, and proceeded towards the mining moon of Fortuna to attempt to conduct repairs.

A Federated Suns naval squadron arrived in the Malagrotta system via a LaGrange jump point two days after the Taurian flotilla arrived, responding to distress calls from the Federated Suns mining contingent on Fortuna; the Federated Suns squadron engaged the Taurian flotilla and destroyed or captured all but one of the Taurian vessels. The New Karachi was one of the vessels captured during the three-hour battle. The only loss taken by the Federated Suns squadron was a single Leopard CV-Class DropShip.

"The New Karachi"

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