3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion "Blue Caps"


3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion – Questionable/Regular “Blue Caps”

Long an overlooked infantry command in the national army, under new directives by the Sangrian Army Command, the 3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion has become the defacto army special forces unit. The battalion has a history of constant guerrilla warfare against the mercenaries of the Armenian Rookeries. The unit is known as the Blue Caps, for their use of blue berets in formal (and often informal) combat formations.

Officers : The lead officer of the unit is Major Pablo Fernanda Urrea, a veteran infantry officer who has many years of counter-insurgency/bandit-fighting experience. The unit also has the overall support and command of Lieutenant Colonel Allister Uirdo and his forces, as long as they are stationed in the district.

Tactics : The 3rd Battalion is a “Foot” infantry unit, that has spent many years in obscurity trying to contain the threat of the Armenian Rookery mercenaries. The unit has trained extensively in small unit tactics, and has been blooded on a constant basis in their efforts to keep The District of Cauca safe from bandits.

The future of the unit is seen as being one of a skilled mountaineer unit, capable of hard scrabble close-armed combat in difficult terrain. There is talk about acquiring some older DC-3D “Condor” STOL Air Transports to make the unit paratroopers.


Support : The 3rd Battalion is lightly equipped with a collection of HG-762 “Holy Grail” Assault Rifle originally supplied by the Sangrian Military, and each soldier is also equipped with the traditional set of Dumassas Militia Field Kit. Heavy weapons support for the company is limited to four (4) Sniper Field Artillery Pieces with transports, used primarily in fire-support missions along the Popayán Mountains.

Nine (9) Pegasus Utility Helicopters are attached to the 3rd for support services, often during fire missions to rapidly move troops and supplies in response to raids by the local marauders. In addition, the unit has a three (3) Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters to defend these air assets. The unit maintains its airfield in Popayán, but local services are few; the airfield is rudimentary, there are never enough techs and fuel reserves are rather limited.

As the unit has few technical demands they cannot handle themselves, they have a very small selection of technicians and support equipment, that covers their basic needs, based from their cantonment in Popayán.

The unit’s three fire stations and border areas near the Popayán Mountains have been converted into heavily fortified bases, which have gone a long ways to improve their defense of key support facilities in the southern region.

In addition, the unit often calls upon elements from the 7th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion – “War Spiders” for heavy armored support, when required to counter raids from bandits in the region.

3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion

Command Platoon
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
Four (4) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Four (4) Rifle Administrative/Office Squads (Reg, 3 Green)

Logisitical Support Platoon
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Two (2) “Longhaul” Heavy Tactical Utility Trucks (Fuel Transport)
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
Eight (8) Tech Squads (Vet, 4 Reg, 3 Green)

Air Support Group
Two (2) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
Six (6) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Three (3) Warrior H-7 Attack Helicopters (2 Reg, Green)
Eight (8) Tech Squads (4 Reg, 4 Green)

3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Company
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Twelve (12) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (2 Vet, 3 Reg, 7 Green)

24th (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Company
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Twelve (12) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (Elite, Vet, 4 Reg, 6 Green)

29th (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Company
Four (4) “Hellbender” Jeeps
Twelve (12) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Twelve (12) Rifle Infantry Squads (2 Vet, 4 Reg, 6 Green)

Artillery (Mountain) Support Battery
Four (4) Light Utility Transports
Eight (8) Pegasus Utility Helicopters
Four (4) Light Utility Transports w/ Sniper Field Artillery Pieces (Vet, Reg, 2 Green)


The 3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion was considered a regular infantry unit in the Sangrian Army Command, but its stationing in The District of Cauca led it to be relatively forgotten and unsupported in its efforts to bring the mercenaries of the Armenian Rookeries to heal. When the nation fell into disorder in 3021, the unit became even more forgotten, though General Allister Uirdo attempted to support the unit as best he could soon after he took command of the district.

In late-3025, as part of the reconciliation talks, command of the unit was turned back over to the national military, and it was immediately tasked with containment of the rogue Guardia Civilia troops in the region under the marauder Warlord Grady LaMarr. It is presently engaged in strangling the supplies and support of these marauders, and has found increasing successes since the collapse of their main rivals, the Armenian Rookery mercenaries.

In late-3026, the unit forced the surrender of the largest band of marauders in the district, the former Guardia Civilia forces under Grady LaMarr, and captured their base at “Corpus Christi” National Air Force Training Station. The unit has since converted the site into their primary operational base, and have begun rebuilding themselves into an air-mobile force using Pegasus Utility Helicopters, though they retain the title “Mountaineer”. The facility’s status as an airbase, has made this operation easy, and supports their independent logistical efforts as the fast-response force for the Sangrian Army.

3rd (Mountain) Rifle Infantry Battalion "Blue Caps"

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