Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 136a - The Omega Company : "Thunder Run"

“In the spirit of the Alpha and the Omega, in the way the Alpha was the Omega, and vice versa, he knew the beginning was also the end—and that the end was just another beginning.”

Synopsis : December 18th, 3028 : System – Northwind : As the winter snows pile high in the mountains, the Iron Dingoes, Team Banzai, and remnants of the 5th Deneb Light Cavalry RCT try to patch themselves back together. The Dingoes, having placed a large supply of parts and ammunition at what was their operational base, manage to rebuild most of their unit, though they have the scars of the brutal defense of Tara marked on most of their units.

The rest of the defenders are not doing as well, and can barely muster a battalion of Mechs with limited armor and infantry support. Things look grim, but the weather combined with the mountain passes being covered in keeps pursuit into the mountains limited to recon. AeroSpace forces, although controlling the local airspace, are unable to approach the starport on the edge of the city, due in large part to their own bad condition and the fact that a couple dozen DropShips and most of the RCT’s infantry are holding the site.

The months pass, with probing attacks on the edge of the mountains, but Major Bradley holds the Dingoes back as his only ready assault force. After deciding to hold the starport, and not lose his aerodynes, he chooses to create an “Omega Company”, and orders the Dingoes to make a desperate strike down the western passes, into the city, and attack the invaders assault headquarters. He feels this will distract the defenders enough that the rest of the 36th Dieron Regulars and Team Banzai can slip down into the city and reach the starport, and retreat from the planet. The Dingoes agree, provided their techs and support equipment go with Bradley and get them off-world.

December 22nd : The unit slips down an ill-mapped pass and encounters a defensive array of scouts probing the defenders strength, and brushes past several light Jenners and Panthers, meeting only a token heavy lance that seeks to defend the position. The unit moves further down the pass and towards the city.


In Content Not Found: system-montour, the * The Blood Raiders begin their investigation of the 309th AeroSpace Maintenance and Regeneration Group “The Boneyard”. Spending several month searching the local planetary system around Momrath, the small, ringed jovian planet located on the outer fringe of the system.

After several months, they uncover “The Cutter”, the DropShip “Meteor”, and several Saturn-Class Patrol Ships. The prize of their discoveries, however, is the fables “Pinto”-Class WarShip, “The New Karachi”, with its primary armaments still intact. After nearly a year in Montour, the group decides to not press its luck further, and taking the Cutter and Meteor, make their slow way back to System – Dumassas with their prizes, leaving the others for a future salvage mission.





“Thunder Run – A high speed military convoy utilizing heavy weapons, armoured vehicles and offensive tactics to reach a destination, most likely along a route of extreme danger. The strength, speed and intensity of the attack, coupled with the use of formidable weapons and equipment to quickly overrun the defending force.”

The orders were simple. As easy as A, B, C…

Find as much heavy metal as you can. Forge it into a spear point. Thrust for the Starport.

Just a small meandering stream, barely even deserving a mention. A “rill” as the locals would say. Currently a collection of condensation trickling down from the lichen covered rocks that pressed in so tightly from either side. That the incredibly resilient lichen didn’t venture within several meters of the rills’ meagre surface, hinted at the savage torrent which one of the all-too-frequent storms could unleash without a moments notice. Worse, the storm could be miles away and still send a deadly flash flood ravaging down the chute. Only folly or desperation would cause anyone sane to venture down this narrow defile. Thunder rumbled overhead and echoed oddly down the polished stone alley, like a massive brawler cracking his knuckles to let the fools know pain was on the way. It was inbound, just a matter of time. Dim light filtered down by bouncing from one bulging rock wall to the other. Not a sliver of sky to be seen. In the misty twilight the fungi flourished, competing with each other in their duns and greens with daring accents of yellows, reds and blacks.
The twisting crack through the Rockspire peaks finally opened up into the head of a muddy green highland valley. Weak winter sunlight tried to fight through the clouds, only to finally falter in the mists and ground fog that made these mountains such a deathtrap for low flying aircraft. Thick mats of heather, bracken and moss carpeted the ground and then ran up the valley walls disappearing into the low lying clouds above. Only the stunted stands of wind gnarled high oak were partially clear, their windward side scoured clean. Branches trailed to the lee with scraps of mossy pennants, like storm ravaged sails. The moaning wind just toyed with them now, swirling the ground mist in idle eddies through these stark and broken masts.

A murmured rumble slowly grew in volume, like distant boulders growling and grinding their way down a slope. Then suddenly pouring out of a cliff face came a tide of iron. Scarred giants with hasty silvery patches over blasted, melted wounds. There was a ripple as with veterans reflexes they dressed their ranks while streaming into the valley, forming line abreast, and advanced at the double time. Without pause or hesitation they came to the valley mouth and surged out into the foothills, where a few barely glimpsed flashes hinted at the foes that awaited them.

Magnetic readings confirm enemies ahead. The bizarre race was on; each warrior making haste to find someone eager to kill them.


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