Zippo "Incinerator" Man-Pack Flamer


The Flamer (or Flamethrower) is a large anti-infantry weapon that projects an ignited stream of flammable liquid, and requires a large fuel tank to operate. The spray of flaming liquid often causes secondary fires and is often used against infantry bunkers and similar positions to remove them with minimal danger.

The Zippo “Incendiery” Man-Pack Flamer is identical to the standard hand flamer found in most military inventories. The “Zippo” brand is widespread in production, licensed by every major military force in the Inner Sphere, and is equally noted as capable and efficient in design.

Equipment Rating : C-A-E
AP/BD : 3E/5CS
Range : 8/20/35/70
Shots : 12 or 16
Cost/Reload : 100/2 Cs
AFF : -
Mass/Reload : 15 kgs/8.4 kgs 0r 10.6 kgs

Notes : Encumbering; Incendiary.


Identical to the the standard version, the popular “Zippo” version can be modded with expanded fuel tanks (known as the Incinerator 450 Fuel Tanks). Also, it is considered an Energy Weapon instead of the ballistic Plasma Flamers that, while popular, remain expensive and rare. With a high enough skill in their use, the flamer is an extremely effective weapon at killing all forms of unarmored and lightly armored infantry. It produces a cone of fire from the nozzle, capable of hitting multiple enemies or allies simultaneously. Additionally, it is capable of hitting multiple body parts and inflicting widespread damage.

The flamer can shoot a total of about 12 times using standard fuel tanks, or 16 times when modified with expanded tanks, from full condition before refueling. Interestingly the “Incinerator” resembles its cousin, the “Heavy Incinerator”, though that latter weapon is a crew-served support weapon which causes extensive damage against even armored vehicles and Mechs.

Zippo "Incinerator" Man-Pack Flamer

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