Battle Armor - Warhound

Combat Battle Armor


Based in part upon captured technology in the form of a handful of Battle Armor – Tornado PAs, and in part from salvaged blueprints of the Battle Armor – BH-18 “Waddle” Combat Walker, the Warhound is the product of some rather inspired work on the part of * “The Skunkwerks”. Considered an extension of the Battle Armor – Shadowhound development program, this system is intended for wide-scale manufacture and use among Iron Dingoes infantry forces. While much of the technology to develop these units has existed for some time among the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere, tactical thinkers have never appreciated the possibility of deploying such complicated devices on the battlefield.

Tech Base : Inner Sphere
Chassis Type : Humanoid
Weight Class : Power Armor (Light)
Maximum Weight : 750 kg
Swarm/Leg Attack/Mechanized/AP : No/No/Yes/No
Notes : Warhounds are typically deployed with the Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal”, though they are also equipped with light recoilless rifles, usually modified SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifles when used in larger formations, primarily due to the prevalence of the latter weapon system, against the scarcity of the former.


Chassis : ( GloryHound Exoskeleton : 120 kg)
Motive System (30 kg) :
Ground MP – 2
Jump MP – 0

Manipulators :
Left Arm (Lightning Claws) – (1 Slot – 50 kg)
Right Arm (Basic Manipulator)

Armor : Prototype Standard Armor (4 Slots/2 Body, 1 RA, 1 LA) – (200 kg)
Armor Value : 2+1 (Trooper)

Weapons & Equipment
Modular Weapons Mount (Body : 10 kg) – (1/2 Slots)

Mk I
Laser Assault System (LAS) “Grendal” (10 Shots) (Body : 200 kg) – (1 Slot)
Improved Sensors (Body : 65 kg) – (1 Slot)

SPM-18A3 “Backblast” Recoilless Rifle (20 Shots) (Body : 175 kg) – (2 Slots)
Improved Sensors (Body : 65 kg) – (1 Slot)

Notes : Cost = 250,000 Cs. Military Comm (10 kms), IR Scanner, Night Vision, Rangefinder, Ultrasonic Detector (5 kms range). Requires HC Micro Power Pack (3 PPH). +1 to Perception, AV 8 vs Flash.


Modular Weapons Mount : A piece of battle armor equipment that allows the operator to swap weapons based on mission parameters. Engineers from * “The Skunkwerks” were able to reverse-engineer the technology from their captured Battle Armor – Tornado PAs. The previous design of their battle armor, the Battle Armor – Shadowhound, was restricted to Armored Gloves (to use conventional infantry weapons) or a fixed weapon system.

Weighing 10 kg, the Modular Weapons Mount has harnesses, weapon status lines, and targeting interfaces for a variety of adapted primary weapon systems. A Warhound suit equipped with an MWM can mount any adapted weapon system, as long as the armor has the space and weight available. Though the armor equipped with a Modular Weapon Mount cannot use it to exceed the normal weight restrictions, the flexibility offered is worth the minor weight penalty.

Improved Sensors : Improved Sensors are a broad-spectrum sensor installed to increase detection accuracy, weigh 65 kg and are limited to one per Battle Armor. A unit equipped with Improved Sensors provides a -1 bonus to any Search and Rescue success rolls.


There are no production variants of the Warhound, however, the Modular Weapons Mount allows some degree of mission-specific tailoring of the suit’s capabilities.




First proposed under the aegis of * “The Skunkwerks”, the Warhound is seen as a direct combat-based weapon system to be deployed en-masse as a heavy infantry force. The initial designs from 3028 borrow heavily from previous technologies developed for the Battle Armor – Shadowhound, with a single change involving a new, protype armor type, known simply as the Standard (Prototype) Armor, which is far less demanding on the suit’s power systems, and cheaper to produce.

The first prototype of this battle armor was on-line by late-3029, and after a year of careful examination, was declared complete and ready for limited production by the end of 3030.

In late-3031, the creation of the 1st War Hounds gave the suits their first real test, as ten (10) select troopers were chosen to deploy with the suits. Known as a Claw, these troopers spent the better part of 3032 training in private with the suits, learning their ropes, and giving the suits actual field experience, which led to a handful of minor tweeks to the suit design. By the end of 3032, the suits were declared complete, and the design team had already begun to work on the Power Armor – Workhound, a civilian counter-part to the Warhound, along with an improved version of combat armor to quickly follow.

Battle Armor - Warhound

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