Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon

The Fight for Tara Continues.

“But it is one thing to read about dragons, and another to meet them.”

Synopsis : October 3rd, 3028 : System – Northwind : As the fight to stop the flanking 5th Sword of Light continues, they discover another company of Mechs is trying to out-flank them even further. The unit presses against the attackers, and forces them back, allowing the unit to cut-off the medium-weight company that is moving towards the cities water reservoir.

This fight proves brutal, with heavy and intensive fire from both sides. Eventually the unit blunts most of the attack, but a lance of medium Mechs makes their way into the aqueduct, spending time to submerge themselves completely, before backing away and retreating from the fight. The unit calls in the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT salvage crews and moves back to their base in the mountains to effect repairs.










We need torsos. Can we just grab a couple of the right size ones and drag ’em off?

In any case, I certainly want the leg off that gyro-shot griffin that didn’t get to splash in the fountain with his buddies. Carry it off like a club.

Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon

NO. You can’t under your present contract.

Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon

VII. Salvage Rights : All equipment, vehicles, and other war materiel recovered by the Unit from enemy forces, depots, garrisons, industrial or civil centers, prisoners, and other sources shall be subject to the following claims and terms of division to be “Prize Court/Outright Grant”, meaning all material taken by the Unit is turned over to the Employer, but their claim is submitted to a prize court that determines the disposition of all captured gear. The contract allows up to 12 weeks for a prize court to complete its deliberations.

Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon

The leg isn’t loot, it’s evidence. I don’t know what they were pullin’, but evil is afoot.
If it’s a poison, this will help us identify and maybe find an antidote.
If it’s a disease, a pure sample is often essential to finding a cure.
If it’s radiological, then can figure out the specifics.

In all of those cases, by keeping it 100% on my battlerom records we’ll provide concrete proof of crimes against humanity with an iron clad chain of custody.

We radioed in that these jokers did something funky to the water supply and urged that it be shut down immediately. Our people to immediately go onto internal/bottled water and (I’d suggest) NBC protocols.
At the same time we can inform our commander that we have a pure sample of whatever suspected contaminate they were spreading.

That being said, we’re crafting a story together. If the plot would function better with us overlooking this inconvenient tidbit, then overlooked it shall be. Oops. Fog of war. =)

Episode 131b - Cry of the Dragon

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