Type-65 "Blue Lotus" Desktop Computer

Standard Personal Computer


A desktop computer is a personal computer in a form intended for regular use at a single location desk/table due to its size and power requirements, as opposed to a noteputer whose rechargeable battery and compact dimensions allow it to be regularly carried and used in different locations, though at a higher cost and lower performance value. The most common configuration is a computer monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a case that houses the main components of the PC, namely the power supply, motherboard, hard drive, optical drive, and memory stick ports. The form factor of the case is typically an upright tower or (horizontal) desktop. Some are considered “All-In-One Computers”, that integrate the monitor and main PC components in one unit, are often categorized under the desktop computer umbrella, particularly if they require an external power source and separate keyboard/mouse.

The Type-65 “Blue Lotus” Desktop Computer is a common and popular design of personal computer that hasn’t changed much in style or function in several hundred years.

Equipment Rating : C-B-A
Cost/Reload : 250 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 3.0 kg

Notes : Desktop; Requires Power Pack or Plug (1 PPH).


The development of the Type-65 “Blue Lotus” PC by the Nirasaki Computers Collective was as a cheaper replacement for standard desktop computers in commercial and administrative hands. The Blue Lotus line was accepted as among the fastest and most reliable commercially available computers during the Star League. The Type-65 was designed to occupy as little desk space as possible, though the units still had above average performance and allowed for higher-performance components to be installed to improve the unit’s capabilities. Many were also given remote (wireless) satellite accessibility through advanced technology that is mostly forgotten today.


The “Blue Lotus” line of computers is still in limited production by the Blue Heron Computers Corporation based from its production facilities on the Kurita border world of Nirasaki. This corporation still sells the ancient, though still high-tech computer systems in most Inner Sphere markets, though they are best known for their popular (and portable) Noteputers and Compads.

Type-65 "Blue Lotus" Desktop Computer

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