Battle Armor - Tornado PA(L)


Powered Armor (Light), or PA Suits are armored combat suits based on a light exoskeleton chassis. Their role in modern warfare is as a sort of very heavy infantry and they typically operate in support of conventional infantry forces.

The first true powered armor suit was employed towards the end of the Golden Age of the Star League as an advanced stealth unit for use among their elite special forces. Since that time, various different versions were constructed and tested, but the Battle Armor – Nighthawk Mk XXI PA became the most successful and capable version, and was accepted as the standard.

The Tornado PA suits were developed in the late 29th century by unknown forces. An expensive suit designed for special-ops and covert work exclusively with some Inner Sphere agency, they serve almost exclusively as advanced stealth systems, but can be very assertive in support of standard infantry forces.

Tech Base : Inner Sphere
Chassis Type : Humanoid
Weight Class : Power Armor (Light)
Maximum Weight : 400 kg
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP : Yes/Yes/Yes/Yes
Notes : Tornadoes lack integral weapons, but often employ standard small arms (such as the Mauser 960 Assault System ), or the rare Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal”.


Chassis : (80 kg)
Motive System (0 kg) :
Ground MP – 1
Jump MP – 0

Manipulators :
Left Arm (Armored Glove)
Right Arm (Armored Glove)

Armor : Basic Stealth (3 Slots) (110 kg)
Armor Value : 2+1 (Trooper)

Camo Suite (Body – 200 kg) – 2 Slots
Modular Weapons Mount (RA – 10 kg) – 1 Slot

Notes : Military Comm, IR Scanner, Night Vision, Rangefinder, Ultrasonic Detector (5 kms range). Requires HC Micro Power Pack (3 PPH). +1 to Perception, AV 8 vs Flash

Variants : There are no known variants.



Based on the ancient (and rare) Battle Armor – Nighthawk Mk XXI PA, the Tornado PA is a series of powered armor suits developed in the 29th century by the unknown forces This expensive suit was intended for special-forces operations and exclusively employed by such forces.

Each basic suit requires extensive custom-fitting to its individual wearer, making them almost unusable by any except the designated wearer without a major adjustment. Constant maintenance is required to keep the machines in top operational condition, making another deployment issue; constant maintenance by a dedicated tech squad. The helmet’s HUD system provides its wearer with extensive battlefield information in addition to the suit’s status, though this does impede both vision and hearing. While a suit’s operator can deploy in nearly any environment while fully suited, the armored gloves have proven a limitation, and are often left unworn by troopers in the field, increasing their manual dexterity at the expense of protection.

The suit is enhanced by two connection ports in its waist, allowing external systems to draw power from the suit’s military power pack. During brief engagements, some operators use modified energy weapons that draw power from the suit rather than the weapon’s specific power packs; most do not compromise their suit’s operational endurance or their weapon’s reload ability during extended deployments, or when using the Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal”.

The suit’s primary function is to drastically increase the protection and stealth of its wearer, and its armor systems, along with the advanced camo system allow it to perform this task very well. Its 400-kg mass is supported entirely by the suit’s exoskeleton frame itself, allowing operators to go on extended trips to their target site without additional fatigue. It is also common for operators to overload their suits with mission equipment, effectively carrying the burden as though they were un-augmented.

Battle Armor - Tornado PA(L)

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