Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech (Farscape) : The New Breed

Session 10 - Humanity's Children

“A Future Is Not Given To You. It Is Something You Must Take For Yourself.”

Session 9 - Wolfsblut

“I have wolf blood and wolf bones… do not expect me to graze with the sheep…”

25th October, 3048 : Running more supplies to the miners working for Star Captain Elzid, apparently under the table, they encounter someone is trying to hunt down the same group and eliminate them.

They also investigate the origin of the Brooch, and discover that the former Captain of “the Scorpio Sidus” was using it as a part of a series of clues towards some unknown ends. In particular, Crow was revealed to have accompanied him originally on the ship, using her blood and origins as part of Clan Wolf to activate the Brooch and its passive link to hidden information within the ship’s computer core. Following these leads, they uncover that he was searching for a lost Bonaventure-Class (Corvette) WarShip called the “Star Corsair”.

As their efforts come to close, Andrés Iréworthy and Demar Cardiff “Vandal” are chased down in “Merciless” during their final delivery, and barely escape a Broadsword-Class DropShip, mostly through skillfuil piloting and the capabilities of the “Scorpio Sidus” to jump twice. As they re-enter the Farreach System, they catch an HPG sinal alerting all listening members of the “Clans” that Leo Showers of the CLan Smoke Jaguar had become ilKhan, and that the Clans would be returning home….

Session 8 - Special Delivery

“Lots of science fiction deals with distant times and places. Intrepid prospectors in the Asteroid Belt. Interstellar epics. Galactic empires. Trips to the remote past or future.”

9th Oct, 3048 : Trapped in the distant cluster of stars around System – Farreach, the adventurers barter their services as couriers to the local military leader, Star Captain Elzid, as well as make a few trades themselves from the captured booty of the pirates, converting the many arms and goods for easily traded precious ores and the map they need to find a way home.

Session 7 - The Long Road Home

“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.”

Session 6 - Beyond the Rim

“I’m unsure of the future, but I’m not concerned. I will rely on those closest to me, and I will share their burdens, as they share mine. I will live and love.”

Episode 5.5 - Event Horizon

“No. There is no escape. The gateway is open, and you are all coming with me! Do you see? Do you see?! DO YOU SEE?!”


August 15th, 3048 : System – Hlian : Gathering supplies and scavenging the Brazen Rover and the makeshift base built in the remnants of the Winchester-Class WarShip Princessa", the group begins their plans to bring the “The Scorpio Sidus” into full operation and escape the system.

The work takes many days, but eventually they manage to bring various systems into full operation, and scavenge a variety of equipment and cargo to bring with them.

September 2nd : After a couple weeks of hard work the group bring all systems on-line, and decide to jump back to wherever the original co-ordinates of the Scorpio Sidus had intended them to go. They succeed, but the resulting jump fries their own jump computer, leaving them stranded in a new unknown system.

This new system is located somewhere Rimward of the Inner Sphere. A military system, local coded communiques hint that their arrival was noted, but local efforts to find them are quickly abandoned. The local station beacon identifies the system as System – Farreach, and the unit takes the long, sixteen (16) day trip to the main planet in the better of their S-7A “Starbus”s, bringing half their cargo of small arms and munitions as a potential trade good.

September 19th : Reaching the central station of the system, the group pretend to be freelance merchants, and begin trying to gain information and barter their cargo to the local garrison. The society remains very martial, and although there is a small research facility and supporting civilian hierarchy, both are completely subordinate to the local military “Burrock Clan”. Again, the spartan society is very reminiscent of the Starlords – “The Brethren of the Void”, with which the group is passingly familiar. They discuss what they plan to do to acquire local currency and “assimilate” into this periphery society, moving forward.

Session 5 - Scorpius Rex

“Live Free. Die Well.”

August 13th, 3048 : System – Hlian : Using the captured S-7A “Starbus”, as well as the pirate’s navigational information, the unit secretly approaches their hidden base, finding “The Scorpio Sidus” and their hidden base, a section of the Winchester-Class WarShip “Princessa” rebuilt to house the handful of surviving pirates. Using the Starbus as a trojan horse, they slip aboard the vessel and then board and capture first it, and the five remaining pirates within the base itself.

They discover that much of the culture of the local pirates, who call themselves the “Dark caste”, is reminiscent of the Starlords – “The Brethren of the Void”. Using their understanding, they subjugate the remaining pirates, and get their assistance in operation of the new vessel, and call in the Brazen Rover to assist in the escape from Hlian.

Session 4 - Treasure Planet

“Once in a great while, mankind unlocks a secret so profound that our future is altered forever. Fire, electricity, splitting the atom. At the dawn of the 31st century, we unlocked another. It had the potential to change humanity’s role in the universe. We called it, the ‘Titan Project’, and it was a testament to the limitless power of the human imagination. Perhaps that’s what the Clans feared most, for… [sighs] …it brought them down upon us without warning, and without mercy.”

August 9th, 3048 : System – Hlian :

Synopsis : The group continues exploring the ruins of the LaGrange Point of Hlian I, salvaging a little more ice for fuel and water, as well as finding several radioactive and toxic clusters of ruined ships bits.

Near the center, they find the remnants of the “Quitzl” itself, and contemplate entering the ruins of the vessel which seems mostly intact. Worried they might encounter someone within still alive, they head to the small craft bays, and attempt to open the doors manually. They encounter several dangerous traps on the manual entry mechanisms, destroying one, but eventually DJ manages to bypass the other and gain access to the ship’s bays. The vessel is without pressure, and making their way to the main elevators, they activate another trapped door, which brings their investigations to a quick end. The damage is impressively ravaging their couple of suits, and they withdraw to contemplate the situation.

The recent repairs have led to an increase in humidity levels across the ship, and a new bacterial fungus is developing, ruining the ship’s life support systems. The group agrees to closet themselves in the barracks for a period of several days to allow the vacuum of space and cold to hopefully destroy it. They all gather and spend several days in too-close quarters, of a lock-down cold freeze. Tempers continue to fray. The group recovers their personal armor suits stored in the ship’s lockers, and ensure they are in working condition.

August 13th : The crew is woken to a pressure warning, and it becomes apparent someone is trying to cut their way into the ship. The five pirates are stymied in their efforts by finding a large 100-ton yacht blocking the only path into the ship, but deploy a portable airlock and get access. The group splits-up, with some heading to engineering with Commander Roliant Everrard and Lieutenant Tatzel Holden, while the rest stay in the relative safety of the barracks. Varick sought the safety of his pet’s cannister, and waits out the encounter in relative quiet.

DJ and Andrés in their personal suits make their way through the other airlock and small craft bay, and circle around to outside of the ship’s hull to find a heavily damaged and repaired S-7A “Starbus” parked outside the bay doors. They quickly subdue the occupant, a wiry light framed man who claimed to be a simple pilot from the “Quitzl” and forced to serve these pirates. In the barracks, the pirates demand the occupants open their door, and establish a portable airlock over the door.

In the barracks, the survivors refuse, and prepare their defenses, including several explosive devices. The pirates storm the barracks, led by a massive brute of a man with a tiger tattoo covering most of his upper body. He takes several hits before going down, while his companion follows up with a grenade, which Blunt absorbs with her combat armor by diving on it, neatly shielding the rest of the group, though her armor now has a large divot in its breastplate from the explosion. This pirate was blown apart by the explosion and his bits cover the room in gore.

The other two pirates pack up the makeshift airlock, and head back to their shuttle, and encounter a trap laid by DJ and Andrés. DJ slays one with a brutal stab using her sword, and captures the other by neatly trapping him against the shuttle door. Two pirates captured and three dead, the group gathers together and tries to sort out who the invaders really are…

Session 3 - Forgotten Graveyard

“Voyaging begins when one burns one’s boats, adventures begin with a shipwreck.”

August 1st, 3048 : System – Hlian, En-Route to the L5 of Hlian I :

Emotions run high, as Commander Roliant Everrard seems to be forging alliances between various members of the crew, and against both Lieutenant Tatzel Holden and Alicia Rita De Luca “Blunt”.

Synopsis : Lured to the clarion call of a distress beacon from the DropShip, The Quitzl, the survivors reach a series of asteroids and comets locked in the L4 point of Hlian I. They find various ruined DropShips and JumpShips strewn across the LaGrange Point, all eerily damaged in similar fashions to the “Brazen Rover” including several more mundane finds including several ice asteroids that are mined and their water extracted to give the group more hydrogen fuel and water.

In the ruins of one DropShip, the broken upper decks of a Jumbo-Class DropShip, they recover several tons of ancient Taurian Concordat infantry BDUs, and a luxury hydrofoil yacht. They also extract some fuel from the docking bay of the vessel, and recover a corpse of someone who likely suffocated to death, a crewman from a vessel known as the “Princessa”. They recover everything not nailed down.

Session 2 - A Pale Red Dot

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.”

July 6th, 3048 : Unknown System w/in one jump of System – Dumassas :

The DropShip “Brazen Rover” is a devastated wreck, crippled and tumbling away from the ruins of its JumpShip, the Sueliman. The adventurers spend weeks working with the crew to get it stabilized, and eventually stationary. They also convince Lieutenant Tatzel Holden to take command of the devastated vessel while its original captain, Commander Roliant Everrard lay unconscious in the medical bay.

Eventually the computer systems are purring, the engines largely fixed and the hull intact, and the crew has recovered enough to make plans to replace their dwindling water supplies. A few excursions outside the ship using the single intact S-7A “Starbus” allow the group to identify a signal in the distance. The Commander suddenly wakes, proves incredibly hostile to the passwngers (or “cargo” as he calls them), and tempers flare between crew and passengers as he re-assumes command. He identifies the system they are in; System – Hlian, a backwater and uncolonized system of no consequence.

Following the distant garbled distress beacon of an unknown ship, the “Quetzl” to the L5 point of the only planet in the system, a super jovian world unimaginatively called “Hlian I”, they encounter a fast-moving object and battle stations are declared as the ship is drastically slowed in its approach for more exacting maneuvers to take place. Everyone is tense and alert that there is little they can do to defend themselves…