Vedette Medium Tank

Most Popular Tank in the Inner Sphere


Vedette Medium Tank (50 tons)

Power Plant : Locom-Pack 250 InterComBust ICE
Cruise Speed : 54.6 kph (5)
Flank Speed : 86.4 kph (8)

Armor : ProtecTech 6 (Armor Factor 96) : 6.0 tons
Front – 20
Right Side – 18
Left Side – 18
Rear – 20
Turret – 20

Armament :
One (1) Armstrong J11 AC/5 (Turret)
Ammo (AC/5) : (20) – (Body)
One (1) Scatter Gun Light MG (Turret)
Ammo (MG) : (100) – (Body)

Communications System : ComStar Rover
Targeting and Tracking System : ComStar Test-2
Manufacturer : New Earth Trading Company, New Earth (Lyran Commonwealth); Arcturan Arms, Arcturus (Lyran Commonwelath); Hellespont Industrials, Sian (Capellan Confederation); Quickscell Company, Layover (Federated Suns); United Outworlders Corporation, Mitchella (Outworld’s Alliance).

Notes : Cost = 725,000 Cs.



Overview : The Vedette is easily the most popular tank in every Successor State. A solid design, this 50-ton fighting vehicle is often considered the meterstick against which other combat vehicles are measured. First produced by the NETC and incorporating specially licensed ComStar electronics suites, the Vedette has spread to every House and realm, and is in standard production in several factories while oslo being a common “special-license” itme.

Capabilities : The Vedette is a modern implementation of an ancient medium-tank architecture; a single main cannon and supporting machine gun matched to good speed and armor. The turret-mounted Armstrong J11 AC/5 provides respectable firepower, while the machine gun provides close-in defense. Both weapons are provided with satisfactory ammunition reserves.

Six tons of ProtecTech 6 armor clad the Vedette, giving its crew a reasonable amount of protection, but the Vedette’s true defense is its impressive 86 kph flank speed. This speed makes Vedette formations highly mobile units, which when combined with its all-terrain nature of its tracked chassis and suspension, gives the tank the ability to appear almost at will across the battlefield.

The ComStar-designed electronics suites are some of the few declassified system that organization produces, and they are only found in teh Vedettes produced in the massive NETC manufacturing plant on New Earth. Although there are more than a dozen manufacturing plants scattered across the Inner Sphere and local Periphery, those vehicles must rely on locally produced electronics, and this grants the NETC units an edge in prestige, if not in capabilities.

Deployment : Wherever there are armored vehicles, there is at least one Vedette. It is not unreasonable to assume that there is likely at least one example of this war machine on every inhabited world in the Inner Sphere. It appears in almost every House armored unit and many mercenary armor battalions.

Variants : Two main variants have emerged over the years. The first is meant ot extend the Vedette’s range. The Armstrong cannon is replaced with a lighter AC/2, and adds a supplementary missile rack. The second, popular in Liao space, removes the Armstrong and replaces it with a pair of medium lasers and six heat sinks. With the Vedette being so common, the variants that might be encountered, however, are potentially endless.

Vedette Medium Tank

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