Zephyr Hover Tank

Booty from Claybrooke


Zephyr Hover Tank (40 tons)

Power Plant : GM 185 Fusion
Cruise Speed : 97.0 kph
Flank Speed : 146.6 kph

Armor : Grumman CRT Ferro-Fibrous (Armor Factor 125) : 7 tons
Front – 29
Right Side – 24
Left Side – 24
Rear – 19
Turret – 29

Armament : 3 Sorenstein IV Medium Lasers (Turret)
1 Shannon SRM-6 (Front)
Ammo (SRM) : 30 (Body)
1 Harmon Small Laser (Rear)
TAG (Turret)
Guardian ECM Suite (Body)

Communicationms System : Guardian ECM Suite
Targeting and Tracking System : Alloran Target Acquisition Gear

Note : This unit deploys with certain abilities appropriate for Level One status in tactical encounters.

Target Acquisition Gear (TAG) : This allows the designated unit to “paint” or target an enemy unit to be struck by another unit’s weapons. Instead of making a to-hit roll for TAG during the Weapon Attack Phase, all units needing to make TAG rolls do so at the end of the Movement Phase, but before the beginning of the Weapon Attack Phase (initiative still applies).

Use the TAG as a normal to-hit number as for a standard weapons attack. If the to-hit roll fails, the TAG spotter fails to designate the target, and it has no further effect. If successful, the system designates the target for that turn’s Weapon Attack Phase; the target is now designated for any number of attacks from any number of units using TAG.

TAG systems cannot designate infantry, but can designate any other target, such as a building or other hex. (TM p.238; TW pp.142-3).

Guardian ECM Suite : An ECM Suite creates a “bubble” of effect six hexes around the carrying unit. It affects all enemy units within the area-of-effect, or any line/attack drawn through its area, but has no effect on allied units.

The ECM Suite has an effect on various systems (see related references), but has no effect on other targeting systems such as TAG or targeting computers. (TM pp.213-4; TW pp.134-5).


These units were acquired by the Snow Duaters in their operations on Claybrooke. Standard “response” tanks for the SLDF, they serve to bolster the Dingoes strength in breakthroughs or in raids. Their powerful ECM gear and advanced sensors play well into the Duster’s strengths as raiders. They do not stand-up well in a straight combat role.

Overview : Originally designed in 2620, the Zephyr was to be a medium duty hover tank with the capability of supporting infantry units and responding quickly to fill gaps in the combat line. While command in the SLDF was considering the design, the new Guardian ECM System was showing promise, but lacked a proper carrier to keep company with medium tanks (like the SLDF Chaparrel), and the Zephyr was redesigned by Grumman Industries to install the Guardian.

Capabilities : Though designed as a fast response tank, the Zephyr adapted to the role of screening friendly vehicles by jamming enemy sensors. The Zephyr’s armor plate is adequate to defend the jamming device, but most commanders try to keep it out of direct combat because its firepower remains weak enough to try and protect the expensive Guardian equipment.

The three medium lasers provide its main punch, with its SRM rack as a point defense, and is used to clear a path for its movement. The systems seem to work well as a good mix for the vehicle’s mission profile. The small laser, mounted in teh rear of the vehicle, is meant to cover it when retreating from a position. Its combat weakness, remains a lack of long-range firepower.

The Guardian system is a broad-band jamming device that obscures sonar, radar, UV, IR, and magscan readings. The device creates a 180-meter radius electronic cloud that secretes the sensor profiles of everything within.

Variants : The original version of the Zephyr lacking its Guardian device was produced inlimited numbers. This vehicle mounted an additional 2-Pack SRM launcher and 50 rounds of ammunition, facing rear. It also improved its front armor protection by a half-ton.

Zephyr Hover Tank

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