The Rock

Asteroid - MM6AE-90125


Asteroid – MM6AE-90125 is a 1200m-diameter Class-M Asteroid. Scattered shafts have been drilled and excavated to get at the asteroid’s ore, and dot the surface. Often referred to by Dingoes techs as The Rock is located in the Majestic Cluster of the System – Cassandra.

The asteroid claim, held by Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin”, is valued at around 10,000 Cs. He holds partial claim with LtSG Massimo De Luca “Advocate” as his partner, represented by an older digital promissary claims chip, coded to as “Waterhouse’s Find”. A roughly spherical planetoid, it presently acts as the tether for “The Factory”, and generates roughly 0.03 Gs in its spin.


The asteroid is listed as having been originally found by “Waterhouse”, a solo prospector, and was initially identified as a rich deposit of nickel-iron and radioactives, though these have long since been mined from its crust and now has little of real monetary value remaining. The Rock and its attendant station “The Factory”, have been untouched and abandoned for nearly thirty years.

In May of 3020, during downloading and upgrade operations of the recently refurbished main CPU aboard The Factory, several oddities were noted regarding The Rock. While most of the information detailed day-to-day operations, the last couple weeks of the station’s life were dominated by three separate efforts to send crews into the abandoned mining site of The Rock, for an unknown purpose. Furthermore, when sensors came fully on-line, it was noted that The Rock’s density did not match expected levels – massing around 250,000 tons, it should be higher if the core was still intact. This hinted that there might be a hollow core.

On May 30th, 3020 a crew of diverse techs and troopers was dispatched into the main mining site of The Rock, and revealed it to be hiding a Star League repair depot of some sort, known as “Reload Base Tango” under the handful of data recovered from the site. In addition to a “parking bay” for WarShips, it included a repair facility, storage for naval munitions, and an emergency living quarters for crew to “stretch their legs” away from the vessel while repairs were on-going.

In addition to a large quantity of spare parts, equipment and supplies salvaged from the site, the unit also found “The Freedom of the Stars” in its repair facility; it’s crew long since dead from an unknown disease. Salvage from the site includes:

5 tons – Technical Manuals and Generic Books of the Reunification Era. In addition to several thousand data disks and hardcopy magazines, are another 2-300 rare books, including ancient bibles, travel guides and other local interest books. (12,000 Cs per ton).

450 tons – Travel Rations – Sufficient for 300 to survive 3 months. (1,350,000 Cs Consumables Total).

10 tons – Valuable spare parts and other consumables, such as light bulbs, electronic components and computer chips. (500,000 Cs Consumables Total).

10 tons – General Medical Supplies. Powdered Vacuum-Packed supplies for long-term storage. (500,000 Cs Consumables).

30 tons – Life Support Equipment. Filters, small components, and older but robust equipment. (25,000 Cs per ton).

4 Massive Industrial Assembly Arms – Barely recognizable, these items each have a control station, grappler arms, laser cutters and industrial welders. Once attached to a repair bay, they grant a modifier in dealing with hull and frame repairs/modifications.

16 Industrial Cargo Drones – CargoDevil Freight Handlers. (250,000 Cs each).

400 Rounds NAC/20 Ammo.

48 Barracuda Missiles.

24 White Shark Missiles.

In addition, various other parts and supplies have been taken from The Rock and used in repairing The Freedom of the Stars, or have disappeared into the hands of various techs and salvage crews as needed. A large portion of the “loose” equipment has been assigned to The Factory – Unpressurized Repair Facility, making the facility active.

The Rock

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