Petrópolis was once the capital of the Dumassas Empire, a multi-generational realm that united the planet under the charismatic and ruthless Selich family of tyrants (dating roughly from July 18th, 2830, until its destruction by BattleMech raiders in 2860.


Petrópolis Main Market Commons

The town has remained more of a protected park in the years since the fall of the Selich Empire, and has never been industrialized or otherwise developed, beyond its location as a resort and vacation spot. It has a reputation for a wild nightlife, and is known best for exclusive bars where anything goes. The best receive military patronage, electrical access and locally brewed liquors.

The commons market has gained a reputation for black market goods, and is home to many open booths and market stalls where anything can be bought for the right amount of hard currency. Gold is the real currency in the town, though C-Bills might also be accepted by the more established traders and merchants. Barter is common among the locals; everyone ignores the national currency. Leather goods, clothing, alcohol bio-fuels and simple tools (shovels, bicycles and carts) are common. An effort has recently been made to convert a local niter factory into a munitions factory, and it churns out a few small arms munitions from recovered brass casings. The site is known as the “Bullet Farm”, as it is located in a cleared field south-east of town, and is prone to minor explosions.


Petrópolis Castle as seen from the nearby river

Petrópolis Castle : The old imperial palace of the Selich family, the site was converted into a museum, the “Museu Imperial” (The Imperial Museum of Terramatrix), and its original ferrocrete walls and many ancient furnishings and other treasures were preserved.

Today, the ancient castle has been occupied by elements of the 7th (Motorized) Infantry Battalion, and serves as headquarters for the junta under the command of Genral Jorge Rafael Videla’s replacement, General Aécio Neves. The site has been reinforced by an exterior rubble wall that encloses the center of town, bearing numerous anti-vehicle obstacles and concrete bunkers bearing light autocannons and machine guns. The castle itself has been turned once more into a military fortress, filled with vehicles, equipment and serving as both barracks and munitions storage for the 7th Battalion. One wing has been converted into a hospital, while another has become the defacto government facilities for the town and the lands around it.

The catholic cathedral within its walls has been largely untouched by the occupiers, mostly because of the intense emotions of the locals regarding its sanctity, though it is still occupied by military troops, and many see it as a means to project the new government’s power, as this was also the site for the crowning of Selich the Third, the first of the great imperial monarchs of Terramatrix. The remaining treasures of that empire have been taken under the guns of the junta for “safe-keeping”, a source of some friction between the military junta and the former civilian government.

These relics were taken by the Iron DIngoes during their raid on the facility, and subsequently turned-over to the The New Republic of Sangria government for safe-keeping. They are a focal display at the new government buildings in Ciudad Garcia.

The Hospital : Most of the region’s medical personnel and supplies had been gathered into one of the former residential wings of the castle. Along with the surviving medical and biochemical staff and instructors from the national University, these formed a valuable hospital that helped the community (and the 7th Battalion garrison) survive the worst of the 3025 Pandemic. While not terribly impressive by Inner Sphere standards, it was one of the greatest treasures in the castle. Its experts had been making primitive, but valuable antibiotics and antitoxins. The families of the staff were kept under close observation to ensure loyalty among the science staff.

Electricity : Perhaps the most important weakness of the town, is that electricity remains a luxury in the region. The large power-generating coal plants have ceased functioning in the 3025 civil disorder and pandemic, and were in no immediate condition to be repaired. Oil was scarce even before the riots, and today remains inaccessible to most locals. The small local electrical plant manages to pump out a few hundred kilowatts of power, but is steam-powered that burns mostly bio-waste from the city’s nearby farms and limited industry. Essential to the operation of the limited industry in the town and local region, electricity is strictly rationed towards important industries and the fortress (and its hospital), though wealthy clubs and individuals are granted an exception to the rationing for possession of “proper licenses”. The site is heavily guarded by local militia forces.


Following the rebuilding efforts in mid-3025, the local junta was contacted by an off-world force that supplied military supplies, BattleMech and armor support troops and even small tactical nuclear devices in the form of several ancient Star League HAVOK Tactical Nuclear Warheads. After the military of the city used them to thwart recent advances by The Republic of Buntar, the combined military’s of Sangria and San Isabel hired the Iron Dingoes to drop on the fortress to end their control, on January 6th, 3026.

Capturing most of the citadel’s relics, as well as their advising group aboard the “Aviso”, they departed, leaving the military to pick-up the pieces and rebuild after choosing a new leader from among their surviving officers. Their ad-hoc hospital was also largely looted and its personnel taken from the site, along with their dependents.

Today, the town is considered a valuable industrial town on the border with Buntar, but its forces have continually come under raids by a resurgent Buntar military in the region. Most feel that an invasion is soon to occur, pulling the town and its valuable agricultural lands under the shadow of a resurgent Republic of Buntar.

In late-3028, the nascent nation-state was invaded and conquered by its rivals in Buntar, using their newest arms in the form of HIMARTs equipped with Inferno rounds. The entire state fell in weeks, and was quickly occupied by Buntar’s military forces. The occupation and assimilation of the nation’s small industrial and agricultural strength was likely to take months, and even a small insurgent force in the nation-state made it a difficult occupation.


Military Forces

The primary military force for Petrópolis, was the 7th (Motorized) Rifle Infantry Battalion of The Federative Republic of San Marcos. Equipped with traditional Dumassas Militia Field Kits, they include several new companies of conscripted novice civilian troopers, led by the veteran troops of the 7th Battalion. Well-fed and regularly given luxuries from their occupation of the region, the troops under the 7th are in very good morale and hard to bribe.

The commanding officer was General Aécio Neves. His senior staff included very loyal officers from the 7th, and his force counted roughly 1200 infantry, though only 400 were under arms at any given time. The remaining companies were kept as reserves, and rotate back into the standing forces on a regular basis. He also maintained another few platoons of logistical and technical support troops, and another two-hundred civilian “contractors”, who performed manual labor and spend most of their time improving the fortifications of the castle and nearby town.

The Infantry companies included few heavy weapons beyond those typical of their standard equipment, though check-points and key positions are reinforced with armored bunkers bearing anti-armor weapons, such as MP-75mm Anti-Tank Guns and Infantry Support MGs. In addition, several platoons of Wheeled APCs and at least two lances of Scorpion Light Tanks were available to his forces, often patrolling the borders of the community.

The 7th Support Company included a small engineering section equipped with various conscripted civilian machines and vehicles to perform construction duties, as well as a cadre of skilled engineers to lead the largely civilian workforce. Its transport division deployed Light Utility Transports to move supplies to forces that needed them, and its maintenance division has access to a substantial machine shop and tools to provide support for the unit’s extensive military apparatus. There was also a small signals division, busy laying wires to connect communications to all the bunkers with the fortress.

In late-3028, the military of Petrópolis was once more attacked and beaten by a superior force. The Inferno rounds deployed against them decimated their infantry formations, and made the final assault on the central castle easy. The leadership of the military was executed, and its civilian militia released from duty, leaving a large company of regular infantry captured. These troops were quickly put to work repairing the citadel and city’s defenses, while its large engineering force was formally inducted into the Buntar military and occupied with the same task. Its other logistics forces were also subsumed into the Buntar military.

Today, the military of the former nation-state is the 7th (Foot) Infantry Battalion “Chacabuco”, bolstered by surviving members of the former San Marcos 7th Battalion that once defended the castle and its surrounding territory. While other regular arms forces from Buntar call on the munitions factories and agricultural surpluses of the newest district of Buntar, the newly seasoned 7th Chacabuco have set their headquarters in the town, and occupied the castle. In addition to its regular forces, the 7th now sports a company of HIMART, its two captured LT-MOB-25 Mobile Long Tom Artillery pieces, and a handful of captured Scorpion Light Tanks.


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