Type-S "Seeker" Mining Shuttle

Rebuilt Independent Mining Shuttle


Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle

Tonnage : 100
Dimensions :
Length : 20.5 m
Width : 18.0 m
Crew : 1 (or 2)
Cargo Complement : 28 tons, 2 passengers
Armament : -
Drive System : Pitban 300a
Fuel : 20 tons
First Introduced : 2598
Hull Laid Down : -

Thrust : 5
Overthrust : 8
Structural Integrity : 5

Armor Factor : 160 (10 tons)
Nose – 40
RS – 20
LS – 20
Fuselage – 70
Engine – 10

Fire Factors
Nose : -
Right Wing : -
Left Wing : -
Aft : -


Overview : The search for profit prompts some into the prospecting field. While costs can be high, prospecting remains an area in which a single person can find a fortune through simple hard work and patience. The Seeker is an example of that effort.

Seekers can be found in most frontier systems, especially those with limited technology prospects or development, and a low population. They frequent airless worlds and moons, and are exceedingly common in asteroid belts, but also search diligently among more settled colony worlds.

Capabilities : Any kind of vessel can be outfitted for a Belter lifestyle. Most are built from the aging hull of a KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttle, and the Seeker is a converted prospecting and mining ship for a small crew. The two original staterooms are converted over to a pair of half-sized staterooms (primarily to accommodate privacy for the original crew of two), though most Seekers rarely have more than a single prospector/pilot aboard her.

The interior retains as much original computer and other hardware as possible. The main drives often remain untouched, though some downgrade the engines to make a slower, more ponderous vessel, and free cargo space. The computer system is retained, including the navigation systems, which are very capable for plotting long-range and complex flight plans.

Deployment : The Seeker is most popular among Periphery independents, and as such, is commonly deployed in Periphery systems and the rimward regions of the Great Houses. Not very popular among corporate entities, the modification is typically restricted to small operations, where small finds are typical and large-scale mining is not conducted. That said, the ship is both popular and not uncommonly spotted in Periphery systems.

Variants : In most Seekers, the armor is often reduced to place a single mining laser in a turret hard-point on the ship’s upper hull, amounting to a reduction of its defensive capabilities, but this is seen as an acceptable risk.

Since most such ships are independently owned, there are often numerous additions and changes to the basic fuselage, including adding weapons systems, expanding cargo space, and even adding external fuel mountings to increase operational range.

Type-S "Seeker" Mining Shuttle

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