System-State - "The Unity of Promise"


The Unity of Promise is the largest independent political state in the Systems Constellation – “The Hyades March”. The Unity of Promise is spread across the rimward portion of the Hyades Rim, and consists of six (6) member systems. The lead system, Promise

Known systems in the “Unity of Promise” include:

System – Elogi
System – Promise
System – Udone
System – Valhalla

Given the realm’s cash-poor circumstances, the UP government pays its mercenary contractors in trade whenever possible, usually in the form of starship and BattleMech maintenance at Promise’s ample shipyards. Promise itself, is the only source of new shuttles and other small craft to be found in the sector. The realm is the end-point of a new burgeoning trade route (tentatively called the Promise Trade Spur), that may terminate in either System – Tarsus or System – Serenity, though the exact route is still being examined.

The UP fleet is known to consist of six (6) Condor-Class DropShips, and another six (6) Aquarius-Class Escorts, kept in each system, four armed merchant Danais-Class DropShips, three Union-Class DropShips, one Monarch-Class DropShip, one Triumph-Class DropShip, and a captured corsair Fortress-Class DropShip. Numerous small craft, including a dozen each of Sabre and Thunderbird AeroFighters, and about a hundred shuttles used for customs and inspection duties. A force of seven JumpShips are maintained to conduct trade and move units across the realm. It is believed another six mercenary troops of various sizes and capablities are on reserve status within the realm, and frequently hired for missions within and outside the UP. While small by Inner Sphere standards, this force is huge in the local sector.


The Unity of Promise was established in 2696 in response to a growing need for unified authority in the lawless sector. The six member worlds slowly established a presence in the region, unifying their resources and built a credible defensive fleet to keep raiders at bay. They also retain various mercenary forces for eventualities and counter-raiding. As an island in the wilds of the Hyades Rim, the UP is a powerhouse by Periphery standards; in fact, if they weren’t so concerned about developing their own economies and technology, they could force their development on nearby realms and independent worlds.

Presently the realm remains quiet, trading its own production for scarce minerals and technology in an effort to stabilize its economy towards more self-sufficiency. The chief concern of the nation-state, is the development of its arms industry, Consolidated Arms, in an effort to better defend itself. Excalibur Corporation has become an important trade partner.

It had been facing an organized series of raids by the pirate lords Indro the Lightless and Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan, though the latter has since died and the former has moved off towards the Davion Outback and the Outworld’s Alliance, looking for easier prey.

System-State - "The Unity of Promise"

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