Campaign of the Month: June 2014

Battletech : The Farscape Campaign

Episode 91 - The Marriage of Ruxbundy

“These violent delights have violent ends
And in their triumph die, like fire and powder
Which, as they kiss, consume”

Roll Call————————————-Mechs

Dale (Paladin)—————————Battlemaster
Bruce (Glamour)————————Phoenix Hawk LAM
JP (Pitbull) ————————-——-Battlemaster
Greg (Fixer)——————————-Flashman
Dana (Blaster) -————————-Warhammer
Jay (Advocate)—————————Flashman
Chris (Caboose)————————-Thug
Ken (Templar) -————————- Crockett
Scott (Moxie) -————————— Maxim Heavy Hover Tank

May 15th, 3023 : As the wedding of Lady (Captain) Heather Jemmas to Colonel Michael Ruxbondy “Paladin” drew near, the Dingoes began spending their funds on various scientific projects; ordering four (4) Needle Laser : “The Hatpin”s, a Beagle Active Probe – Prototype and a couple fibre-optic weapons systems for assembly through their weapons lab in The Factory – Main Medical. Assembly was expected to take some months to complete. Following this, they intended to start assembling Double Heat Sink (Prototype)s for a while.

They also paid-out five months wages, to bring everyone up-to-date in their arrears.

Everyone in the Command Council got a visit from Lady Heather’s various servants, taking measurements for a new formal suit for the wedding, with Captain Erika Hartmann “Glamour” getting a personal visit from Lady Morrigan “Mechanika” Fields for her “measurements”, during her convalescence aboard “The Factory”.

Major Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull” and Lieutenant SG Michael Anderson “Fixer” paid a visit of a few weeks to Fort Boomerang out at Corazón Airfield, contacting Master Trooper Grant Burke “Sabre” regarding learning Strategy. Eventually, Pitbull returned to * Landhold : Garrison, and began making plans to get the local defensive troopers some “sensitivity training”, making them officially MPs. Speaking with Lt SG Candy Dulfer about the matter, arrangements for the Policia Federales to be able to police the landhold, working closely with the local MPs to deal with any military forces, a definite problem in the landhold because of its large armed soldiers and military support troops.

At the conclusion of this meeting, Dulfer inquired whom Pitbull was planning to take to the wedding… and she asked him out. “Interesting twist…” he said, as she walked away with her saxophone over her shoulder…

Almost immediately, everyone started pairing-off. Paladin returned to his office one morning to find a mysterious round cloth about the size of a silver dollar on his desk…

Inquiries led to examination of the security vids, and it appeared the item just magically appeared there in the middle of the night. Glamour inquired after Lady Morrigan about the matter, and learned it was a traditional handmade gift from a bride to her husband-to-be, as a constant reminder of their union, placed within the pocket watch of the groom. When asked how it got there, Lady Morrigan replied “… I might know someone who has the talents… yes…”.

The unit began to get “wedding fever”, doing careful research regarding traditional elements, gifts and other matters on the topic, finding Lady Morrigan a very good source of information, though she was increasingly busy with plans for the wedding day, scheduled for June 21st (on a Wednesday, of course…).

June 16th, 3023 : Paladin received an unexpected visit from Eléna (De La Vega) Serrate. Sitting down in his office in Garrison, she promptly asked “Are you mad?” Into the stunned silence, she proceeded to describe his failings as Lady Heather’s fiance, exclaiming “…Your bride, and she is your bride in the old and unfortunate sense of the word, has only heard a few warm words from you. You have never courted her, and yet every chance you have, you display your position and power and influence in everything around her. She feels worse than a slave, worse than an ox slated for slaughter…”. She explained he had only three things to do before the wedding; find a ring, arrange for a brides-gift, and organize the honeymoon. He had a week.

After stuttering that he hadn’t realized he could have initially refused the marriage contract, he admitted it was too late, and that he would take these things seriously… An immediate Command Council was called and the problems laid-out before the group. Assignments were given, and within hours, the unit’s wedding fever was full bore running around as everyone sought gifts, dates and to fulfill their assigned duties. Lady “Mechanika” proved busy, but was a fountain of answers for everyone, when she had time. The rest did their own research and came up with what they felt were appropriate solutions.

June 18th, 3023 : Pitbull began hunting rings, Templar looked for solutions to the groom’s-gift, centering on Lady Heather’s own Titan Combat Helicopter, working with her tech crew to upgrade the machine’s software and other technical matters. Glamour also arranged to make Lady Heather officially a Captain in the Iron Dingoes armed forces, with Advocate pushing the promotion through and granting her command of the six (6) Guardian Fighters based from Iron Dog Airfield in Garrison. Moxie wrote a poem (…aaawwwwwwww….) and various other gifts were planned and organized for the couple.

June 20th, 3023 : The ring was made by the finest jeweller in Ciudad Garcia, of pure silver (a “Victorian Days” wedding band), with a Horn symbol on the left and the Dingoes snarling logo on the right, around a large turquoise stone (representing love, luck and protection), and delivered to the Colonel’s “best trooper”, Tech Rima Fakih.

Cards were hand-delivered to every guest for the wedding (the 21st) and invitations were also presented for the reception the following day. Numbers for the wedding were restricted to the Command Council and their dates, along with a few important techs and troopers from the unit’s personal history. Every guest from the Command Council also received their formal suit, following traditional Dingoes style, but form-fitted and made of fine imported silks (easily worth a month’s wage).

Last minute, MechWarrior Eric Lars “Caboose” tried to invite Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo”, but failed to present his case, and instead, wound-up inviting Tech Jordan Talbot “Trouble” who accepted (… “It’s a PAAAARTYYYYYY!” ). Fixer tried to invite Research Technician Stania Borodin, but failed, eventually inviting Senior Tech Katherine Bolivar. Templar wound up convincing a stunned Tech Jaqueline Nought “Jack” to accompany him. The others already had their dates arranged; Pitbull with Dulfer, Advocate with an uncomfortable-but-stunning Dominique “Domino” Harvey, and Trooper Bodrick Thompson “Blaster” with Lolita Vergara.

As the day began to fail, and final plans were being made for the morrow’s events, someone approached Paladin with news… Meeting the man in the front entrance of the fortress, he found a distinguished young man who began by identifying the Colonel, and then identified himself as one Count Almaviva, of System – Gollere. He challenged Paladin with a traditional thrown gauntlet, citing an arrangement with the planetary council of Gollere to marry Lady Heather. As the challenged party, Paladin chose BattleMechs. The Count agreed, and the unit decided to quickly assign a spot along the western slope of the fortress as the battlefield. The fight would begin in three hours.

The unit preformed final checks on Paladin’s BattleMaster, and then moved out to the field. From over the forests came a drone of heavy Planetlifter Air Transports, and between four of them hung suspended a King Crab BattleMech. The Mech settled and within minutes, the lit combat field was home to a dance between Mechs for the honor of Lady Heather. Senior Tech April O’Neil had her crew present to film the entire thing, though lighting was poor. Pitbull declared himself as judge.


Initial long-range attacks of missiles and PPCs were exchanged, as the King Crab tried to close the distance.


Paladin managed to outflank the King Crab in close quarters, getting in several shots, while the initial AC/20 shots missed the mark. Paladin managed to get in a savage kick to his opponent’s right leg.


After a close dance, the King Crab pilot got in a couple of solid shots with the AC/20s and the Large Laser, while Paladin managed to flicker between hitting with his PPCs and MLs.


The (relatively) superior speed of the BattelMaster proved useful, as Paladin took another savage hit from one AC/20, and doled-out several shots with his MLs.


Moving around to employ his PPCs, Paladin got in an ER PPC shot on the King Crab’s Head, but took a severe AC/20 shot to his arm, shattering the RIght Arm completely, and destroying the PPCs located there.


The shock also knocked Paladin over, allowing the King Crab to settle back in the trees, using them for cover, while Paladin stood and examined his slowly disintegrating Mech. One ML managed to blow through the King Crab’s damaged Right Arm, destroying the AC/20s mechainsms.


The two spent the next half-a-minute exchanging long-distance fire through the woods, until eventually they both managed to do severe damage across both Mechs. Paladin finally slipped closer to his opponent, and after a savage exchange of everything they both had left, the King Crab pilot took a Gyro critical, stumbling to the ground, while Paladin also took a stumble from his multiple criticals, and both fell.


The King Crab pilot acknowledged defeat, and surrendered the field (but not his Mech). It turned-out, as the two pilots climbed from their Mechs, that the pilot was not Count Almaviva, but rather a mercenary hired to the duel. Paladin offered assistance in returnign to Ciudad Garcia, which he accepted. Pitbull declared the victory in favor of the Colonel, and the Dingoes swept onto the field in victory. The wedding would go forward.

June 21st, 3023 : Waking early, everyone readied themselves, and gathered in the * Landhold : Miguel chapel, awaiting the main guest’s arrival. Taking the “Crimson Sands” loaded with the Hover Limo “Elite” as their transport, Paladin and Lady Heather flew directly from the fort to the chapel.

Wearing a flowing gray dress, Lady Heather was stunning, having dyed her hair white, and affecting the calm demeanour the unit had come to associate with her. Lady Mechanika acted as her maid of honor. The entire ceremony was presided over by Mother Olalla Oliveros, and was quick and simple, with the shared signing of documents of trade being signed, Paladin presenting his ring, and then his moving in for a quick kiss (the cheeky rogue!). As the couple left the chapel, they were met with the gathered townsfolk (and many off-duty Dingoes ) cheering and waving, and quickly made their way to Lady Heather’s Titan. She threw the bouquet into the crowd, and Tech Rima and Lady Mechanika slipped in and secured the doors behind the couple, giving the order to lift-off.

As the helicopter lifted-off for return to Garrison, Lady Heather looked over at her now-husband, and immediately pounced on him and began to ravish him. It was all he could do to keep up, trying desperately to strategically figure-out what she might do next… Tech Rima looked on open-mouthed in horror. Lady Mechanika raised an eyebrow and made a “Come-hither” nod to Rima. She looked even more shocked. The flight took about an hour….

The rest of the group gathered to a feast set for the married couple in the nearby fields, and there was a great deal of happiness, wine and dancing all around. The night went long, and there was much to look forward to in the coming days.



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