Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 42b - The First Fire

"The Invasion was immense, and required all of our efforts and forces to try and put down. Everyone was getting involved..."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Crab
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Chris (-) -———————————-(Unassigned)

May 9th, 3019 : While “Unit 2” fought, the first, slower “Unit 1” engaged closer to the jungle. Consisting of the command lance from * “The Iron Dingoes” ( Battlemaster (Paladin), Warhammer (Blaster), Thug (Advocate), and Black Knight (Slayer) ), as well as “Veruca’s Visgoths” recently repaired from * “The Dead Man’s Hand” ( Stalker (Veruca), Rifleman (Starling), and Falcon (Wang) ), and the command unit “Omega Prime” from the line armor (a Zephyr, a Pegasus and a pair of Maxims).

The unit faced a force of six invading Mechs, and six Vedettes as support. The Mechs consisted of a Battlemaster, a Longbow, a Shadow Hawk, a Kintaro, a Thunderbolt and a Rifleman. They moved forward quickly, intending to slip or fight their way past the Dingoes forces, heading straight to the city.

The units closed and maneuvered for the first 30 seconds, sniping but never doing much damage. The Dingoes armor, particularly the _Maxims_swept quickly along the eastern flank, met by the six Vedettes and the two “scout” Mechs, the Kintaro and Shadow Hawk. The Dingoes Warhammer played long range support, sniping at the Shadow Hawk. In the duel, one Vedette finally took an engine hit and was abandoned.

The Dingoes remaining six Mechs marched right up the center, taking cover in scattered wwods, while the invaders tried to maneuver among the woodlands in the western margins, keeping long-range fire to a minimum, while they worked their way slowly north. Eventually , a woodland stretch in the north-west became a desperate battleground, and after a minute of combat, the invader Battlemaster suffered Dingo Pack Tactics, taking brutal fire, but remaining standing. In response, it and the Thunderbolt ravaged Paladin’s own advanced Tech Battlemaster, and knocked it over. In the east, the armor duel continued, with the Falcon having begun shadowing the Shadow Hawk, sniping at its rear.

As the fight in the woods intensified, just south of it, Paladin took another brutal strike, blowing through his center torso in a critical strike to his gyro, once more knocking it over and placing it at the mercy of the Thunderbolt. THe armor duels continued along the north-eastern woodlands, taking out two more Vedetes, but doing limited damage to the hover tanks.

Placing the woods between them and the assault Mechs of the Dingoes, the savaged Kintaro, Longbow and Rifleman made a run for the north side of the field. The Thunderbolt moved off into the woods, pushing through the trees to keep the Dingoes off its back, though a prone Paladin head shot him in a lucky strike before he disappeared into the trees. All surviving Vedettes evacuated the field. The Shadow Hawk blew past the Warhammer, and neatly escaped the Falcon, slipping away to the north-west. The enemy Battlemaster took a savage beating from Slayer and her Black Knight, hitting it in the head, and then tearing its left leg off in a brutal close-quarters kick. In the fall, the Mech took a savage hit to the head, rolled over and powered-down… its commanding pilot dead.

Fleeing, the Rifleman took savage fire, but managed to weather it. The Kintaro also escaped right after it, followed by the Shadow Hawk. ten seconds later, the Rifleman also escaped, along with the Longbow. The Thunderbolt, surrounded and taking massive combined fire, surrendered when its leg was torn off. Victory on the field fell to the Dingoes, though the invaders managed to slip away to the north with some of their forces, however badly damaged.

Salvage included three Vedette Medium Tanks, and a standard outfitted BLR-1G Battlemaster, its pilot dead. The unit also had a damaged and captured Thunderbolt and its pilot. The unit chose to leave the line armor, the prone Battlemaster and the savaged Rifleman behind as guards, while several standard squads of techs were dispatched with the unit’s reserve Prime Movers to salvage the field, since the usual salvage crews were still dealing with Unit 2’s battlefield. The surviving Mechs moved off quickly to follow the invaders to the city…



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