Fledermaus Air Defense System

Light Anti-Aircraft Gun


Fledermaus Air Defense System

The combined anti-aircraft system known as the “Fledermaus” Air Defense System, was first developed as a means of improving House Stiener’s planetary milita forces. Combining Rheinmetall’s Skyguard radar system and Overlink gun systems into a single unit, the “Fledermaus” has become invaluable to planetary militia forces for airfield defense. The system is widely exported, due partly to its ease of manufacture, but also due to its appeal of low-cost and simple maintenance and operation.


The “Overlink” is a Stiener-built, towed, gas-operated, twin-barelled, 35mm antiaircraft gun on a four-wheeled carriage. The gun is typically transported using a medium 5-ton transport. It can be direct-fired, but is often linked to an exterior controlling radar system.

Ammunition bins for each gun hold 112 rounds in clip-fed integral ready bins, and another 126 rounds in clips, stored on the chassis, available to load into the ready bins. A typical engagement burst is 28 rounds.


Twin “Overlink” 35mm ADA

Equipment Rating : D-X-E
AP/BD : 7B/7B
Range : 240 / 480 / 960 / 2100
Shots : 4
Cost/Reload : 35,000 / 250 Cs
AFF : San Marcos, Tragnar, Delancourt
Mass/Reload : 6700 kgs / 4.5 kgs per 7-round clip

Notes : Towed Weapon; Crew 3; +2 to Attack Roll vs Airborne targets; -5 vs all others.


The Skyguard system is contained within a towed trailer, mounted on the roof of which is a pulse doppler search radar, a pulse doppler tracking radar and a co-axial television camera. The trailer also houses the crew of two and a small ICE generator. Skyguard is an all-weather air defense system for the control of aircraft at low altitude and at low and medium altitude range up to 3,000 m. The maximum effective distance is given as 4,000 m. The system takes the air surveillance, target acquisition, calculation of the derivative-action values and the control of two “Overlink” 35 mm anti-aircraft gun systems. Skyguard is served by three techs.

Skyguard Radar System

Equipment Rating : D-X-F
AP/BD : -
Range : 4 kms
Cost : 12,000 Cs
AFF : San Marcos, Tragnar, Delancourt
Mass/Reload : 2850 kgs

Notes : Towed Radar; Crew 3; Detects via EM only (Affected by ECM, pg 297-ATOW).



Rheinmetall Defence is a House Steiner company that develops and maintains stationary weapons systems for anti-air defense. Originally founded in 2931 through the acquisition of an aging automotive factory plant, which they rebuilt to supply parts to the Commonwealth military. Over the years, they have become noted as automotive spare parts suppliers, manufacturers of engine blocks, pistons and bearings, and highly efficient pump systems. They diversified into the production of light autocannons in 2954, as a means to increase their market shares, and have since developed their own guns, and targeting & tracking system, the X-TAR3D AD System, which optimizes its anti-aircraft defense.

The initial development of the 35mm “Overlink” cannons was around 2960 by the Rheinmetall corporation for the Stiener government. It was deemed the older 20mm cannons deployed by most militia were unable to meet the growing defensive needs of the nation, and many different models were examined, before the “Overlink” system was chosen.

The “Skyguard” radar system was initially developed around 2968, and has received constant software upgrades over the years. Employed to assist its two attached gun systems in defensive deployment of low-altitude air space, Skyguard has proven simple enough to be widely produced and exported when available.

On Terramatrix, the system was initially imported in 2990, with the allied forces of San Marcos and Tragnar both arranging an import agreement for two dozen second-hand systems each, along with associated parts packages. In the years since, both nations, as well as Delancourt have imported them, to the tune of more than 150 Fledermaus units have been deployed in various airfields across that region of the planet.

Fledermaus Air Defense System

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