System - Udone

Frontier Asteroid Belt


Udone – Frontier Mining Colony

Udone is a minor system in System-State – “The Unity of Promise”, located trailing and spinward of the System – Pirate’s Haven Star Cluster, on the leading edge of Systems Constellation – “The Orion Rift”, and bordering Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”. The planet, an independent colony world for centuries, has joined with efforts to improve trade and local defense, using its few easily exploited mining resources to its best extent.

There are only two (2) major planetary bodies, including the system belt of Udone and a smallish icy gas giant found in the outer system. A handful of smallish dwarf planets are also found, but none have resources or population. Its twin suns, dull red stars, one a main sequence and the other a red sub-giant have promoted a unique in-system situation. The belt has a local year of 526.94 standard days, and no appreciable day outside of the time-keeping by the local stations.

The starport in Udone is a typical poor-quality installation (Class-D) and there are no restrictions on weaponry deployed by its citizens. The local government is controlled by a system corporation, Dzerba Dynamics, who almost exclusively maintain all trade, mining and other industrial efforts in the system. They have a long-term contract with Rim AeroSpace to provide life support services, in exchange for certain raw materials, and space in their station for trade.

Political Ruler : Impersonal Bureaucracy.
Star Type : Primary – M2V (Red Main Sequence), Secondary – M5D (Red Sub-Giant) – (126 Hours)
Position in System : 2
Time to Jump Point : 2.86 days
Number of Satellites : None
Surface Gravity : None
Atmo Pressure : Vacuum. (-) Asteroid Belt.
Avr Mean Temp : None
Surface Water : Trace. Water-Ice.
Recharge Station : None
HPG Class Type : None
Highest Native Life : None.
Socio-Industrial Level : Non-Industrial, Asteroid Belt.

Population : (3025) 90,000.

Trade is almost exclusively in mineral production, though starship refurbishment remains an important industry to local belt miners. Imports include luxury goods and foods.


Udone is a non-industrial asteroid belt located in the realm of System-State – “The Unity of Promise”. Thin and mostly carbonaceous, the Udone Belt has never been heavily exploited. Udone is a member of the the Unity; and the system owes most of its importance to its support base, which once housed the Spinward Branch of the Star League’s Naval Scouts. The bulk of the system’s population is dependent upon mining and its related industries for support. 

Udone is home to some 90,000 Belters, a classic breed. Individualistic, responding poorly to authority, but always prepared for anything, the residents of Udone, and their asteroid settlements, provide a natural haven for the pirates that roam the backwater worlds of the Systems Constellation – “The Orion Rift”

Although Udone is essentially non-industrial, there are a few independent contractors who maintain, service, and upgrade the equipment most needed by asteroid miners and other Belters: small craft, spacesuits, and mining tools. 

Dzerba Dynamics is the largest of these concerns, and specializes in the maintenance and refurbishing of small craft, making them closely linked to both pirate vessels and free traders. With a high technological level, and a low regard for the law, Dzerba often provides many modifications – of which other corporate authorities in the realm do not approve. That doesn’t bother the local Belters though. As long as the money flows and their visitors don’t raise too much hell, Red Quarter Asteroid (the location of Dzerba’s drydock) welcomes all visitors. Red Quarter features a collection of starport cantina’s, including the legendary “Ruby Room”, where many of those visitors are either stripped of their extra credits, or learn much of the shady underworld activities in the Hyades Marches.

Obviously, the former Scout Base was present in this system to keep tabs on illegal modifications and piratical activity in the March, but it proved singularly unsuccessful on this score. In fact, eventually their failure led to its abandonment during the height of the Star League’s crisis, and it was subsequently stripped prior to the Exodus. What few resources remained, were stolen by Dzerba, before it was once more left to the elements.

It should be noted, that Dzerba holds an exclusive monopoly over all trade and mining in the system, and permits must be acquired before any such activities can be started. Most local Belters hold “new blood” with very poor concern, and generally react with violence. The local lack of a law level doesn’t help.

System - Udone

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