"The Starbound Mercy"

Hospital Ship of Haven Cluster


Aquilla-Class JumpShip – Colony Transport

Mass : 100,000 tons
Length : 305 m
Sail Diameter : N/A

Crew : 155 : 13 Officers, 65 Enlisted, 12 Gunners, 10 Small Craft Pilots, 20 Bay Personnel
Base Crew : 12 – 2p, 2e, 8se (Bridge – 1p,1se : Engine – 1e,1se)

Dropship Capacity : N/A
Small Craft Complement : 10
Drive System : xxx
Introduced : 2148
Hull Laid Down : N/A

Structural Integrity : 4
KF Drive Integrity : 1
Energy Collector Sail Integrity : N/A
Station-Keeping Thrust : 0.1 Gs : 3300 tons
Fuel : Tons/Burn-Day : 19.75 : 2500 tons
Safe Thrust : 1
Maximum Thrust : 2
Docking Hard Points : N/A
Small Craft Cubicles : 4
Small Craft Bay Doors : 1
Grav Decks : 1 : (40m)
Bridge : -
Heat Sinks : 165 + 0

Escape Pods : 20
Life Boats : -

Cargo :
Bay 1 : 8 Small Craft (8 Doors) : 1600 tons
Bay 2 : Cargo (1 Door) : 18,057 tons
Bay 3 : Cargo (1 Door) : 18,057 tons

Weapons Factor (2xAC/5s, 10xMGs)
Armor Factor (8 points per ton) : Primitive Armor : -
Command Section :
Nose : 40 : 2xAC/5
Right Side : 40 : -
Left Side : 40 : -
Cargo Section :
Right Side : 50 : -
Left Side : 50 : -
Engine Section :
Right Side : 30 : -
Left Side : 30 : -
Station-Keeping Drive : 20 : -



Overview : The Aquilla-class Transport JumpShip was an early starship designed and first used by the colonialists during the first Exodus. It should be noted that the division between compact core and standard core JumpShips significantly post-dates the Aquilla’s development – the earliest JumpShips, due to the lack of the features that define the modern standard JumpShip, were closer to WarShips in an overall design because of the necessity of powerful maneuver drives and large cargo bays.

Conceived by Boeing Interstellar and built in Luna orbit in the Terra system, the Aquilla was among many designs being built in humanity’s first big push into interstellar space. A number of Aquillas were utilized by Samantha Calderon and her followers in their eventual colonization of what became Taurian Concordat.

During the Outer Reaches Rebellion, the design was utilized as an auxiliary combat vessel. At Ryde, an Aquilla was used to lay space mines at the system’s jump points, destroying several Terran Alliance JumpShips that were transporting troops. The design’s last noted use was during the newborn Star League’s Reunification War, where Periphery nations pressed these ships into service as part of their attempt to resist the Star League navy, though they were ultimately unsuccessful.

The development of basically modern JumpShips and DropShips presented an economic challenge that led to the decline and ultimately the demise of the Aquilla.

Capabilities : The Aquilla has a Primitive K-F Drive which limited the vessel to 15 light-years per jump. The ship design predates the modern DropShip by centuries as well as the solar sail and as such traditionally lacks both, relying on a squadron of Small Craft to convey its cargo from surface to orbit.

The ship has very few little in the way of armament, never being intended for actual combat. The ship utilizes a pair of Class-5 Autocannons, one in each forward side mount, and an array of machine guns mounted along the ship’s flanks with paired mounts fore and aft for point defense. A total of six tons of autocannon ammo and ten tons of machine gun ammo were supplied. The ship is protected by 80 tons of capital-grade primitive armor.

The ship has three bays. The first bay is a docking bay for its compliment of 8 small craft while the remaining bays are reserved for cargo which both have maximum capacity of 18,057 tons.

Variants : During the Reunification War, a number of Aquilla Class ships were navalized by Magistracy of Canopus.


The “Starbound Mercy” is an ancient Aquilla-Class Transport JumpShip, dating from the earliest colonization efforts of System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster. The vessel is a remnant of the Reunification Wars, and is the beloved caretaker of System – Aptitudes renowned medical specialists.

The vessel has been modernized, having its fuel refinery replaced with second-hand jump-sail scavenged from a Merchant-Class JumpShip.

"The Starbound Mercy"

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