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Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 114 - Ambush Bugs

“If your attack is going too well, you’re walking into an ambush…”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Bruce (Glamour)————————Atlas
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Atlas
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Greg (Fixer)——————————Catapult
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank
Liam (Backdraft) -———————-Awesome

12th of September, 3025 : In preparation for any coming assault on the pirates, the nit had the “Revolver” waiting with its Corsairs and TRB-D36 Thunderbirds, and both its Orkan-Class Space Planes loaded with the 1st Marines Platoon and 6th Marines Platoons for a potential boarding operation. This DropShip laoded on-board the “The Den Mother”, for a jump once the pirate JumpShips were located and could be met at whatever pirate point they might be at. Quizin the remaining staff from the “Kiss of Death” resulted in them finding that Pirate-Lord Cyr Milligan preferred to jump into a close orbit of the world, to mitigate being found and boarded by defensive patrols, so there was a greater level of risk in countering them.

The unit then moved much of their Line units in the Dire Dingoes into the “Kiss of Death”, awaiting the arrival of any forces Milligan might send so they could ambush them.

20th of September, 3025 : After more than a week of patience, the first word the unit had of the Bloody Reaver’s return, was the arrival of Fury-Class DropShip at the blasted field used by the world as a starport. Bearing the colors of the Bloody Reavers, the “Cutlass” dropped its ramp and soon off-loaded a convoy of Light Utility Transports with a handful of Jeeps and some infantry as escorts. The convoy made its way through the outskirts of the startown, and began winding its way into the wilderness where their DropShip was parked.


In response, * “The Iron Dingoes” dispatched their armor forces from the “Relentless” to intercept the convoy and capture it. Meanwhile, a DropShip was noticed landing some distance away from the Kiss of Death. The unit responded by scrambling its Mech forces to take cover in the scattered woodlands nearby, that ran between the two ships, power-down, and wait for the approach of whatever forces might come. With their DropShip sensors on passive, there would definitely be some degree of surprise involved.


About 15 minutes later, a pair of lances of Mechs appeared, accompanied by a lance of hover armor. Far to the south were a pair of PXH-1 Phoenix Hawks, and another pair of unknown 60-ton Mechs. To the east, came the expected AS7-D Atlas, with a BL6-KNT Black Knight, a Wyvern and an unknown Mech that seemed like a slightly heavier RFL-3N Rifleman bearing a large aerodome above its head. Moving along the north edge of the unit were a pair of Condor Heavy Hover Tanks and a pair of Drillson Heavy Hover Tanks, the latter of which was a very new tank on the market. How such a thing had made it out here so suddenly and in the hands of pirates was, perhaps, a little unsettling.


The units in the Command Lance started their engines, and immediately drew fire. Both the Atlas and the now identified LosTech Galahad dropped multiple Gauss Rifle and LRM shots onto “Glamour”s Atlas, rocking her back.

The remaining units swiftly closed and began focusing their attentions on the now active units.


“Templar”, “Wraith”, “Pitbull” and Glamour all concentrated their fire on the Galahad, with scattered damage and one fluke shot rattling the armor on that Mech sufficient to critically shatter most of its engine shielding. “Slayer” and “Blaster” opened up on one of the Condors doing some heavy damage, but failed to stop it.

The attacking pirates, Mechs and tanks both, continued to concentrate their fire on Glamour, tearing apart most of her front-facing armor, and starting to do serious damage to her Mech’s internals. Pitbull called in all attacks to silence the Galahad’s firepower.

The swift lance of Mechs moved along the south, coming into position on the hill over-looking the battlefield.


Glmaour pulled back into a relatively safe position behind the woods, and Pitbull began to draw fire. The Galahad managed to get in a couple strikes on Pitbull, but he responded with a critical shot from his own Gauss Rifle, blowing apart the remaining engine shielding on the Galahad. The machine began to over-load and within seconds exploded into a massive miniature nuclear fireball. He threw some secondary shots doing heavy damage to one of the Condors. Glamour struck against one of the Drillsons, immobilizing it, and taking it out of the fight.

The remaining hidden units began to power-up, and immediately laid in fire across the spectrum, with Slayer striking the RS of one Drillson tearing through its armor and blowing it apart. “Faith” focused on the Phoenix Hawks. with some scattered damage. “Caboose” and “Backdraft” both scattered fire on the now-identified paired Phoenix Hawks, moving standing high on the hills. Templar hit one Condor with multiple Medium Lasers, immobilizing it, and his secondary strikes scattered across the Black Knight. Wraith followed-up with a couple PPC strikes on the Black Knight as well, but it stood tall.

The now-identified paired LosTech Champions began to open into the rear of Advocate, doing some critical damage on its extra-light engine. The Phoenix Hawks also laid in as much concentrated fire as they could on Advocate, with one scoring a shot to his Head. The Black Knight struck Pitbull with scattered damage, as did the Wyvern and remaining tanks.


Advocate fled from the concentrated fire of the southern lance, hiding in the woods and taking shots at the Black Knight, that was backing away from the converging Command and Fire Support lances. Prince, Fixer and Advocate all took shots at it.

Pitbull let loose on the closest Condor, blowing through its Front armor with a solid Gauss Rifle shot, blowing it apart. Templar scattered his fire across the Atlas, as it moved into the edge of the nearby woodland, with one shot striking its head.

The Black Knight and Atlas concentrated their return fire on the slower Catapult, and the remaining Drillson tank got in some close shots on Glamour, who missed in response, though she still hit the Atlas as a secondary target through 60ms of light woods with her ER PPC.

The paired Champions and Phoenix Hawks began to back off, pouring their fire into Faith, who was closely following along with them. Backdraft followed suit, hitting one of the Champions.


The Drillson tank began to move off as swiftly as possible, getting off a couple shots, and blowing Glamour’s RA clear off, and she opened into it in response, destroying its hover-lift and immobilizing it with her ER PPC.

Backdraft struck the same Champion as before, as did Caboose. The Champions both began a series of shots into Faith’s Victor critically destroying her ammo stores. The multiple explosions were somewhat contained by its CASE, but it still catastrophically shattered the Mech, knocking her over and out of the fight with near fatal injuries.

The Black Knight hobbled into the fringe of the woods near Advocate, firing multiple shots on Fixer. Advocate hit it with a critical strike to its LT, destorying its Large and Medium Lasers located there. Templar followed-up with a critical shot into its LL, shattering both the Knight’s Hip and Upper Leg Actuator, and knocking it onto its right side on the ground.

The Atlas continued its fire on Fixer, who in response, concentrated his fire on the Atlas, blowing off its Head with a massive volley of Medium Lasers that destroyed the Mech, and ending Starlord Cyr Milligan’s career.


Fixer got in a lucky strike on the Black Knight, blowing apart its ER PPC within the RA. The Black Knight, struggling to remain in the fight, let loose with everything at its disposal, registering multiple strikes across Fixer’s Catapult. It critically damage one Heat Sink, and his Gyro, knocking him over. The damage from the fall shattered the Mech’s CT internal structure, and the Mech collapsed in on itself, destroyed.

The remaining units circled around the downed Black Knight, feasting their fire into it like true Dingoes. Wraith and Advocate got in some scattered damage. __Templar_ managed a Shoulder critical with his PPCs, and Prince got in a critical shot on its LT on the already damaged Large Laser. Pitbull also got in multiple strikes as well.

IN anger, Advocate kicked the downed Black Knighttearing through its Left Leg, Left Torso, and breaking its internal structure holding the CT together, destroying the machine as it collapsed in on itself.

The paired Champions and Phoenix Hawks left the battlefield, moving with all swiftness back towards their DropShip parked some distance away. As those Mechs had speed and the hills to their advantage, the unit did not pursue.

Word came within a few minutes, that the supply convoy had surrendered with only a few shots from its supporting infantry, before they were silenced and surrendered. The convoy was then directed to continue on to meet at the “Kiss of Death”, to figure out what it had been carrying.

* “The Werewolves” Spec Ops forces positioned in their Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle, “Lucky Strike” moved across the landing field and promptly captured the “Cutlass”. Among the various bits of cargo and booty uncovered, were a large number of DropShip engineering personnel recently captured from Excalibur Corporation in the System – Outpost. Apparently, Milligan had been seeking to acquire the crew he needed to get the “Kiss of Death” operational again.

September 21st : The unit consolidated their positions, and got a report that the pirate’s remaining DropShip, the Horror of Hades had boarded its surviving Mechs, burned for orbit, where it rendezvoused with its JumpShip in close orbit of the planet’s south pole. Within minutes of its docking, the entire vessel jumped away, hinting it was equipped with the rare Lithium-Fusion battery system to quick-charge its jump-coils for a quick retreat. The Bloody Reavers had escaped. For now.

The accumulated salvaged supplies were examined, and the unit held a Command Council to discuss their options and plans, which included the disposition of the Cutlass and where they should go next.


Great battle! Hopefully Milligan’s successor doesn’t hold a grudge. ;) Looks like decent salvage as well.

Episode 114 - Ambush Bugs

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