TIG-15 "Tigress" Close Patrol Craft (Gunship)

DropShip Escort Craft (Gunship)


TIG-15 “Tigress” Close Patrol Craft (Gunship) – (150 tons)

Tonnage : 150
Dimensions :
Length : 20 m
Width : 22.5 m
Crew : 4 (2 Pilots, 1 Engineer, 1 Gunner)
Cargo Complement : 7 tons (One Door)
Armament : PPC, LRM-15, 4xML, 4 tons of LRM ammo
Drive System : Vlar 350
First Introduced : 2790

Thrust : 4
Overthrust : 6
Structural Integrity : 6

Armor Factor : Wyatt Coresteel Standard – 224 (14 tons)
Nose – 64
RS – 57
LS – 57
Aft – 46

Fire Factors
Nose : PPC, LRM-15
Right Wing : 2xML
Left Wing : 2xML
Aft : -


Overview : For centuries, the Taurians have established themselves as a defiant and fiercely independent people, ever on alert for an invasion by larger neighbors such as the Federated Suns or the Capellan Confederation. The Hyades Cluster, home to the core of the Concordat, is one of the most densely fortified and defended regions in known space, seeded with countless natural and man-made defensive structures against pirates, or worse. Integral to the overall defense of this region, are the “Gunboats” – small aerospace craft often minimally crewed and deployed for long voyages in the asteroid fields of the Hyades.

The TIG-15, originally introduced by Vandenburg Mechanized Industries soon after the fall of the Star League, was initially planned as a DropShip or WarShip escort craft in line with the aging Lyonesse and Aquarius designs, but shifting strategic priorities quickly placed the craft at the heart of the revitalized Hyades defense forces, as the increasingly devastating Succession Wars drove home the potential of Successor State aggression.

Capabilities : The so-called “Tigress” is neither the heaviest nor the fastest of the Taurian Gunboats produced expressly for local defense, but is home-built and very typical of the type encountered. Built small, with respectable armor and enough fuel for a week of continuous travel and patrol, this craft relies on energy weapons to maximize endurance, though a well-stocked LRM launcher gives it some reach. Though nominally crewed by three pilots and a gunner, it is not uncommon to find these craft under-crewed to allow more craft in operation when a lack of skilled crew is available. It is noteworthy, that crews of these vessels are known for fanatical and suicidal assaults on intruders.

Deployment : Exclusively produced for home defense and system patrol duties, the vehicle is rarely deployed outside Taurian core worlds. Some pirates have acquired them through counter-boarding operations, but generally they exclusively represent Taurian Defense Force presence.

Variants : Some crews, with access to supplies and weapons, are known to modify these ships to their own preferences; most simply swap the LRMs and ammo bays for an additional PPC in the nose, but other s employ SRMs or more medium lasers to make the ship a better dog-fighter; typically these changes don’t help with its relatively average speed.

TIG-15 "Tigress" Close Patrol Craft (Gunship)

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