Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Campaign Update : "Rise of the Commonwealth" (3033-35)

“No one leaves home, unless home is the mouth of a shark.”

Interlude - Heralds of the New Dawn

“Evolution trumps revolution. Great changes are achieved incrementally, each step building naturally on the last. It is the folly of government to believe in the efficacy of great leaps — and its hubris the attempt to implement them.”

Episode 155 - Gateway

“The gates of Hell are terrible to behold, are they not?”

January 1st, 3033 : The fallout of the previous downtime continues.

The unit and their interests result in the filling out of * Task Force Dingo with the year’s recruits, as well as the application of many of the unit’s unsold assets being applied to the new organization to create a combined-arms battalion within the organization, known as the 16th (Assault) Combined Arms Battalion – “The Waraxes”. The remaining unit, the 14th (Force Recon) Rifle Infantry Battalion “The Watchmen” remains a skeletal force, but is intended to become a “Force Recon” military unit much like the Line’s own infantry.

The unit’s acquisition of Waste is converted into a medical pain-killer, and given over to its medical corps.

After a great deal of searching, the unit acquires a single contract they’re interested in; the Contract – Operation : “Ramshackle Revival”, which is assigned to * “The Fold Fiends” for completion.

* “The Skunkwerks” believes they have cracked the basic profile of the Helm Memory Core, and begins to research a potential replacement for local water recyclers, known as the Jamerson-Ulikov Water Purifier.

Discussions regarding the future of the unit ensue, with the Commonwealth becoming the focus of many of the unit’s leading personnel, and the political players on the interstellar stage.

Episode 154 - Long Way Home

“But no matter how malevolent or evil are the many murderous dictators who can currently oppress their nations and cause international problems, it is obvious that they cannot harm others or destroy countless human lives if they don’t have a military organisation accepted and condoned by society.”

July 1st, 3032 : System – Dumassas, Garrison.

Another period of downtime chosen by the unit, consisting of six months, during which they focus on recruitment and production of their line equipment. In addition, other events spot the remaining months of the year.

The national elections are won by President Albertina Diego, and The Commonwealth of Nations elects its first Secretary-Marshal, Omar Hilale of Peregrine.

* “The Fold Fiends” return from their contract, and discuss their restructuring needs. After a short three-month period of downtime, they are ordered to take a contract to help pay the bills.

* The Blood Raiders return off their contract, and ask for an extended downtime. Given six months, they take an offer of recovering the four (4) Saturn-Class Patrol Ships found earlier in 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. They take a little downtime and then proceed off to the recovery area.

Efforts are made to establish The Fuel Rats presence on Purpura, and some investments are made to bring the Sarang Helium-3 Processing Plant back into working order. Carse Technologies Corporation presents some long-term strategies to improve the site and increase the unit’s resource base.

The unit begins activating * Task Force Dingo by adding a collection of recruits from their landholds led by the 2nd Ghost Battalion “The Bronze Ghosts”.

A pirate band known as the Rat Pak appears and takes a “franchise” opportunity to operate in the far edge of the unit’s Starlord claims, largely raiding into System-State – “The Carthaginian Assembly”.

With the close of the year, the unit’s new equipment is distributed and its personnel divided among all the units, while enough is sold off-world to support another year of funding for the entire line of equipment. In addition, the colonization of Hawkport begins in earnest.

Episode 153 - Fallout

“Did you ever try to put a broken piece of glass back together? Even if the pieces fit, you can’t make it whole again the way it was. But if you’re clever, you can still use the pieces to make other useful things. Maybe even something wonderful, like a mosaic. Well, the world broke just like glass. And everyone’s trying to put it back together like it was, but it’ll never come together in the same way."

March 12th, 3032 : System – Dumassas : Garrison :

A period of three months of Downtime occurs for the unit, during which time various events occur. In the background, * “The Iron Dingoes” support the efforts of the international community to bring aid and relief to the survivors of the Petrópolis “Incident”, including providing the services of their own * Iron Dingoes Medical Corps and * “The Dead Man’s Hand” to assist the efforts of The Commonwealth of Nations. Various supplies are given over to the Commonwealth’s forces, and the international community comes together as it never has before.

Venturespring attempts to rent the open space available in “The Factory” for its latest investments in ZAFO being manufactured by CODALTEC. The offer is accepted, with the factory slated to begin operations in early-3033.

Executive Administrator Rivoche Carsebloom arrives in system, bringing her company, Carse Technologies Corporation to the service of the Iron Dingoes. Milo Carsebloom, their old acquaintance, has fled from The Duchy of Andurien and their failing war, and after resigning his company over to his daughter, has retired to a private life of quiet wealth on Terramatrix. The company is given charge over finding the solutions to bringing the Sarang Helium-3 Processing Plant on-line in the coming years.

Major Linda Chung “Amber” brings an entire company of young junior officers to attend * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences at the request of Sangrian Army Command. The rumors of the national military creating an exclusive company of BattleMechs attached to the 1st Armored Cavalry Battalion “Big Red One” are proven true.

The unit decides that the next effort of * The Blood Raiders should be the salvage operation of the four (4) Saturn-Class Patrol Ships found in the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. Long-term plans for “The New Karachi” are slated to include Space Master Eric Severin as the vessel’s probable future Commodore, and leader of its interstellar fleet.

Despite a bad photo-op by Advocate regarding General Pierre Garza, which implicates the Iron DIngoes as supportive of his bid for presidency, Advocate moves to endorse all of the candidates, and thus recovers somewhat from his political failure.

Windward Resources is officially announced, and it is revealed that The Duchy of Windward has been quietly developing its large deposit of germanium in connection with Horn Industries. Their laser-refinement complex, built under the guise of being an iron foundry, is slated to go on-line in late-3032.

Episode 152 - Cry Havoc!

“But I had a point here. A lesson, if you will. There are other organisations out there. And, in time, I’m sure they’re going to spoon-feed you their own patented form of bullshit. Ignore the verbage and look at what they’re doing. What they’re asking you to do. What sort of world they’d have you build and how they’re going to pay for it.”

After preparing a forward operations base, known as FOB “Jericho”, in which the Iron Dingoes based * Dangerous Operations Group (DOG) as a distraction, they managed to pull away local militia forces and the defending armor resources of the central fortress in Petrópolis, then conducted a high altitude drop on the town. After engaging local militia forces, they destroyed a Stinger apparently trying to escape the fortress, and triggered two small nuclear explosions, which ravaged both defenders and attackers alike, and shattered the surrounding community. The fight was quickly brought to a conclusion, but the damage was extensive to the Dingoes forces.



Over the next ten days, combined forces from the signatory nation-states of The Commonwealth of Nations, as well as * “The Dead Man’s Hand” operating under the banner of the Commonwealth led a relief effort among the survivors at FOB Jericho, and began to patrol the former borders of the nation-state in an effort to protect the remaining frontier communities from possible invasion by its neighbors. in the wake of the devastation, peace fell over the region, as its shell-shocked citizens struggled to find purchase in the new territory of the fall of Petrópolis.

Episode 151 - The Divide

“If war never changes, then men must change, and so must their symbols. Even if it is nothing at all, know what you follow, Courier.”

February 1st, 3032 : Garrison, System – Dumassas.

After a lengthy discussion regarding the unit’s plans, they decide to bring the _Problem with Petrópolis to a conclusion. They ask for a meeting with the various heads of The Commonwealth of Nations, and this is scheduled for 8 days hence.

Meanwhile, the unit cancels its plans for contact hunting, and instead readies its * Dangerous Operations Group (DOG), * “The Dead Man’s Hand” and their own * “The Iron Dingoes” Line forces for a possible invasion effort.

8th of February : Meeting with the various representative of the Signatory Nations of the Commonwealth, at their temporary quarters in Quez, the unit leaders proposed to discuss changes in the constant Time of War facing the members of the fractious world. Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” proposed a more scientific approach, suggesting that off-world influences were driving much of the strife facing the world, and though he could not present definitive proof, he suggested that a radical exision be conducted; assault Petrópolis, and seize The Petrópolis Free State in the name of the Commonwealth. They presented its position between both The Marcosan Mandate and The Republic of Buntar would provide a buffer between the two fractious nations, and ensure peace in the region for years to come, not to mention a good position to base the entire organization, moving forward.

While both Sangria and San Isabel seemed somewhat supportive, the representative of The Free-City of Peregrine demanded what the cost of such “help” would be, citing numerous examples of the unit gaining financial support in every effort they have made to both found the Commonwealth and their own efforts during the 3024 Small War before that. Pitbull himself assured them, citing and promising his own word, that they sought nothing more, and though the Dead Man’s Hand would provide assistance in garrisoning the site, it would remain only as long as the Commonwealth required, and would remain at their disposal for the length of their position.

Sangria and San Isabel both voted to support the action, while Peregrine abstained, stating they would see how it all played out. The unit then left, and began to finalize its plans as both a conqueror and garrison force of the most chaotic nation-state on the planet. The situation made the election of Paladin as Marshal-Secretary of the Commonwealth unlikely, however, and the unit began looking elsewhere for a possible influence into this important position.

The Problem with Petrópolis might finally be resolved, though not in an easy way.

Episode 150 - The Bringers of War

“Across the sea of space, the stars are other suns.”

Synopsis : 15th of December, 3031 : System – Goria.

Arriving at Goria, the Iron Dingoes burn into the system, landing at Aurora Landing with their full line fleet, plus the “Spearhead”, on December 23rd. They are met by a band of troopers from the nearby support dome of the Aurora Faction, and eventually a large gathering from both sides meets; more than fifty of the local warriors led by their chief, Evan “Biter”, with Major Frank Castle and the 1st Marines Platoon on the other, backed by Pitbull in his [[:hgn-732-highlander. A fight ensues, in which Biter swiftly defeats Castle. Templar steps forward and after hurling several insults, is also defeated in hand-to-hand combat by Biter.

Pitbull responds by stomping on Biter, and in the wake of the silent fears on both side, Glamour steps up and demands leadership, ceremoniously “defeating” the Highlander with a bullet, and then sweeps up both sides to enter and take charge over the local support dome. No one attempts to dissuade or stop her. Once inside, she appraised the site, and then explored the support facility that maintains the tribe and its people. She discovers the real secret of the society; its Technical Caste is both capable and privately manages the society, ensuring its survival. She meets with Mary Aurora, and begins efforts to assimilate the local society, planning to remain behind while the rest of the group travels back to Dumassas.

The unit spends the “holidays” on the planet, and leaves the Spearhead, its four marines platoons, and Glamour behind, returning to System – Dumassas on January 23rd, 3032. The unit discusses their various options, and then organizes the budget for the coming year, allocating various resources and personnel, and making their plans for the coming year. They also begin plans to establish a new colony on nearby System – Hawktor, known as Hawkport, enlisting the help of Governor Carrie “Cara” Sifuentes as the future colonial governor.

Episode 149 - Blood & Iron

“The great questions of the day will not be settled by means of speeches and majority decisions, but by iron and blood.”

21st of November, 3031 : System – Dumassas

The unit completed their negotiations for establishing the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), agreeing to raise * Task Force Dingo by mid-3032 from their own holdings. They also gathered supplies and activated “Spearhead”, giving the vessel over to LtSG Trooper Shiv “The Knife” and the unit’s 6th, 9th, 28th and 29th Marines Platoons who would use the vessel as their base from which they could garrison Aurora Landing on Goria following successful domination of the local “Aurora Faction”. Eventually the ship and marines would be replaced by a local governor, likely Captain Frank Castle.

The Line unit then burned off-planet, and headed off to begin their campaign for claiming System – Goria late on the 21st. They jumped out-system on the 30th.

December 14th, 3031 : A series of raids began in The Petrópolis Free State, and within hours, the 7th cavalry came under direct attack by various militia forces under the command of the Bloody Hand of Marcosa’s leader Prince Monitor.




As the mercenaries came under attack, they largely eliminated the armor assets of the uprising, but its few powerful MSK-9H Mackies and the bulk of its infantry militia remained intact. Their forces rendezvoused with their hidden DropShips, and retreated back to Corazón Airfield to rejoin their dependents. Conducting their repairs and rebuilding their structure, the 7th Cavalry took several days of downtime, before announcing their new operational status as of December 22nd, 3031.

Episode 148 - Hegemony of Iron

’Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking."

October 8th, 3031 : System – Dumassas

Upon returning to Dumassas, the unit heard many hard things from the central Marcosan nation-states, primarily from the problems with Petrópolis. The unit made landfall back at Garrison, and took stock of the efforts that Advocate had been engaged in. He had been working to establish a foothold in both The Independent Territory of Maroon and The Independent Territory of Davion Solitaire, building some support facilities and settling the numerous refugees the unit had rescued from Tequila Beach. They also had begun establishing mining sites in Maroon, and survey work continued unabated.

Moxie had made contact with The Independent State of Klein Vrystaat, and the entire settlement willingly offered to ship their goods to the Iron Dingoes markets, provided they were left alone to deal with their own people and traditions. The Dingoes agreed to send a regular flight of Whippet Transport Lines to the community to conduct trade in exchange for this support. Effectively the small, isolated community became a landhold of * The Iron Dingoes Demesne.

The unit weighed their new options, and sought to sell LRM-65 Maverick, eventually gaining a good price from the transaction with Excalibur Corporation. With the resources available to them, they set about expanding their planetary resources, buying more support supplies and consumables, and activating all their production lines to begin manufacturing the wide variety of vehicles and equipment available to their unit’s own production lines, with the intent to use some internally, but largely seek to sell them to fund these and future efforts. The unit also agreed to a collection of this production to be sent as their “tribute” to the Warlord.

21st of October : Meeting with the 7th Cavalry – “The Iron Ponies” commander, Lt. Colonel Eóghan Brand, Pitbull learned that there were problems, but that the unit refused to abandon their contract, being honorable soldiers. Pitbull offered to evacuate the 7th Cavalry dependents to their isolated holdings of -Fort Boomerang_ at Corazón Airfield, as a precaution, which they accepted. The unit privately saw it as an opportunity to perhaps recruit the 7th Cavalry for their own purposes in the long-run.

24th of October : * “The Dead Man’s Hand” returned in-system, making landfall at Garrison on the 4th of November. Having successfully completed their most recent contract with the Aurigan Restoration, they brought back a fair sum into the unit coffers, and were informed of the unit’s plans to soon return to Goria, as well as to ready themselves to support the 7th Cavalry in the Line unit’s absence.

16th of November : “The Iron Vagabond” returned back to Dumassas, reporting in it had a surprise for the unit. Executive Secretary Arlana Jericho made the burn back to Terramatrix personally, requesting a personal meeting with both Pitbull and Moxie. Arriving on the 26th of November, she brought in a package for the pair, a copy of the Helm Memory Core, along with the unit’s share of her recent profits from her trade mission into the Davion Outback_, cut short by the recovery of this data cache. The device was immediately shipped to _Content Not Found: the-skinkwerks civilian site in Cartera, and came under close scrutiny by a small collection of techs.

Plans were immediately drawn up to begin the conquest of System – Goria, and after a brief discussion, it was decided that playing ’The Chosen" card was the likely easiest and least destructive method to take control of the central Aurora Faction, and then systematically use them as the means of expansion to include each of the dozen or so factions scattered across the planet.


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