Wreck of the "Concordat Mercy"

The Secret origins of Corazón's natives.


Buried deep in the Corazón Jungle, at first appearing as a large, irregularly-shaped hill covered in vines and other scraggly vegetation, partially concealed under the jungle’s vegetation, lies the wreck of the “Concordat Mercy”. What appears to be a large and ancient building, the wreckage points off towards a small lake, its forward, shell-like hull splayed and its hide quarters buried under the earth and in the remnants of a crater, half-filled with water. A field of debris and vegetation covers the bulk of the ship.

The interior of the ship is largely damaged, with hull plating and decking missing in many places. Interior sections are blackened by fire, and exposed to the jungle’s rich environment. Key sections, however, have been rebuilt, including the sensor arrays control room, the security bridge and main command tower. The engine section, buried under the waters of the crater made by the ship’s rapid descent, remains active, though in a questionable state. While the ship’s power core maintains a trickle of power to its systems, the fact it operates without maintenance does not bode well for its future.

The most capable portion of the ship, is its formal medical bay. Designed originally to assist thousands of colonists, and later equipped to provide services to hundreds of wounded as a hospital ship, the vessel medical systems were highly improved at some point after its crash to operate as a laboratory. The bulk of these systems have long since been stripped, but one of the medical stations has been retained and its numerous redundant systems have allowed it to operate continue for the tribes as the “birthplace” of its mysteries and their leadership caste, despite their lack of maintenance on its systems.


Originally used as a colonial vessel during the Ramshackle Empire settlement of the Systems Constellation – “The Outrim Void”, the “Concordat Mercy” was once known as the “Concordat Striker”, an Aquilla-Class Transport JumpShip. Eventually the vessel fell into Taurian hands and was converted into a hospital ship (changing the name to Concordat Mercy), serving the Periphery planets of that nation for many decades.

During the Reunification Wars, it once more changed hands and fell to the invading forces of the SLDF, 19th Feet Reserves. Attached as a relief ship, the vessel remained behind enemy lines, providing relief support to civilian populations it visited. In 2587, the vessel was called into System – Dumassas to provide logistical support to the SLDF forces as they consolidated the planet. A mis-jump dropped the vessel into low orbit, and its crew initiated an emergency landing that brought the vessel down in the Corazón Jungle, its drives and hull shattered, but relatively otherwise intact.

The crews of the vessel quickly tried to find where they were, but the forbidding jungles they found themselves in proved almost too great for their abilities, and the survivors quickly regressed, becoming the majority of the “native” population, the Corazón tribe that dominates the Corazón Jungle today. They have maintained its position as the “birthplace” of their tribe over the centuries.

At some point about a generation ago, a scientific organization found the site, and converted it to their own research facility, hoping its isolation would give them some anonymity, but the site was discovered during the tribal retreat to the wreckage for the birth of Warlord Varsha Arkadjian. Its attendant scientists and guards were put to the torch, and the facility largely stripped and its equipment sold to independent traders from The Oriental Republic of San Isabel.

In late-3025, Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” was invited to the site to assist in the birth of the latest of the tribal warlord’s, Varsha’s daughter, Fuerza. He took note of the site, including its location, as well as took the main computer’s navigational hard drive from the site for further analysis. His examination has determined the scientists that used the site for research were somehow allied to a modern faction from the fallen Rim World’s Republic.

Wreck of the "Concordat Mercy"

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