Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 134 - Hellfire

“It’s a harrowing experience to see death approaching in haste towards you, what is hell but confronting your own mortality”

Synopsis : October 21st, 3028 : System – Northwind : Dr. Banzai of Team Banzai tries to take control of the decimated forces of the defending 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT, and brings the reinforcements of the Genyosha to a stand-still, before heading into the city for some hard-core urban street fighting.

The unit, holding their position as the only safe way out of the city, encounter a reinforced company of heavy 36th Dieron Regulars Mechs, that push past the unit under a bubble of ECM, with several of its membership escaping into the city to wreak havoc. The unit does, however, manage to destroy a RVN-1X Raven and capture its escorting VND-1R Vindicator and pilot, intact. Both units were “loans” from the Draconis allies in the Confederation. The fight was fierce, and the unit, still damaged from the previous fight, feels brutalized.

Dr. Banzai is severely wounded, and all defending forces are ordered to retreat from the city. The unit holds the line, as the remaining survivors retreat from the city, making their way into the mountains. The Dingoes are ordered to hold until all forces can retreat.







Episode 133 - BANZAI!

“No matter where you go, there you are.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Highlander
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Battlemaster
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

Synopsis : August 16th, 3028 : System – Northwind : Contact between invaders and defenders dies down for a week, but there is obviously something big happening in the enemy camps, while the illness dissipates among the defenders.

August 20th : The commander of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT manages to hold off another brutal probing attack by the 36th Dieron Regulars, and emboldened by his success, orders his forces to counter-attack and seize the initiative.

It was a ruse. While the RCT struggles back into position, there is a counter-attack by the 5th Sword of Light along the eastern front, and the 5th RCT collapses. The unit, defending the lynch-pin of the northern mountains overlooking the city on its NW corner, is attacked by an assault force of the Genyosha. The fight is brutal, including numerous assault tanks in its mix, and is identified as a “hit-squad”, meant to defeat an important unit. The Dingoes appearance as members of Kell’s Hounds has apparently drawn a worst-case scenario response from their mortal enemies.

Eventually, the unit manages to push back the attackers, who retreat. The Dingoes, however, hear of the chaos erupting on the western front, and meet House Davion’s response to defend the planet, Team Banzai, who have fought through the Genyosha blockade, and move off into the city to try and bring order to its defenses. The unit is ordered to remain at the site, and hold the line, as it is the only direction forces can retreat from the city.







Episode 132 - In the Failure of Hope

“War always reaches the depths of horror because of idiots who perpetuate terror from generation to generation under the pretext of vengeance.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Atlas
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

Synopsis : October 4th, 3028 : System – Northwind : The local 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT had fought the invading 5th Sword of Light and 36th Dieron Regulars to a standstill. While the unit effects repairs, word is heard of illnesses striking the city defenders and civilians alike.

October 8th : More than 5000 casualties are being reported among the defenders, and fires to burn the bodies fill the night sky with smoke. Most believe the 5th Sword of Light poisoned the water supplies, but fighting intensifies over the next couple days. An unusual ECM bubble has cropped up in the far corner of the city border, on the opposite side of the city from the last fight, but he Dingoes are ordered to investigate the site in force and determine what is going on, as they are the only unit not engaged in skirmishing along the city borders.

They arrive to find a heavy company of Mechs defending a field repair site, along with a large caravan of Light Utility Transports. The unit engages the defenders, cutting a swath through the Mechs, and seizes the site. They scavenge what they can, having brought their infantry deployed off-map, and these forces drive the supplies off towards the unit’s camp in the mountains. All trucks and equipment was identified to bear the markings of the Genyosha, hinting another force has followed the initial landings and is on-planet. As the unit retreats, they destroy key roads on the western access into the mountains, sealing themselves further into their defensive base.








Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon
The Fight for Tara Continues.

“But it is one thing to read about dragons, and another to meet them.”

Synopsis : October 3rd, 3028 : System – Northwind : As the fight to stop the flanking 5th Sword of Light continues, they discover another company of Mechs is trying to out-flank them even further. The unit presses against the attackers, and forces them back, allowing the unit to cut-off the medium-weight company that is moving towards the cities water reservoir.

This fight proves brutal, with heavy and intensive fire from both sides. Eventually the unit blunts most of the attack, but a lance of medium Mechs makes their way into the aqueduct, spending time to submerge themselves completely, before backing away and retreating from the fight. The unit calls in the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT salvage crews and moves back to their base in the mountains to effect repairs.









Episode 131 - Cry of the Dragon

“Confidence is like a dragon where, for every head cut off, two more heads grow back.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Atlas
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Atlas
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

Synopsis : July 26th, 3028 : System – Northwind : The unit spends the better part of a month keeping trim and ordering various supplies for themselves and their landholds back in the Periphery. They make a contract for one of their infantry battalions Contract – Operation : “Bronco”, and ship them out aboard the “Spearhead”, taking commercial JumpShip passage.

By late-August, word reaches the unit of the declaration of war. The 4th Succession War begins. In mid-September forces from the Draconis Combine are detected in-system in force. The unit ships several months of supplies from the starport to their mountain base, and prepare for the coming storm. Late-September, forces from the The 5th Sword of Light and the 36th Dieron Regulars make landfall, and move against the local 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT. Local forces lose AeroSpace control, but the attackers won’t approach the starport, rather they encircle the capital of Tara, and begin to wear down the defenders.

The unit is sent to deal with a force trying to make their way into a flanking position around the city, and they intercept a heavy unit from the 5th Sword of Light. The battle is rapid and fierce, but not completed by the end of the session.










Episode 130 - Dogfight

“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Highlander
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Battlemaster
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

July 21st. 3028 : System – Northwind : After several quiet months of rather boring garrison duty in a small posting in the southern Rockspire Mountains, above the capital of Tara, two of the Dingoes senior officers; Captain Pol Baca “Templar” and MechWarrior Eric Lars “Caboose” were insulted by a pack of mongrel mercenaries calling themselves the “Satyrs”.

Having left their contact information, Captain Mitchell Kitsune “Wraith”, hunted them down while Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Duke of Tharn got the okay from their liaision officer about whether or not to accept their challenge to a duel. He discovered they were a former Kurita merc group who had left Draconis service along the Stiener border and were taking commercial transport in a meandering route along the border. They operated from a Union-Class DropShip unimaginatively named the “Satyr”. Major Bradley gave the unit authority to accept the duel, as there was some interest to identify the unit.

July 22nd : Pitbull paid the mercenaries a visit down in Tara, finding their address to be a fairly cheap motel they had taken over. They were playing loud indo-trash music and
were surrounded by a bevy of male and female MechBunnies. Templar noted that they seemed like they were trying almost too hard to blend into the role. After a confrontation with their leader, whom Pitbull found to be both coldly efficient and held together, they agreed to the site identified by Major Bradley a few hours north of town, commonly used for such things.There was mutual shooting of stereos involved in the discussion.

The unit was identified as consisting of eight (8) Mechs, and the Dingoes needed to present an equal amount of combat forces for the challenge.

July 25th : As all forces reached the site, the Dingoes identified the eight Mechs as a Cyclops, a Catapult, a Whitworth, a Panther, a pair of Dragons and a pair of Jenners. Based on their warbooks, this was a typical pair of Draconis Medium Lances.


Squaring off, the pilots began calling out in rather formal and stilted language, a direct challenge against all the Dingoes pilots. They responded by calling-out individuals, in many cases grossly out-weighing their challengers, but the pilots accepted what seemed like obvious out-weight duels.


Both sides charged into the field, and shots began firing at extreme ranges. The accuracy of the foreign pilots was a little un-nerving and their intent to close and duel was disconcerting.


Combat turned ugly when MechWarrior Faith Whinyates “Faith” took the second of two hits to her head, was knocked over and also hit her head again in the stumble, knocked unconscious and out of the fight as her Victor shut-down. The pilot of the Whitworth she had been fighting, backed-off and left the field.


Trooper Marcus “Backdraft” Matsumoto got the first confrmed kill when his PPC cut into his chosen Jenner with ease and blew its fusion engine in a massive critical explosion, blowing the Mech apart. The other Mechs of the grossly out-weighed unit were being carefully taken apart, but nonetheless continues to strike back with spookily accurate, if limited fire.


Caboose tore off the LL of his chosen opponent, taking his Panther out of the fight, followed promptly by Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster”, who hit his challenged Catapult in the Head for the fourth time, blowing it off, and killing the pilot. LtJG Jessica Burlingame “Slayer” got in close and charging her own Jenner, smashed it into pieces, mostly for a random missile hit to her Head. Literally.


Refusing to call for an end to the duel, the foreign mercenaries continued to press to the attack, as victorious Dingoes backed off the field to give their companions room. Templar finally succeeded in taking out his opponent with a lucky ammo critical that blew the Mech apart. Recruit Alrik Frisk Jr, who had slowly been stalking his opponent and sniping rear and side shots for the last twenty seconds or so, got in a one-two-punch that tore into the Center Torso (Rear) of his targeted Dragon crumpling the Mechs chassis and taking it too out of the fight.

Pitbull then committed himself to a “Highland Burial” in his Highlander, performing a Death From Above on the Cyclops, which managed to weather the assault though not without severe damage and some accurate hits to Pitbull’s own Mech.

The lead pilot fought on, his lone Cyclops standing against the superior Highlander, and eventually took sufficient damage to tear apart his central chassis and destroy the Mech. The Dingoes were victorious_. Under the terms of their contract, they allowed their salvage to be tagged by techs from the local garrison and retreated to their own DropShips for repair, while their Techs assisted in getting the warmachines safely back to their cantonments at the starport.

The foreign mercenaries accepted their defeat quietly, and pulled off the field to retreat to their own DropShip. Nothing was heard from their lead pilot.

Episode 129 - The Shadow Sword

“Loud the winds howl, loud the waves roar,
Thunderclaps rend the air;
Baffled, our foes stand by the shore,
Follow they will not dare.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Atlas
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Highlander
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Battlemaster
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

March 16th, 3028 : Landhold : Garrison* : The unit, in preparation for their new contracts, invested heavily in munitions and other supplies for their coming contracts. They also began developing plans for * Deep Ice One and Rockhopper Exploration, to begin while they were away.

Major Erika Hartmann “Glamour” returned to System – Dumassas along with millions in gems and rare minerals she had traded in exchange for various BattleMech parts and several vehicles she had traded to the Bank of Aurore during her year in System – Aurore. This income was immediately spent on improving their landhold airfield in Garrison, though there was some discussion on building a sports complex for their nascent INDY League” soccer idea. This was tabled for a future date.

Lastly, the group began its planned invasion of System – Pa’an, by making plans with Rockhopper to begin exploration of the starport in the Downdistrikt region on that world. The unit depended heavily on Lady Kalique Abrasax for intelligence regarding the system, and she willingly provided everything she knew about the system, both politically and militarily, giving them a good beginning for future plans. They agreed that either Northbank or Nemsos would be their target for political or military support, targeting either the Republic of Carcovaan, or the Barony of Carving as their eventual conquest. Or both. As they didn’t plan for such an activity to occur until 2-3 years hence, they were happy just to begin their influence and scouting phase at this time.

During this time, Captain Pol Baca “Templar” and MechWarrior Eric Lars “Caboose” began trying to influence the local “Dead” gang in Garrison, picking up Julia Dalgado. She was threatened and seemed to take it all in stride, threatening open war if her organization were attacked. The group quickly learned why they call her the “Queen of the Dead”. Though not fully resolved, it appears that her gang is increasingly no ordinary street gang, and might prove either an aid or a hindrance in the future.

March 17th, 3028 : The unit loaded into their transports, and began the slow ten-day burn to their waiting JumpShips.

March 26th : The unit jumped out-system, and began the twenty-six (26) jump journey through the heart of the Federated Suns, using their access to quick-charge facilities along the way. The trip was fairly uneventful for many jumps until charging in the Edwards system, when their JumpShip, “The Freedom of the Stars” suffered a charge failure and damage to its Drive Controller. Fearing the cost to replace such a valuable component, the rest of the fleet continued onwards, leaving the Explorer-Class JumpShip behind to effect repairs and follow along as it could.

April 17th : Having made good time through its use of quick-charge facilities, the core Iron Dingoes fleet arrived in System – Northwind, and after reporting in, the unit’s DropShips began their long twelve-day burn to the capital and Kohler Spaceport.

April 29th : The fleet reached orbit and were informed to make landing at Kohler Starport, but to remain embarked until approached by representatives of the local 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT regarding their operational status. It was also remarked upon their arrival some month before schedule.

Landing at the spaceport without incident, they noticed the mass of the Deneb Light Cav’s large DropShip fleet arrayed on the field. After a few hours, they were finally contacted by a minor officer of the RCT, who directed that select members were to accompany him to “The Castle”, the planetary defense headquarters. The lead Council members traveled with him via their own Hover Limo “Elite”.

Upon arrival at “The Castle”, they found the place a massive fortification equipped with communication arrays and defensive turrets, but otherwise was a BattleMech-sized fortification, with an ancient stone appearance appropriate to a world founded by Scottish immigrants. They were quickly hustled into a private conference room, and introduced to their direct commander, Major Scott Bradley. A fairly non-descript officer, he bore the walk of a veteran trooper, and the distinct military uniform and combat patch of the Kell Hounds.


Known as a veteran BattleMech Battalion with an unusual loyalty to House Steiner, it was one more oddity to their assignment. The officer made several things very cl;ear, handing over the unit’s briefing on a data pad, but reminding them that keeping the information regarding the contract private was important. He informed them that for now, the unit was effectively a mercenary force under the direction of himself as the major of “Bradley’s Bravos”, the new 3rd Battalion of the Kell Hounds.

He informed them that their equipment, including tanks, BattleMechs and DropShips would be painted with the Kell Hounds logo, that their troopers would be supplied with patches to make them appear to be Kell Hounds. They would be assigned a small garrison site south-west of the capital Tara, high in the Rockspire Mountains which dominated the land south of the capital. The unit would remain in their cantonment, with a handful of passes to the city to allow for the unit to engage in limited R&R. Any requests for supplies or equipment would be made directly to himself, and thence to whatever source was appropriate. For the duration of the contract, the unit was to stay quiet and make itself look like the Kell Hounds.

The unit spent the next couple months painting their Mechs and keeping a low profile. Although the Kell Hounds tactics were closely examined, the unit realized that it would be hard to pretend to be a light/medium raider unit like the Kell Hounds, largely because they had long since abandoned such a tactical direction for their forces for a direct assault force approach.

Nonetheless, they were able to spend several months in relative peace. They made an order for a handful of Swift Wind Scout Cars from the Federated Suns own stores. They took turns spending time in the nearby capital engaging in various personal pursuits, but otherwise spent their time visiting the couple of pubs in the nearby garrison village. They found the locals somewhat accepting, though generally not very friendly; something to be expected among the clannish citizens of Northwind.

The news media was concentrated on the reports of fighting between the Wolf’s Dragoons and various elite house members of the Draconis Combine on nearby Misery. It also continued to relate the marriage preparations between Melissa Steiner and Hanse Davion. As the marriage drew nearer and nearer, it became the chief talking-point in every news broadcast.

Towards the end of June, the unit were invited to a meeting with Marshal Lovis Yolis, the commander of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT. The unit were commended in their professional attitude and the discipline the Iron Dingoes had displayed. He seemed rather impressed by them, despite them appearing to be “… Periphery trash…” at first glance. The Dingoes seemed to take the comment as a compliment, and welcomed the upcoming dinner.

So far, their “Shadow Sword” assignment had been a walk in the park, and a great opportunity to be paid for some downtime. Everyone knew it was too good to last.

Episode 128 - Hack the Planet

“One bee cannot build a hive; one ant cannot build a colony.”

Over the next eighteen months, the unit began its formal take-over of the government and military forces of * Duchy of Tharn.

The unit began expanding their holdings on-planet, establishing * Husky Heavy Industries and reforming their military development of * Manticora : Tharn Central Munitions. As a result of this, they started redesigning their planetary militia, the * Tharn Iron Legions, and reformed the * Iron Dingoes Guards “The Lantern Corps”. They also began converting the government from its paper-based bureaucracy into a more electronic-based bureaucracy.

The unit also began shipping its various infantry battalions from System – Dumassas to System – Gollere in an effort to integrate their two forces and modernize the local militias. As the months wore on, they were able to give these units some practical experience and encourage integration.

In early-3027, word came from the unit’s company Rockhopper Exploration, that The Trojan Dominion of Cortez was interested in providing various rare minerals to the unit’s burgeoning industrial developments, and that they were interested in joining The Commonwealth of Nations as an observatory member.

About a month later, the unit began examining the information from their “Project Info Salvage” started a couple years previously, that hinted in the existence of a depot for Drop- and JumpShips hidden somewhere in the Davion Outback. The group decided to investigate further, and took a quick trip to System – Tequila Beach, to ask after their contacts there.

Upon arrival, they met with Engineer Tia Sprang’s grandfather, and convinced him to do a little research into the topic, despite his reluctance. He eventually was able to give the unit the name of System – Montour as the possible source of these mysterious JumpShips. The unit promptly traveled along the border, eventually reaching this relatively insignificant system.

After some hard thinking, they remembered the holos they had recovered from many years earlier when they spent some time at System – Taurus dealing with one of Karl Lotjonen’s affiliated terrorist organizations, the “Neovolutionists”. Spending some time examining the holos, they identified the probable site as being in the rings of the furthest gas giant in the system, and they jumped nearby to find the debris field in its rings. They had uncovered the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”.

Recognizing that trying to ferret out valuable salvage among the entire ring system of the planet would take a major expedition, they noted the fact of its existence, and jumped back to System – Dumassas, with the intent to send a large and capable research force to hunt for any lost vessels or other hulls and salvage from the rings.

As 3027 drew to a close, the unit’s various contracts began to end, and by the beginning of the year, several of their units were re-assigned to new duties as these forces were made available once more.

With the return of * “The Dead Man’s Hand” to Dumassas, they were offered a pair of new contracts with House Davion. After negotiations, * “The Fold Fiends” took over Contract – Operation : “Thor’s Hammer”, while * “The Iron Dingoes” took Contract – Operation : “Purple Demon”. Preparations were made for the transfer of the unit’s garrison forces in * Landhold : Garrison, and the line units began to prepare for its transfer off-world.

And so a couple months into 3028, the unit began a series of new contracts, well-supplied and ready to fight whatever might raise itself against them.

Episode 127 - Wrath of the Titan

“You want me to say it, brother? You want me to say I’m afraid? Doesn’t that go without saying? When mortals die, their souls go somewhere – there’s no place where gods go when they die! There’s nothing, just Oblivion…”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Highlander
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Greg (Fixer)——————————Catapult
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Battlemaster
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome


The unit quickly gathered their resources and set out with their Mechs, on a long trek of several hours to intercept the reported “giant crawling base”, slowly moving towards Lantern City. As they approached, it began laying down artillery rounds nearly 30kms out. Most of the unit took heavy damage from near hits, though MechWarrior Robert Stuart “Prince” (Deceased) in his GHR-5H Grasshopper had the misfortune of taking a single Longtom shot directly to his head, and was slain outright.

As the unit got within about 4kms, and saw the vehicle with their own eyes, it increased its fire, tossing long-range missiles into the mix as well. Nonetheless, the unit managed to weather the storm and finally approached the monster.


The group slowly approached the machine, though it continued to crawl slowly across the desert.


The machine began lobbing missiles into the approaching Mechs, one volley of which struck “Advocate” squarely agitating an earlier hit to critically strike his Gyro and blow out a Jump Jet. The machine crushed a section of hills, seemingly un slowed by the maneuver.


The group finally closed and began laying in a wide variety of Particle Cannon shots, devastating the armor of the lead point on the machine. Its response was to continue numerous barrages of missiles that displayed an uncanny ability to strike with larger spreads. It still methodically moved forward.

“Faith”, marred by previous damage took a savage round of missile fire and heavy autocannon rounds.


The unit continued to lay in fire and close with the machine. It responded with more savage missile fire and heavy autocannon round, doing “Slayer” severe damage, but she kept moving and firing.

Eventually, the withering fire on the machine took its toll, and the central point of the titan was destroyed, exploding as its internal structure took heavy damage and many of its weapons systems went silent.


The machine began to twist, exposing more undamaged sections as its large pulse lasers were added to the mix of weapons fire. While the unit continued to increase their tempo, getting in close enough to bring in their own medium lasers.

“Caboose” was beginning to see serious damage from the onslaught, taking several Engine criticals. Salyer also took a number of internal criticals, including a single Engine hit that destroyed much of her heat shielding.


The tempo increased, and more fire was laid about the machine, with it forcing the retreat and shut-down of several units. Nonetheless, the damage on the machine was increasingly horrendous, even as it twisted to expose more weapons blisters on the back-side of the machine.

“Blaster” took numerous criticals across his Mech, and shut-down as well. “Wraith”, most of his torso armor exposed took a savage beating, losing various systems, heat sinks and weapons. Caboose was knocked unconscious.


Finally, the machine took a savage series of strikes from the unit, and as the back portion of the machine was destroyed, the remnants of the massive crawler split in two and fell silent. The Titan was destroyed.

As the day grew late, the unit called in their DropShips, and covered the perimeter to ensure their wounded and savaged Mechs wouldn’t meet any sudden surprises.

9th of March : The techs of the Dingoes spread out and began salvaging the Machine, and the units own Mechs., moving both into their cavernous DropShip, the “Relentless”. Among the salvage, they recovered many weapons systems, including a single anti-ship missile system and several rounds of ammunition. Based on the recovery, they realized that if they had either landed closer to the Machine, or if the Titan had neared the starport, their DropShips would likely have died ignominious deaths. Also among the remnants they uncovered proof of REAPER’s minions with several infantry bays that were designed to house the typical Battle Armor – Tornado PA, but there was no sign of the machine’s pilot, REAPER itself.

The unit spent several days in recovery efforts, and eventually conducted a sub-orbital drop to the starport. Once there, the unit began planning for the future, setting themselves up for the formal take-over of their newest asset… * Duchy of Tharn.

Episode 126 - Headhunters

“Until the lion learns to write, every story will glorify the hunter.”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Atlas
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Atlas
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

March 5th, 3026 : With the bulk of the fighting apparently over for control of Tharn, the Council met and discussed their next options. They identified that of all the facilities they needed to take control over, the * Duchy of Tharn regional government buildings, and the * Military Headquarters Randgeriz were crucial, while the * Tharn Central Munitions Facility “Manticora” and * Lanseal Royal Military Academy were of secondary importance. They discussed how to approach the various forces, but upon asking Lady Aletta Jemmas for her opinion, she reminded them; “Are you a politician or a warrior? Be a warrior.”

Taking along a selection of marines under LtSG Trooper Shiv “The Knife” along with a company of the 3rd (Guards) Rifle Infantry Battalion “The Jungle Cats” mounted on local steam trucks, they made their way to the regional government offices. The group moved directly into the buildings, and informed the local bureaucrats that the Colonel, “Pitbull” was now in charge, as the Duke of Tharn_. Lady Aletta managed to soothe the bureaucrats concerns, and after a few minutes, assured Pitbull she had things well in hand, and that he could leave her to continue on with his day’s activities.

The group then made their way to the outskirts of Tharn, eventually arriving in the pleasant region around the * Military Headquarters Randgeriz. They managed to gain access to the military town by appealing to the guard’s honor, and then made their way directly into the main headquarters fortress itself, surprised at the sheer massive bulk of the facility, which dwarfed even the base they maintained back at * Landhold : Garrison. Making their way quickly through the facility, they found themselves guided to the senior general’s offices, and met with both General Gregor von Daemon and General Radi Jaeger.

They quickly informed the pair of the situation, with Pitbull as the new “Iron Duke of Tharn”, and both quickly were persuaded to bend the knee. After they had sworn their fealty, and the soldiers under their commands, Pitbull and his Council began to try and offer ways in which they might be able to better improve the lives of the soldiers, though nothing really stood out in their efforts to improve matters as they presently stood.

Pitbull then suggested sending a courier, specifically mentioning Audrey, the sister of General Baldren Glassenari to bring him to the capital for a meeting with the new Duke. They agreed, and parted ways, with the Council assured that the district’s military was firmly under their control, and made their way back to the starport.

Word also came from troops dispatched under Major (Brevet) Abelinda Rivera, that both the Manticora facility and the Lanseal Academy were under Iron Dingoes control, with a platoon from the 3rd in place at each facility.

March 6th : Early in the morning, * “The Werewolves” reported in that they had managed to reach the government records facility in the mountains, and found it relatively abandoned. Several members of the unit scattered into the town, absorbing the local customs, checking out the bars, markets and other places of importance.

Lady Kalique Abrasax was contacted, and soon arrived. She was asked to discover the whereabouts of the shipments the Mangai had been sending to what the group believed was REAPER. She said she would endeavor to do so.

Later that night, she sent a reply, stating that there were four ST-8M Samsons missing, and the group remembered the four helicopters that left during the initial salvos of the fight for the starport. According to her scanners over the starport, they had been tracked heading east out of Tharn, towards the Barony of Midshield, before disappearing into the mountains. The unit crunched some numbers and began to try to identify where they might have gone.

Soon thereafter, they received word that General Baldren Glassenari had arrived at * Military Headquarters Randgeriz, and that he awaited the “… Iron Duke’s leisure…”. Taking a helicopter directly to the facility, Pitbull and Advocate met with the man, finding him angry at being summoned. After a brief hostile discourse between the two, he acknowledged that “… the Iron Duke…” had command, and could order his command at his leisure. While he had agreed to place his troops under the command of the Duke, he was not a friend to the present regime, so some degree of planning would be required to deal with him.

March 7th : Having crunched the numbers, the unit packed-up the “Relentless” and the “Pandora’s Box”, and executed a sub-orbital drop into the location they suspected represented a good starting point to look for where the helicopters might have gone. They began sending their armor lances in a sweep of the area, and a few hours later, encountered a ruined, windblown base some miles west of the landing site. The unit traveled out to the site, finding it mostly overblown and blasted by sand, but also noted that some sort of salvage operation had occurred at the site. The most telling aspect of the site, however, were the large 90m-wide treads that left the site and moved off to the south-west.

It was as though an entire fortification picked itself up and moved off across the desert some days ago.

Re-crunching the numbers, they headed back to the DropShips, and executed another quick sub-orbital drop on the south-west edge of the desert, in an attempt to cut-off the apparently moving fort. They sent off their scout to get an eye on the vehicle, while they slowly deployed themselves and began their trip towards the facility (?).

Along the way, they got back a call from their scout, Senior Scout “Scammer” Firdaaz, who reported he was nearing on the object, about 15kms away. He suddenly declared he was under fire, and within seconds, the communications went dead…

They had encountered… the REAPER.



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