The White Asp Training Cadre

Cadre Infantry Company


Often simply referred to as the White Asps, the White Asp Training Cadre is a company-sized unit assigned to The Free-City of Peregrine on long-term assignment, to assist the local government in training a full-time anti-Mech force. The word “Asp” means “Knight” in ancient Arabic.

Led by the veteran 1st (Mechanized) Marine Platoon, one of the oldest infantry units in the Iron Dingoes, and its veteran commander Captain (Brevet) Jack Krauss “Forge”, who works hard in training both his personal command, and the raw reserve troopers he has been assigned by the government of Peregrine to train in the demanding task of anti-Mech warfare. Having been with the unit since its first major contract, this is his first chance at advanced command.

The unit technically falls under the aegis of * “The Cerberus Command”, but operate fairly independently with little close over-sight, though they report to an attached Liaison officer.

Support : The unit has deployed with EVA Suits – “Prometheus Class”, and L2 “Maser” Laser Assault Rifles to continue training as marines, in addition to their traditional Iron Dingoes Infantry Field Kit (3023)s. The unit does not have any integral technical or support services, nor vehicles beyond the Light Utility Transports and Jeeps they have been equipped with. They have all been issued a set of RC-SH01 “Bulwark” Ballistic Riot Shields and Stun Batons.


White Asp (Motorized) Training Cadre (3025)

1st (Mechanized) Marines Platoon “Trojan Horses”
One (1) Packrat LRPV (Modified) – (Reg)
4 Squads Laser Infantry Assault Marines (Elite, 3 Vet)

27th (Motorized) Militia Platoon XXX
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (4 Reg)

41st (Motorized) Militia Platoon XXX
One (1) “Hellbender” Jeep
Two (2) Light Utility Transports
4 Squads Rifle Infantry Militia (3 Reg, Green)


The unit was assembled from various ad-hoc forces to create a Cadre force for Contract – Operation : “Foothold”, deploying to that city over the last week of December, 3025.

The unit successfully completed its tenure with Peregrine, and was returned back into regular Iron Dingoes armed forces in January, 3028. Following their release, the troops were given over to the command of “Azrael’s Dagger”, they were stripped of their vehicles, and began operating and training as marines in the Iron Dingoes space navy protecting its assets in System – Gollere.

The White Asp Training Cadre

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