Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 52 - Project Reset

"That's Reset... Project Reset... Got that?...."

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Stinger LAM
JP (Pitbull) ——————————-Ostsol
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Ostroc
Ralph (Wraith)—————————Wolverine
Jay (Advocate)—————————Thug
Chris (Caboose) -————————Phoenix Hawk
Ken (Chewie) -————————— (-)

April 29th, 3020; Late Afternoon : After several hours of wandering through the power and service tunnels beneath the center of the city, the combined group had found a forced entrance through a side-tunnel into what they felt was the lower levels of the Gaitlan Center; home of the training center for Project Reset.

The entrance to the underground chambers had been blown in with demolition charges, and then cleaned-up. It revealed a waiting area/cafeteria of some sort, with numerous one-piece plastic tables and chairs, some knocked over, and a bank of colorful vending machines lit by internal batteries. Dust lay everywhere, with numerous tracks heading back and forth.

Pitbull boldly strode forward, and crossed over to investigate the machines, while Wraith tried to get a bead on the tracks. The vending machines were broken into and looted, and Wraith identified the tracks as being from three groups; a large group of over a half-dozen, a pair of similar military-style boots, and something… else. Something he thought was a very large spider… he asked others if they thought so too, and yes… it was a very large snow spider. Everyone started watching the walls and ceilings too.

Passing further in, they found a pair of broad hallways heading off, angled right and left. The group chose left, and found the passage dark and foreboding. Along the left wall were two elevator banks, one dented and smashed revealing tons of debris pushing down, while the other was open. To the right were a pair of washrooms. The group pried open the undamaged elevator with difficulty, revealing an open shaft, leading up a level to an elevator car blocking a vast amount of debris… just waiting to fall… The lower levels of the shaft were filled with frozen water and debris. They pried it closed and headed towards the next corner.

Here they found another broad corridor heading off to the right, a collapsed stairway leading up directly ahead, and an open hallway leading off into the building parkade to their left. The stairway showed the lower levels flooded and iced-over. The group headed left, passing into the parkade through its security doors, one of which was propped open.

The parkade was partially collapsed, with almost the entire back portion a pile of debris. On the right, their flashlights revealed a civilian car half-buried with rubble, and on the left, a lone cargo van and another car, both free of the debris. Between both sides was an open well, descending into the lower levels, with a pair of support pillars on either side. The explorers broke into two separate groups, one watching the doors, while the others headed over towards the half-buried car along the right. Halfway there, a floodlight flashed out from the rear of the van, and a mechanical-sounding voice spoke loudly to them in Polish… something no one in the group spoke… They stopped and quietly discussed their options.

Wraith, Pitbull, Fixer, Glamour and Trooper “Wiley” Xavier were trapped like deer in headlights, and they quickly decided that getting behind cover was probably best. They broke and ran for the relative safety of the concrete pillars. Unable to spot their accuser, they stumbled out, trying to find them/him. The command went out to destroy the searchlight, and Wiley getting into “support mode” from behind the far pillar with Wraith, slipped around the corner, and aiming his B-SRML “Butterfly” SRM Launcher, shot at the searchlight. He blew the van apart, along wiht most of the supporting wall behind it and the roof above, raining debris and an avalanche of rubble into that corner of the parkade…

Everyone just kinda stared at the devastation and secondary explosions that rippled through the rubble from the van…

With the problem seemingly solved, Fixer, hiding behind the southern pillar, casually strode out from behind it, and walked across the parkade towards the intact civilian car. A shot rang-out, and he was struck in the chest by a bullet fired from underneath the car, knocking him down and unconcsious. Pitbull reacted by running across the parkade, and sliding just to the north side of the car, on the ground, seeing an older, well-built man in leathers wielding a simple longrifle, staring back at him. He pointed his SMG at the stranger… and it jammed (Critical Fail). He started to smack the older guy with the SMGs butt, and took a sudden, devastating shot in his back… someone was hiding on the far side of the northern pillar, and shot him with a longrifle. Pitbull took the shot and was stunned from the shot, temporarily out of the fight.

Wraith dropped to wone knee, and snipe-shot the old man underneath the car with his laser, knocking the man unconcsious and bleeding… Wiley dropped around the corner and pumped a couple rounds into the sniper, taking her out too. Glamour sprinted from the doorway to Fixer’s side and started applying first aid, while Wraith used his synth-flesh patches on the girl and tied her up. The group cautiously approached the prone figure under the car, while Pitbull shook-off his stun, dragged the man out, and after some first aid, tied him up too. They then re-connected with each other, and searched the area.

They could see that there were numerous lower levels in the parkade, though several of them were not yet flooded. It was accessible through the central well, but was without lights, and very cold. The remaining vehicles appeared to contain supplies stashed there. The one on the right’s trunk held a pair of high-tech over-the-head gs/filter masks, and a collection of six keys on a ring. The half-buried car had access to its trunk available, despite the rubble, and was filled with hundreds of old pulp paperbacks, a couple manuals on survival, and a collection of food. They moved the two prisoners over to the buried car, and left Captain Pol Baca “Templar” as guard, while MechWarrior Eric Lars “Caboose” waited by the doors to the complex, covering the only exit from the place.

Travelling on down the new corridor, the group passed a couple rooms on their left laid-out like classrooms, with whiteboards, plastic desks and a lectern. Passing through a fire-door, the group passed several more rooms along their left; a lecture room where some sort of conflict occurred and several small interview/conference rooms complete with a small holo-projector in each. The room where a fight had occurred had five corpses in it, all chewed upon by small insects… One corpse wore a high-tech over-the-head gas/filter mask (much like the one’s found in the car trunk). This man wore a standard-looking laboratory smock, and a combat knife crusted with dried blood.

The next hallway to the right had a number of conference rooms along its left side, and tucked into one corner was a large room filled with chemicals, several mechanical devices ( Fixer identified as graphics/printing equipment), and reams and reams of recycled pulp paper. In one corner lay a small door with something written in Polish tacked to it. Slipping into the room, they found a place where chemicals and strange paper was stored, along with a corpse in one corner wearing the remnants of a lab smock, and surrounded by numerous broken bottles. The group decided it was a photo studio, and left the contents and corpse alone.

Along the left side length, the remaining hallway was a series of conference rooms, with nothing of note, until the hallway ended at a fire-door. Just outside this door lay a corpse of a woman in a business suit, another high-tech gas/filter pulled over her head, and an old pistol in her hand. Beyond was a stair, collapsed and filled with rubble, though it dripped water, and another broad hallway leading right.

Several classrooms and conference rooms were found along the left wall, another large room to the right, and a large, open reception hall beyond. The large room on the right was a conference auditorium able to seat hundreds, with a couple exits to the north and east. Passing through the north doorway, they entered a reception area, with a long, waist-high counter. To the west were a set of broad stairs, choked in debris and rubble, and with bits of cloth and flesh poking out to reveal the horror within. Behind the counter lay a long mirror, that Pitbull shot out with a burst from his SMG, revealing a large open room with desks, large, bulky computers and a large steel door beyond.

Taking the off-hand corridor, the group followed behind the lecture hall, finding a utility closet and an A?V storage room, and a locked door… that the prisoner’s keys opened to reveal an office reception room, with another room beyond. The room had numerous architectural drawings on the walls of various professional buildings. Behind a large desk, was a woman’s corpse, tied to her chair and a bullet in her brain.

Entering the room beyond they found a large office, with a large plastic desk and chair, a comfortable lounger, a strange mechanical device in the far corner, and numerous pictures of various JumpShips. In the chair was a single man in a business suit, who had shot himself with a simple “police-style” revovler (.38 Special). A careful search of the room revealed a briefcase by the corpse’s side, and several bullets carefully laid-out on the desk. The odd mechanical device was something like a steampunk computer… not very powerful, but a work of art. The desk itself was revealed to be a solid, single piece of plastic, with a bumpy series of sensors in the center of the top. Cables running from the secretarial room hinted that this was where all data in the complex was stored. The briefcase (trapped with a buzzer) proved to hold a modern personal computer and numerous hardcopy financial reports.

Meanwhile, back in the parkade, the girl began to rouse from her wounds. Chewie started to chat with her asking a few questions about who she was and trying to convince her that they weren’t pirates. it was difficult. Eventually he learned she was Senior Tech Abigail “Saffron” Swiger, and her father was Master Tech Arnold “Whistler” Swiger. As their conversation wound down, Pol asked about the lower levels, and she hinted that there was a monster that usually left them alone, but that it had a lair down there… Pol moved the mobile car over next to the buried one, forming a barricade, and tucked his prisoners inside the cars along with himself while he waited for the rest to return. Caboose tried to get an answer as to what was going on, but Pol seemed too busy.

The group in the complex, meanwhile marked items for later salvage, took the personal comp, and after looting a hidden safe holding more bullets, 5000 Cs in recent-mint cash, a packet of love letters, a manual ledger relating names and skills of various recruits, and a vial of a gummy, brown substance. They then left to search the secretarial office, finding little of note, and opened the locked steel door beyond. This led to an armory/security office, now empty of arms and armor. Hidden in various cabinets, however, were another handful of bullets, another pair of over-the-head high-tech gas/respirator masks, some shotgun shells and a tear-gas grenade. A small steel-door cell beyond was looked, and seemed to have been set afire, the remnants of charred bodies and furnishings in a pile.

Passing back out through the reception area before the elevators, the group re-joined their friends in the parkade, and taking the prisoners in hand, moved to leave the ruins with what they had. They carefully slipped back out through the tunnels, and quickly rendezvoused outside to call-in one of their Karnovs for an Evac. They returned to the DropShips without incident.

There was a quick discussion as to what they should do, and it was decided they would try to salvage the complex’s primary items; the Duraplast sheets, the plastic desk/computer and the steam-punk computer, investigate the odd melting water over the south-west stairwell, and any other valuable bits they might find. First, however, they needed to clean the complex’s lower tunnels from the CHUDs running loose and they decided to send in their Force Recon and a handful of their militia. The salvage crews gathered outside, along with Master Tech Cutter and his crews do do some salvaging, and the Iron Dingoes went in with as many of the command staff as they could spare.

It was a harsh little fight. The battle raged across the tunnels of the central city, and took the better part of two hours. Fighting the CHUDs on their home terrain was difficult, and though it seemed to break the combined Dingoes forces, they managed to kill almost all of the CHUDs… only two or three wounded ones slunk off into the corners. In their search, they also found an unusual body in high-tech combat armor and weapons tucked into one corner by a CHUD pack, it’s origins unknown. The remaining troopers retired to the DropShips for R&R, and Cutter’s crew began salvaging operations, which took several days. Although there was an explosion at one point when they tried to salvage the spot around the utility rooms holding the Duraplast, they managed to get all nine sheets out of storage. The odd area with the melting water proved to be a working fusion engine, kept, apparently as a back-up generator, but all connections had been severed when the building collapsed on top of it. In addition to the two computers from the lower levels, they also salvaged a holoprojector, several dozen holo tapes, and a variety of odds and ends for supplies. The group retired for a couple days of investigation and planning.



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