W-85 Nuclear Warhead

Nuclear Arsenal of the Iron Dingoes


Each of these warheads is a production model designed from ancient specs and built by Carse Technologies Corporation, the personal company of Milo Carsebloom, an old contact of the Iron Dingoes in Marik space.

The warhead is a standard cylinder, 110cm long and 32cm in diameter. Each weighs roughly 400 kgs, and is considered a low-yield nuclear warhead, around 0.5 kilotons. The material in each is Uranium-238, mined from the penal colony on System – Pilpala, in Marik space.

The unique ability of the W-85, is its ability to be hooked in a series of five warheads, that can combine to be deployed as a single “Alamo” warhead. The Alamo is a far more dangerous weapon, resulting in a 5 kiloton explosion,and can be deployed in space-to-space combat.


Davy Crockett-D

A versatile and compact nuclear warhead, analogous to the traditional SLDF infantry support “Davy Crockett”. The version employed by the Iron Dingoes is effectively a DC-M model, which can be modified (using specs in Dingoes techs database) to be fired by a Long Tom Cannon, notably the unit’s beloved Kate & Leopold. The modified shells are heavier than standard Long Tom ordinance, but effectively deploy and fire like any other standard shells. They always attack as a Ground Burst.

Cost : 262,500 Cs each
Base Damage : 100 (Ground Zero)
AT2 Capital Damage (Crit) : 1(11+)
Degredation by Hex (Ground/Air) : 5/4
Secondary Radius (Ground/Air) : 40/53
Crater Depth : 0
Range : As Launcher (Long Tom or Arrow IV)
Mass : 1 ton


The Alamo-D is a special modification of the standard W-85 Warhead, that allows a special fighter-carried space-to-space (or air-to-ground) nuclear ordinance designed for use by conventional airfighters or AeroSpace Fighters. Though porful and relatively lightweight, it occupies 10 bomb slots on a fighter, imposing a loss of 2 Thrust Points for every such warhead carried.

The Alamo-D may not be fired from space into an atmosphere, nor can it be fired vice-versa. As a space-to-space, or air-to-air weapon, it has the range profile of an AC/10, and is treated as a capital missile in all other respects.

Alamo-D attacks used in air-to-ground attacks are treated as an off-board artillery attack with the base range of a Long Tom, using equivalent off-board location to where it ends its turn in the air (that is, a fighter 3 low-altitude hexes away from the target mapsheet treats the attack as being fired three boards away). Alamo-Ds in flight, however, move faster than Long Tom shells, and traverse ten mapboards every turn. Alamo-Ds fired as an air-to-ground attack may not be targetted by ground-based anti-aircraft or anti-missile systems.

At the moment of firing, the attacker designates whether the missile is to be either an airburst or a ground burst.

Base Damage : 1000 (Ground Zero)
AT2 Capital Damage (Crit) : 10(10+)
Degredation by Hex (Ground/Air) : 23/17
Secondary Radius (Ground/Air) : 86/115
Crater Depth : 1
Range : 20 (Medium) or (as AC/10)
Mass : 5 tons


W-85 Nuclear Warhead

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